Heading into RAW, a lot of questions were still swirling around as to exactly what the fuck is going on. Hopefully we could get some kind of a bone tossed at us to help alleviate all the questions and mystery circulating from the fallout of SummerSlam.
( #RAW tweets from @5cornersxSmootx )


#RAW Nash, Vince, HHH, and Zeek should all form the stable Quadeception, tweets in 5 minutes.

#RAW BOOOO on a lack of #ThatsMyBigHomie on the recapping replay.

#RAW Great, here comes HHH at the start of a WWE show for the millionith to start the show.

RT @WWE_Creative – Hunter sent @RealKevinNash a text, which is his way to try and make Nash seem “hip”, a word that usually is followed by “broken” #RAWTonight

#RAW Apparently it was Del Rio’s destiny to become a WWE champion, it’s also his destiny to not have a nameplate on said title either. Hmm.

#RAW Soooo, Del Rio’s becoming a good guy now? Sounds like Rey Mysterio is on his way out of the company. Transitional point if you will.

#RAW Ohp, never mind. For a moment there I almost hit the panic button. Don’t mind Del Rio bragging about him beating Mysterio.

#RAW Del Rio’s picture looks like it was taken with a Polaroid right after he won the title off of Punk last night.


#RAW Speaking of shitty Jim Johnston guitar music, here comes John Morrison and he’s brought pre-match promo video inset.

#RAW Apparently R-Truth/JoMo here are competing in a Falls Count Anywhere match here. Why wasn’t this booked @ SS instead of that 6-man tag?

RT @GKickPerry@5CornersxSmootx Because 6 > 2. You should know that by now. #STARPOWER

RT @WrestlingFemme – The 6 man tag match at #SummerSlam was great but I agree that this match is more PPV-worthy @FemmeJoMo @5CornersxSmootx

#RAW R-Truth looks like he’s going to murder a little GM.

RT @RealityofChris – Would love to hit 700-750 followers by the end of Raw to help me feel better about myself. Could someone famous please help me with that?

#RAW Scott Armstrong’s counting is more atrociously slow on location than it is in the ring. Christ, how hard is it counting to 3, c’mon.

#RAW R-Truth’s using a commentator’s office chair where Morrison wins with a suplex on it and a kick to the mush. Utter bullshit.

#RAW On the flipside, somebody’s going to be doing commentary with Cole/King/JR later tonight.

RT @JustinRoberts – Only Morrison! “what a maneuver”

RT @NotTripleH – John Morrison is getting beat like his girlfriend’s vagina.

RT @OriginalKingD@5CornersxSmootx You’re just used to Chiodas roid fueled counts

RT @xChillerONEx@5CornersxSmootx Sometimes I wonder if one of the requirements to becoming a #WWE referee is getting a lobotomy. #slowass

RT @FearlessRiOT – CM Punk is at the building and he is pissed, and NOT because someone spilled his diet soda again. #WWE #RAW


#RAW Last time Jared was at a WWE event, @CMPunk sent Luke Gallows and Serena to bring him to Punk.

#RAW LOL! A Subway sucks chant. #GodBlessThisCrowd


#RAW Yeah sorry Miz, if you were really awesome, you wouldn’t be shilling off terrible tasting sandwiches.

#RAW #100kPyramid – Quiznos, Schlotzsky’s, Wawa, Any Local Joint – http://img.ly/7nhl

RT @K1NG_OTR@5CornersxSmootx #WWE, if you are gonna burn time on promotions like that, have the decency to be commercial-free #KFC

RT @WWE_Creative – Apparently on a TV-PG show you can show a shot of a whale’s vagina #RAWTonight

#RAW KK/Eve and the DoD are the hottest thing going in the Divas division that’s why KK/Eve are facing…..the Bella Twins? Ugh.

#RAW King: “You can’t keep a good diva down” | WRITE YOUR OWN JOKE.

#RAW King: “Cole does that foot near a mouth remind you of anything?”

#RAW Eve barely hits a moonsault from the top rope onto a Bella to get the win. I’ve seen Morrison have more accuracy with his flippy thing.


#RAW That’s what I get for hoping. RT @Mknzy99: @5CornersxSmootx you keep expecting logic and or long term planning from wwe

#RAW I’m not firing on all cylinders here as I’m under the weather. Not sure what’s wrong but I’ll stick it out for the rest of the show.

#RAW Great match, terrible finish. RT @Mknzy99: @5CornersxSmootx yup not a terrible raw so far though Morrison/ truth was a great match

#RAW Announcer: “…Has Christian changed the face of #Smackdown forever? Friday Night Smackdown…” | WAY too much stock in that promo.

