Not much to expect here other than something that’s not going to contain as much violence as advertised. The reason Hardcore Justice got its name changed from Hard Justice is because of the ECW invasion guys because TNA doesn’t know what its viewers want and decided to poll a biased crowd that is Philadelphia (home of ECW). If they weren’t intending to have any hardcore style matches this year, why keep the name? Heading into this show, not having any sort of NO DQ type of stip for ANY of the matches was a disappointment ( #TNA tweets from @5CornersxSmootx )


#TNA Hardcore Justice, where weapons (aren’t) just unwelcomed…………..they’re unallowed #YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHH Tweets in 15 minutes!

RT @GKickPerry@5CornersxSmootx Whenever I see that you’re about to watch TNA, I think “There goes one of the real heroes.”

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx Glad I’m getting a recap on how bad of an actor Sting really is. #HardcoreJustice

#TNA The following is not a post watershed production. It will not contain graphic material not suitable for certain viewers.

#TNA Just got situated here with some ham and cheese sandwiches here for what’ll be a very ham and egger night.

#TNA Knew I forgot one. RT @chux4w : @5CornersxSmootx: But hopefully it will contain strobe lighting effects.

#TNA Kendrick coming out to new music that wouldn’t even fit Yoshi Tatsu. Triple Threat X-Divison match here

#TNA I’m sure the people over at Direct Auto Insurance are very happy that they have their own apron.

#TNA What the fuck is Austin Aries doing to Kendrick’s leg in the corner!? I’ve seen dogs get more action with legs like that.

#TNA Austin Aries is trying to pull an Eddie Guerrero chicanery type of maneuver and it’s not working.

#TNA Shelly, Aries, and Kendrick all have had better matches on Impact here instead of DIRECT AUTO INSURANCE tonight.

#TNA Shelly with a Corkscrew Figure Four on Kendrick, Aries TAKING HIS SWEET ASS TIME ON THE OUTSIDE to come in and interfere.

#TNA Aries with a bridging chinlock on Shelly, Kendrick interferes. Kendrick tries to hit the Dudley Dog, Aries counters with a backdrop.

#TNA Look who called it 5 mins ago. Minus the botch. RT @chux4w: I hope they do a spot where they all try the sliced bread #2 on each other.

#TNA Double decker Dudley Dog gets thwarted by Kendrick slipping off the top rope like a drunk.

#TNA Kendrick hits the Dudley Dog on Aries who landed on Shelly’s gut, Kendrick w/ the new awful shitty unfitting theme, wins Whodathunkit?

#TNA Borash is with Tara and Tessmacher backstage for some reason.

#TNA There needs to be a restraining order on Ms Tessmacher to stay at least 50ft away from any kind of microphone.

#TNA Tara: “C’mon Brooke!”

#TNA Taz: “Gotta say, I kinda dig the mask….Looks kinda sexy!”


RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx Not I, was really expecting TNA to give the belt to Aries. Kendrick’s new theme is almost as bad as Nash’s TNA music.

RT @Chux4w – @5CornersxSmootx: Brooke Tessmacher. I prefer that to Miss.

#TNA Direct Auto Insurance logos on the mid rope turnbuckles, on ringposts. If I didn’t know any better, I think TNA needs money

#TNA Not going to lie, I’m only half interested in this match and even then my head is up in the clouds.

#TNA Clearly Earl Hebner has no peripheral vision whatsoever.

#TNA Hey T and T retained the tag titles over the ‘itas. #SeeWhatIDidThere?

RT @Pudang@5CornersxSmootx Wait until you see the stub hub ad printed on angle’s head in the main event.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx it’s #TNA so I’m sure theyll have a match this long, only to have interference in a more important one.

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx So, that chick has a broken face and is ashamed to show it, so she decides to wear a mask? Huh, sounds familiar.

#TNA LOL! Borash is asking Pope a question then stops mid sentence to ask who’s he tweetin? Also, the mic is cutting in & out. #VINTAGETNA

#TNA It’s like as if someone told Pope that he had to quickly re-say everything he just said again. Clearly dejected.

#TNA Matt Morgan coming out on commentary for this next match. Am I in the Twilight Zone? Am I watching Impact?

RT @DaBlackPope – If u see Dvon, tell’em I Love’em.. U see JTG tell’em go to hell. Live from HCJ- PHS!

