Main thing I wanted to see for the show was buildup for, y’know, SUMMERFEST! There’s only 4 matches on the ca…sorry, 4 matches and a musical performance lined up on the card for this Sunday. Some kind of mention of additional matches would be great for the last buildup show to it. Will it happen, let’s throw it to the tweet log! ( #Smackdown tweets appearing from @5cornersxSmootx ):


This. #Smackdown, tonight! RT @Angle_Bangle: I thought @5CornersxSmootx will enjoy this

#Smackdown Love how HHH is acting all like him being the special ref on Sunday happened to be an accident.

#Smackdown ‘Oh I’m strollin’ around backstage, OH LOOKIE a referee’s T-shirt!’

#Smackdown “Making RAW and Smackdown the most exciting and unpredictable shows” = HHH on each one of them every week til something changes

#Smackdown Christian: “I’m going to sue the WWE” | Well that wouldn’t be the first time in the company’s history

#Smackdown Christian’s “legal team” is more over than TNA’s roster.

#Smackdown Christian says he’ll sue everyone from people who work in WWE to the people watch the show on PPV. NOT ME, THANKS ANONYMITY!

#Smackdown VINTAGE HHH BURY! RT @WhatMathewsSays: Man, they’re making Christian look like a bitch.

From @Chux4w – So H is happy to fire Christian, but Michael Cole’s severance package is too big to fire him? Cole has a better deal than the world champ?!

RT @JustinRoberts – Watching SummerSlam 88, playing words w friends and driving next to the wolf, @hollywoodyates on the hwy

From @Chux4w – Raw and SmackDown this week have had SummerSlam calibre matches…so why doesn’t SummerSlam?
From @TheRealWB @chux4w You forget this is WWE. We’ve had our ‘ooh that was quite good’ PPV for this year.

#Smackdown This promo needs more Olmec interjecting with “AND YOURS ALONE….GOOD LUCK!” with all these “The choice is yours”

#Smackdown Aaaaaand whiny Christian has made a return in 2011. *Sigh*

RT @GrappleKingdom@5CornersxSmootx The world needs more Temple Runs. #ShrineOfTheSilverMonkey

#GreatMinds RT @pudang: @5CornersxSmootx Seriously tweeted the same idea at the same time. Glad I wasn’t alone on that thought.


#Smackdown So if @CMPunk can turn his mic into a Pipe Bomb, then I think what we just saw from @Christian4Peeps was a Stink Bomb.


#Smackdown Booker: “Christian is the real deal, he’s all about his opponent making a mischtake!” | #BringBackStriker

#Smackdown That’s twice now.

#Smackdown Sheamus wins via countout in what was a semi-decent match. Up next, the Abraham Washington Show. #SmackdownIsECW

#Smackdown The Pay Per View announcer guy gets way too excited telling people to “ORDER, RIGHT NOW!!!”

#SmackdownCommercials The guy just used the word “Meh” in a sentence, something inside me twinged.

RT @Chux4w – @5CornersxSmootx: That’s right Abe! Huah huah huah huah huah!

#Smackdown JR on 7-11 replay: “Glam slammin’ her way to SummerSlam”

#Smackdown Nattie and Beth against AJ and Kaitlyn. Love Kaitlyn, hate her losing so damn much #StopShittingOnNXTWinners

#Smackdown Nattie and Beth are calling themselves the Divas of Doom, or DoD…not to be confused with the Dwelling of Duels folks.

#Smackdown Booker: “They remind me of Harlem Heat *mumbling* time champions” | Cole: “Yeah, AJ has dimensions like you did.”

#Smackdown So now that’s over, can someone explain why were throwing the Brand Extension rule under the bus once again?

RT @OriginalKingD@5CornersxSmootx AJ has it easy, if anyone from nxt got shitted on it was kaval

#SmackdownCommercial Still would like a gif of the Hot Pockets Snackerz annoying waitress shuffle.

