**NOTE: Alright first off, I apologizing for not being here for like over a month. I’ve been pretty busy with trying to chase a digital camera which ended up as a missed opportunity on my end. Matter of me not reacting quickly enough. That and I just couldn’t find anything interesting to talk about. (Though I do now have a good couple of ideas of what to talk about, just haven’t sat down and put them into motion.) With that, I apologize. Hopefully the podcast has been enough to tide you folks over but to those looking forward to an acutal update, again my apologies.

So today I got on the Xbox and started fucking around on Smash TV while I was chillin’ with a friend of mine on Xbox Live. (Deezil, the one who’s responsible for hooking me up with this site along with other things. Many many thanks to him.) He informed me about a change coming up regarding Xbox. Turns out on April 15th, Microsoft is cutting support for all original Xbox games for the original Xbox and original Xbox games marketplace on the 360. Out of curiousity, I Yahoo’d the news to see if I could find any information as to why such a random harsh action. To my surprise, I read this:

On April 15 we will discontinue the Xbox LIVE service for original Xbox consoles and games, including Xbox v1 games playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox Originals. I want to start by saying this isn’t a decision we made lightly, but after careful consideration, it is clear this will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox LIVE community…

…Your Xbox LIVE community has grown to 23 million strong. And as we look down the road, we’ll continue to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of Xbox 360. To reach our aspiration, we need to make changes to the service that are incompatible with our original Xbox v1 games. We will contact the Xbox LIVE members directly impacted by this change and if this includes you, I encourage you to check your LIVE messages and associated e-mail account over the coming weeks for more details and opportunities. We view you as a partner in this process.

We’ll share more details soon, but in the meantime I want to assure you that the best is yet to come for Xbox LIVE. I believe we’ll look back on 2010 as a landmark year in gaming and home entertainment…

-Marc Whitten
General Manager for Xbox Live and all-around douchenugget
Source: Gamerscoreblog Press Release

Incompatible? INCOMPATIBLE!? What a load of melarchy. I could see this being true if this was another company but for Christ sake, this is Microsoft we’re talking about here people. MICROSOFT! This is the same company that revolutionized computers to what we know and are familiar with today. How the fuck is “incompatible” even remotely in their vocabulary? You mean to tell me with all the manpower and money they have, they can’t find somehow someway to develop something to keep original Xbox games chugging along on the servers efficiently while moving on in the process?

Before I continue, I’m sure some of you are saying “Well it’s been at least 6-7 years, time to move on” and that’s a valid response. To be fair, never was a real big fan of any of the Halos, decent game nothing to garner all this hype that it’s gotten over the years. If anything on the original Xbox that entices me, it was Toejam and Earl 3 and that was just to see how good it was or how bad it got shitted on. So really, I’m impartial with this change though, it shuts the door on people who loved and adored multiplayer original Xbox games like Halo 2 while also leaving doors open to cringing possibilities down the road. Think about it, what’s stopping Microsoft from now swinging it’s ginormous ballsack filled with money 6-7 years from now to end online support for the 360 line of games? Bioshock 2, one of the hottest most sought after games coming out could eventually become a cold desolate place years from now to where we could be stuck playing BioDome filled with Great Grandfathers and having to protect the Baldwin brothers.

If anything, this tells me that Xbox doesn’t care about the people who play their games. Granted as much as I can’t stand the Wii and it’s stick-wagglingness, at least their not pulling a move like this to where they’ll end support for the vintage nintendo games in the Wii Shop Channel. Or take Sony, the PS3 is a giant hunk of crap that’s better off being a bajillion dollar paperweight but as much as they’re in the hole with their system, they’re not pulling the plug on PS1 game support. What this change says to me is that Microsoft is trying to rewrite the rules what it’s like to be a gaming company by squashing anyone who’ll get in the ways with their plans…even if it is a hardcore fan base such as Halo. The last part with this change that really ticks me off is that this seems like this was done so that they can pave the way for Project NATAL. What this dickwad (as pictured) and Microsoft fail to realize is that NATAL is a step backward. I got away from the Wii because I don’t want to be moving and gyrating around when I’m playing video games. I want to be shooting, slicing, slashing, and solving problems from the comfort of my own controller. This is the reason why I can’t stand these jerkoffs from like MIT or whatever fancypants college they come from who don’t know anything about video games but yet end up fiddling around with them because at some point in time we’ll stumble upon screwups like:

If anything, we’re stuck in the Vista era of gaming with no signs of a Windows 7 to come and save us.