RT @RealityofChris – WWE must have been reading my tweets. Ahhh…now I know I know why Truth had music all of a sudden. lol

RT @WWE_Creative – It seems fiscally irresponsible for Triple H to be giving out free tickets. Surely @RealKevinNash saved some of that WCW money #RAWTonight

#RAW Nash says HHH texted him, stick the winner after the match. HHH playing dumb. Nash says it’s biz. Punk coming out.

#RAW Punk: “Okay you expect me to believe that load of crap?”

Punk: “Don’t answer this, it’s rhetorical but if HHH told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? Because I think it’s good for business”

#RAW Nash: “You need to watch your mouth” | Punk: “I need to watch my mouth? You need to watch the show”

#RAW Punk: “You wanna see the text from my 3 yr old sister? ‘OMG WTF Kevin Nash. Thought he was dead. LOL'”

#RAW Kevin Nash is stink bombing on the mic here.

#RAW Punk: “What do you know about talent? This is 2011 not 1994”

#RAW Nash: “You look like a short order cook from Pikeville Waffle House…” | Punk: “I like Waffle House”

#RAW WWE is creating more questions tonight than answering them. Not sure if I like this.

#RAW Like here’s a valid question, When did CM Punk get a baby sister and why is she texting at 3 years old?

RT @Chux4w – It’s 2001, not 1994? Then what the hell have I been watcing every Thursday night?!

RT @RealityofChris – If you are not enjoying the “shoot” style of the WWE right now, I’m not sure what will ever make you a fan of this business. #WWE

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Flashback of Rey Mysterio killing Jack Swagger’s career. What a hero.

RT @OriginalKingD@5CornersxSmootx I call my sister my baby sister Im only two years older its just what big brothers do

RT @ShaneHelmsCom – CM Punk don’t want known of this and he knows it! pic.twitter.com/vTmoABU

RT @WWFRAWISWAR – Vince Mcmahon sent Nash the Text.

#RAW Nash looking for HHH backstage, Johnny Ace now with Nash. Ace inviting Nash to talk in private. May I suggest a Waffle House?

#RAW Oh goodie, we get to hear Vickie comment on Nash’s calling of Eddie Guerrero being a vanilla midget.

#RAW Vickie/Dolph bickering > Cole/Booker T bickering


#RAW Dolph: “Vickie is in better shape than you are King, I don’t know why you keep making those jokes”

#RAW King: “She is in better shape….a pear is also a shape.”

#RAW Dolph: “Vickie has a role” | King: “A roll?” | Dolph: “Easy King, I know you get excited at the sound of food”

#RAW It’s distracting to watch Swagger/A-Ri in the ring when you have the fucking Phil Donahue show at ringside.

#RAW Vickie has JR’s hat, for some…reason. Black Ref isn’t tolerating it. Swagger NOT ABLE TO POP OFF THE GUTWRENCH PROPERLY, wins.

#RAW Cole reminds us that this is the first time Swagger’s won a match on RAW in a month.

#RAW Cole: “JR you look pretty good without a hat”

#RAW Love how Cole put aside the heel schtick, just so that Dolph and Vickie could dig a deeper hole that they’re already in.

RT @Lovehate361@5CornersxSmootx I’d rather hear Vicki than booker

God I hope not. RT @xChillerONEx: @5CornersxSmootx do you think #WWE could pull a “TNA” and actually put Nash in matches? That would suck.

#RAW I didn’t get why Vickie/Dolph took a shit on JR’s hat. What did it ever do to you? #MondayNightUnresolvedQuestions


#RAW Swagger’s flirting with Vickie. Guess it’s that time shit on the Guerrero name again. Looser than a JR pulled pork sammich.

RT @Stevie_Zace@5CornersxSmootx swagger /vickie will work. swagger will talk with his lisp and vickie will say to him excuse me

RT @WWE_Creative – If there’s one thing kids should learn from Be A Star it’s that bullies should be singled out and mocked incessantly. #RAWTonight

RT @Stevie_Zace@5CornersxSmootx BE A STAR AND DONT STAND ON @JRsBBQ HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

#RAW JoMo: “It’s a great experience, I don’t get a chance to meet these guys anywhere else” | What, the fans or the roster?

#RAW Stephanie backstage saying that “everybody gets what they deserve in the end”. Is that what you said when you fired Chris Masters?

#RAW Anybody think maybe Shane McMahon was the one who sent the text?

RT @GKickPerry@5CornersxSmootx Probably the roster. They’re usually in the bathroom with Melina. #osnap

RT @K1NG_OTR@5CornersxSmootx If they say it was Shane, and he was also Anon GM…well, Anon GM had the hots for Cole. Shudder at that thought.

RT @PenguinPop88@5CornersxSmootx Do we really need another swerve though? Granted they’re already dropping a LOOOOOT of hints that say otherwise. >_>


#RAW Otunga and McGillicuty are proof that if you restock the catering table, you too can be tag team champs.