RT @WrestleConsent@5CornersxSmootx Because WWE’s lack of midcard causes the whole brand extension to become obsolete. No guys to push, no solid brands imo
Me – Honestly wouldn’t mind seeing them putting the shows back together, should’ve been done ages ago.
@WrestleConsent – I honestly think it’s time also, the roster will be fine with so many guys being in the business anyways.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I really wouldn’t mind if @TheBethPhoenix and @NatByNature beat McGillitunga for the tag team titles.

#Smackdown Aksana is trying to be like Layla only more foreign sounding. Also, Innuendos.

RT @WhatMathewsSays – So @wwejoshmathews has been given the name “Good Ol’ JM.”

#Smackdown Clearly Cole thinks @WWEJoshMathews is JM J. Bullock.

#Smackdown Henry: “A shame that someone’s career starts and ends on the same day” | Kizarny’d!

#Smackdown Phony Sin Cara time! –

2nd Harriet from Family Matters next week. RT @KeepItFiveStar: It’s Sin Cara! Now played by the 2nd Aunt Vivian from Fresh Prince…

RT @R8ed_M@5CornersxSmootx 2nd Lionel Jefferson in two weeks and then 2nd Darrin Stephens in the Fall! LOL

#Smackdown Booker: “Sin Cara’s put on a little bit more muscle on since last time. Muscle is a lot heavier than fat.” | #BringBackStriker

#Smackdown Booker: “Did you see that right there?” | Cole: “…that’s why they call it television, Book” | #BringBackStriker

#Smackdown Booker: “Looks like Sin Cara has added a couple of new moves to his repertoire” | Did Booker study the book of Cole’s one-liners?

From @Chux4w – You know what’s hilarious? New Sin Cara has an appendectomy scar. It’s clearly a different guy.

#Smackdown Crystal Pepsi Sin Cara ends up putting Tyson Kidd away with a springboard maneuver.

#Smackdown Cole: “Everybody on the roster is in your Fav-5, there’s 28 of ’em” | #Commenhatin

#Smackdown 🙁 RT @stevie_zace: @5CornersxSmootx i hope the old sin cara dont come back tbh

#Smackdown Apparently Smackdown was the most watch show on Syfy for the 45th straight week, I can believe this.

#Smackdown Chimel: “Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez!” | Cole: “GET OUT OF THERE CHIMEL!”

RT @K1NG_IC3@5CornersxSmootx Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara! Michael Cole’s head explodes, and Booker T’s Fav5 Can’t handle it! #WWE #Smackdown

#Smackdown Booker: “What’s inside that briefcase is, is a whole lot of duckies!” | What? #BringBackStriker

RT @Feel_Good_Drag@5CornersxSmootx @keepitfivestar in 3 weeks can it be Morgan 2 from Boy Meets World?

RT @KeepItFiveStar – According to Booker T, there’s a bunch of duckies in Del Rio’s briefcase. Maybe Daniel Bryan has rabbits. Bryan/Bugs vs. Del Rio/Daffy

RT @Orlisheart@5CornersxSmootx I think he said duckets. Like money.

#Smackdown Cole: “This is the guy who’s in your Fab 5, this is the guy that tweeted a picture of his pancakes!”

#Smackdown Booker T’s African accent sounded like something Cliff Huxtable would try to do when he’s about to get some from his wife.

#Smackdown Josh: “Daniel Bryan’s an honorable guy” | Cole: “HE’S AN IDIOT!”

#Smackdown DB bangs up his shoulder, Del Rio wins via ARRRMBARRR and Wade Barrett cleaning up the scraps

#Smackdown Once again, a damn good match soiled due to the bickering on commentary.

#Smackdown Reviewed the tape, Booker did say duckets (BARELY) and not duckies, @orlisheart was correct.

#Smackdown Love how Josh Mathews said Del Rio was going to cash in and threw Orton under the bus when Cole/Booker called him out on info.

From @Chux4w – Mathews is an idiot. Del Rio is going to cash in tonight? Learn your own stips!

