I guess I can add this notch to my belt. Fellow friend and follower @PenguinPop88 pointed out that I and many other fellow users were mentioned on WWE.com. When vising the article, I was shocked to make it in an article on WWE.com, especially considering I made 3 or 4 references to Chris Benoit by incorporating the #WishBenoitWasHere tag throughout the night. Just goes to show that simplest tweets can end up making a bigger impact than one would expect.

Hate to get all “Melina” here but thanks to everybody who tweets along with me each and every week. Without you folks, I certainly wouldn’t be here doing this. It’s the little things like this that really get to me and make me proud of what I do. Also, thanks again to Craig Tello for publishing the article and thinking that #WHADDYATHINKLAWLER was dot com worthy. 🙂


Source: Day after RAW for September 19th, 2011

#RAW When Henry slammed King through the announce table, somebody should’ve yelled #WHADDYATHINKLAWLER #WHADDYATHINKLAWLER

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