#RAW Cole: “We also saw Swagger not once, not twice, but three times go for the Gutwrench suplex. He should stick to the anklelock”

RT @ShawnMichaels_ – Cole just stooged on me!!

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx Even King knows Otunga and McGillicutty shouldn’t be champs.

#RAW JR: “I got a little twang for ya” | King: “I’m not going to say ‘that’s what she said'” | You just did.

#RAW JR: “Underscore VINTAGE” | Cole: “That’s Gimmick Infringement!”

#RAW Kofi and Bourne win a nontitle match. Wouldn’t mind them having the straps.

RT @ShaneHelmsCom – Ortunga should not hold a championship of any kind and Joe HENNING should be on his own. Just my opinion. Would love to see new champs soon.

#RAW @RRWWE should just wear a trollface wherever he goes.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I can’t wait for WWE to visit Bluffington so Alberto Del Rio can come out with Skeeter and he can do the car Honks. #CrossPromotion

RT @KeepItFiveSta – “This reminds me of that homecoming reception CM Punk received in Chicago” – Jerry Lawler. BULLLLLLL….SHIT.

RT @JmarksPHD – They really need a new belt design. That bling bling shit doesn’t look right on somebody like ADR, Punk, ect #raw

#RAW To say I’m apathetic about this match would be an understatement.

RT @RealMarkJames – RT @berger43: @TheMattDenton George Carlin said it best…if it’s undisputed what the hell is everyone fighting over?

#RAW King: “Albert Del Rio’s ring announcer, Ricky Ricardo…”

#RAW King: “Why does he need to flaunt it? Why does he need to drive cars out here? Why does he need Ricardo Montalban out here?”

RT @WWE_Creative – We love when @MichaelCole reminds us what show we’re watching just in case you mistook this for NCIS #RAWTonight

#RAW ADR counters Rey’s dead man splash by getting the knees up and puts Rey in a roll up pin to retain the WWE championship. Phew.

#RAW Del Rio’s trying to put Rey on the shelf it looks like so that Mysterio can get his bajillionth knee surgery. (@KeepItFiveStar)

#RAW Cena comes out here and says he’s pissed off at Del Rio. Claims he’s not a champion. Uhhhh, okay. That belt says otherwise.


RT @Chux4w – Cena: “Sooner or later you’re going to have to defend that title.” – HE LITERALLY JUST DID!

#RAW Terrible main event, but not a bad show. Like I said, WWE is making more questions than answering them.

RT @WWE_Creative – In a title match between Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio, the winner was still somehow @JohnCena . We. Are. Good. #RAWTonight

RT @Chux4w – So we got Cena v Del Rio and Punk v Kevin “#ThatsMyBigHomie” Nash? Decent start.

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#RAW And if I missed him, @Chux4w. Sorry bout that.


It seems as if more questions were made rather than answered. Questions such as why couldn’t Punk find HHH in 60 minutes, what happened to Nash’s promo skills, and why is there a grudge out for JR’s hat. I don’t mind all the shady mysteriousness circulating around the HHH/Nash/Punk scenario but as long as there’s a decent resolution that comes from this is what I’m hoping forward to the most.

Del Rio and Mysterio was something that I didn’t care to see, but I’m glad ADR successfully defended his title before somebody unlocked Doofy Cena on a sugar rush from his locker room to come down and make his presence known in the final moments of RAW. Seems like WWE is gravitating a ADR/Cena match for Night of Champs in September which given that Cena’s lost back to back Pay Per Views, odds aren’t in Del Rio’s favor.

Seriously, what the fuck happened to Nash being able to talk? There’s reports out on the internet that say that the promo between Punk/Nash was off script. That’s not a surprise seeing how Punk bamboozled Nash in a spar of words and proved that he is the best on mic today. Nash tried desperately to counter back but all he could come up with was how “he was the shit” in the glory days of 1996. Punk wanted to kick Nash’s ass but was stopped by a random line of FCW guys posing as security. Punk wanted to find HHH backstage but was unable to do so as they ran out of time. Johnny Ace backstage ran into Nash and proceeded to have discussions in private with him. Plot thickens.

Vickie needs to stick with one guy as she’s been everybody’s manager at this point. Hopefully this’ll mean that Dolph can win matches as a bad guy on his own now rather than squashing cowboy hats

How far has Miz’s star fallen? From a former WWE champ to shilling sandwiches away from Subway’s Jared. Also, does Jared just happen to have a sandwich where he goes? Can he just summon them out of thin air?

Cole/JR/King were decent throughout the night and weren’t TOO distracting, this’ll be the opposite on Friday I’m sure but it’s a nice break on the ears to not hear how a move is a Sidewalk Slam or DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW that Booker constantly throws out as commentary.

Not a bad RAW but again, would like to see some stuff clear up. Hopefully they can make Smackdown a competitive show again and have some of the drama unfold there. Also making it a live show to get people to watch instead of having spoilers wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

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