#Smackdown Cody Rhodes and the Aunt Jemima smilin’ Big Zeek for the IC title coming up next. Sadly no Bagger T this week.

RT @WhatMathewsSays – Booker T vs Cody Rhodes’ Bag Guy at SummerSlam!

#Smackdown Booker: “Why is Ted Dibiase out here?” | Cole: “Well Book I’m glad you follow the product” | THIS ISN’T TNA! #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Booker and Cole are debating if Cody Rhodes should have the IC title or not while submissions are going on in the ring.

From @Chux4w – Is Booker suggesting Rhodes and DiBiase are gay? #NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat

#Smackdown With a bunch of stupid distractions, Rhodes hits CrossRhodes and becomes new IC champ.

#Smackdown Booker: “I can’t believe this…I don’t believe this” | For once I agree with Booker. #ThisIsBullshit Clap Clap ClapClapClap.

#Smackdown Cole: “MAAA MAAAA, CLEAN UP ON AISLE TEN” | This terrible impersonation of a PA announcer is sponsored by the Kmart Live Tour.

From @Chux4w – PLEASE someone make me a gif of Bagman Jackson standing up behind DiBiase! Highlight of the week!

#Smackdown I would’ve marked the fuck out if Ezekiel Jackson did the Torture Rack on Ted Dibiase with the bag on his head. #SuperpowerSource

#Smackdown Congrats Cody, all those years of playing A Link to the Past and a Hairspray mask got you a mediocre championship.

#Smackdown WWE releasing a DVD called the “Greatest Stars of the 21st Century”, WWE does know that there’s still 89 years, right?

#Smackdown …Or is WWE banking on “Greatest Stars of the 21st Century” being the next “Now That’s What I Call Music” series?

RT @OriginalKingD@5CornersxSmootx How dare you make fun of Cody, he is the hero he holds the power of the triforce

#Smackdown Booker: “Cole who cares about his nasal problems, I mean I don’t have to schleep with the guy…maybe you do” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Booker looked like Skidmarks just cracked a joke about him when Cody’s Bag Guy handed him that paper bag.

RT @WrestleConsent@5CornersxSmootx A medicore championship is better than being Santino Marella

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Ezekiel Jackson proved tonight that he is the Personification Of Hyperventilation.

#Smackdown Sooooooo, can we get more than 4 matches on the card for #SummerFest? Please?

#Smackdown Orton: “Matt I learned in Anger Management class…” | *snickers*

#Smackdown Orton: “The Great Khali will not need the Rosetta Stone or Jinder Mahal to tell him what the RKO stands for”


#Smackdown All Johnny Curtis has to do to win this match is to roll steel rods at Mark Henry, have him slip and fall, easy 1-2-3. Simple.

#Smackdown This show has been zipping along here, not a bad thing.

#Smackdown DAMN IT! Was really hoping Johnny Curtis would have the Classic Concentration theme and his tron be a rebus for his entrance.

#Smackdown Cole: “Johnny Curtis spent his childhood in an orphanage, he’s going to spend his adulthood in a hospital bed”

#Smackdown And Mark Henry crushes Johnny Curtis in the blink of an eye. #StopShittingOnNXTWinners

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Mark Henry almost accepts Sheamus’ challenge. Touches the ropes and realizes it’s too much work to climb back in the ring then declines.

From @Chux4w -Sheamus just called himself a great white. Great? Arguably. White? Ahem…

#Smackdown What his Momma/Daddy always said RT @WhatMathewsSays: “AWWWW YOU CAN’T GET ALONG THEN LET’S GET IT ON” – Booker T.

#Smackdown @Chux4w was right, the Andre angle for Khali makes it look like he’s waddling to the ring.

#Smackdown Hey Wrestlemania 27 the music video, tomorrow night at 9PM Eastern on NBC to those who care.

#Smackdown My money’s on the announce table monitor socket run in. RT @WhatMathewsSays: Orton vs. Khali. This should be a classic, folks!

#Smackdown Booker: “Orton is Agile, Mobile, Versatile, and importantly of them all, Volatile” | #BringBackStriker-ile

#Smackdown Jinder Mahal looks like a shady car salesman who doesn’t have the CarFax on hand with that suit he has on.

#Smackdown LOL! Khali freaking out that Orton kicked out of the Khali Chop.

RT @OriginalKingD@5CornersxSmootx Jinder has a used car dealership with Del Rio and JBL they specialize in black market luxury cars

#Smackdown Orton’s tongue looks like he had a red freezie pop before the match.

RT @SF_PUNK_@5CornersxSmootx khali moves like a penguin #WWE

#Smackdown Needs more Morgan Freeman narration. RT @SF_Punk_: @5CornersxSmootx khali moves like a penguin #WWE

#Smackdown Christian: “Trust me when I tell you…I have the best thing going” | THE ENNN…DUBYA….OHHHH #ISITDOWNATATABLE

RT @PenguinPop88@5CornersxSmootx @SF_Punk_ NEVER PUT MY SPECIES IN THE SAME LEAGUE AS KHALI. o____o

RT @ShaneSammons@5CornersxSmootx lol it’s called blood

#Smackdown ShoutOuts: @AndyDandyMandy @chux4w @orlisheart @penguinpop88 @K1NG_IC3 @SF_Punk_ @ctprincess1 @temppatt

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#Smackdown If I forgot anybody, just lemme know I’ll make sure to get you next time! Usually get flooded with a ton of tweets.

#SmackdownRecap Tomorrow along with #SummerFest stuff and some other things as well. Keep an eye out! Til then, see ya Sunday!!!


RT @MarkSatrang – “looks like Sin Cara put on a little weight,” Josh Matthews #wwesmackdownafterdark

What @KeepitFiveStar said. RT @KellyFino: Sin Cara looks “different,”almost like when they replaced Will’s Aunt on Fresh Prince. #smackdown


So no additional matches formally announced on the show which leads to either one of a few things: they’re really set out on just 4 matches for Summerfest, they’re expecting Cee Lo Green to go really long, or god help us, Teddy Long’s haphazardly going to announce a tag match during the show. Either way it’s a small card and I find it hard to imagine WWE running to the barn with just 4 matches.

Cody hasn’t been looking strong lately so I’m baffled as to why they would give him the IC strap. Grats to him anyway I guess.

I want old Sin Cara back, simple as that. Not a fan the new one and WWE is just capitalizing on the fact of the Sin Cara character just doing flips and shit.

Seems like no matter what, we can’t seem to win with WWE when it comes to Christian. This time around he’s the current Heavyweight champ, but it seems as if they’re tapping into the crybaby Christian back in the early 2000’s that nobody wanted to see (at least not me.). Should be interesting to see what surprise he’s going to have in store for Orton Sunday.

Johnny Curtis’ debut fell flat because IT WAS A SQUASH MATCH. Yet another NXT winner being treated like garbage. Speaking of winners, whatever happened to that Andy guy? Hmmm.

Khali can’t seem to win as a good guy or a bad guy, hard for me to believe that a 7ft former powerlifter can’t put a guy like Orton away, flipside, I find it hard to believe that Orton can kickout of a Tomahawk Chop to the skull from Khali. Apparently Faces don’t have to sell anything.

Beth and Nattie as the Divas of Doom…should’ve been done sooner. They have more credibility than the current normal WWE Tag Champs.

Del Rio regains that momentum he lost against Punk by defeating Daniel Bryan. Also the pinnacle of DB matches are just Cole shitting on them by calling him a nerd and whatnot then having Booker stick up for him which ends up not helping at all.

Not a bad show overall, HHH should really stay off TV as starting off every show now with his face is grating my tolerance. Booker and Cole still bickering between one another is also drying my patience. I guess if you make yourself a sandwich like I did and have the show the show on mute, it’ll be a quick fix of the two but still though. Again, decent show overall.

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