#TNA D-Von, is getting time for a match, in singles competition, on a PPV. #LetThatSinkInForAMoment

#TNA I’m sensing a feud with Pope/D-von, Forest Whitaker paternity test results on a pole match. #RussoSwerve

#TNA Pope almost the recipient of a fingerpoke of doom, without the fingerpoke. That almost happened on a PPV, in 2011.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx “Baby D-Vons.. Get daddy pope the tables”

#TNA Did somebody flip flop the tapes around? Did we get the PPV Thursday and an Impact taping for tonight?

RT @TNA_Creative – So, a Pope and a Reverend walk into a wrestling ring…. #HardcoreJustice

#TNA Practicing to be a phone sex operator? RT @stevie_zace : @5CornersxSmootx WHY IS MORGAN DOING COMMENTRY IN A LOW SEDUCTIVE VOICE


RT @FatherDunk – are they cutting to split screens so the can do Subliminal Burger King commercials? #TNA @5CornersxSmootx

#TNA Pope goes for the Elijah Express, stops and gets speared. Pope gets the shoulder up and then wins with a simple roll up.

#TNA Also should be noted that shortly after Pope got his shoulder up, Morgan growled into the mic as if he was displeased. Understandable.

#TNA BTW, that match was for the BFG tourney between the 4th place D-Von & an 8th place Pope. That’s what Hardcore Justice is about, right?

#TNA RVD backstage with Borash having buckets of creditability……up until Jerry Lynn walks in.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx at #TNA Hardcore Justice, fans will not see anything Hardcore, OR receive justice for such horrible storylines and bookings

#TNA Jerry Lynn will be in RVD’s corner, now getting a montage of Winter/Love vs Mickie James for the KO belt.

#TNA Flame effects for the Hardcore Justice graphics package looks to be the raw un-After Effects altered effects to Impact Wrestling getup

#TNA Mickie James coming out as Little Red Riding hood here.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Winter and her pale ass belly. Just wanna give it raspberries #tweetsthatshouldstayinmyhead

#TNA Interesting how Earl Hebner, who threw out the Mexican America dudes earlier tonight, is letting Angelina stay at ring side here.

RT @WrestlingConsent – Reading @5CornersxSmootx tweet about Hardcore Justice makes me happy to be working nights for once. #TNANoJustice

#TNA Taz: “Whoa a little slippity-do there” | No idea what Taz was trying to say there.


RT @Chux4w – @5CornersxSmootx: Nothing worse than a slippity-do off the tippy-tippy-top rope. Just ask Kendrick.

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx Well at least we know there are 5 wrestling fans in the TNA audience tonight.

#TNA Winter just threw Mickie over the guard rail. Hey HEY HEY, WHADDYA THINK THIS IS, A HARDCORE PAY PER VIEW?

#TNA Taz: “Jacknife, Jacknife! Or Jackie-knife for the ladies”

RT @GrappleKingdom@5CornersxSmootx She needs a sandwich almost as bad as Daizee Haze does. (Both of ’em seriously need to put on some weight and get healthy.)

#TNA School girl RT @chux4w : @5CornersxSmootx: Using lumberjill logic it should be a jillknife. #JustSayin

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx Oh god, Taz saying that made me hate everything in existance for just a slight second. #BRINGBACKSTRIKER Oh wait…


#TNA Sounds like a 4 person “Let’s go Mickie/Let’s go Mickie” chant going on.

#TNA Winter wins using poison mist after two interferences with Angelina. Mickie’s overselling like a motherfucker here. Winter new KO champ

#TNA Borash professionally no selling the angle that Mickie might actually be blinded by a foreign chemicals. Kendrick and Aries in the back

#TNA Aries to Kendrick: “Here’s a towel, go take a shower you like you’re homeless” | #COMMENHATIN! Too much truth to that.

#TNA Kendrick retorts with a pitiful laugh and says “I’m the X-Divison champ” | Meanwhile time for Crimson/RVD here.

#TNA For the record, I don’t want to have to see Mickie try to sell any sort of fluid to her face again. #MeantItAsDirtyAsItSounds

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx Who the fuck drained all of Kendrick’s charisma? Oh, that’s right, TNA did.

RT @GKickPerry@5CornersxSmootx I know I don’t watch much TNA, but I still gotta say… Who the heck thought Christy Hemme could ring announce?

RT @Stevie_Zace@5CornersxSmootx LYNN COSTING RVD THE MATCH

#TNA Taz: “Jerry Lynn’s in approval. Okay. Great.” | #Commenhatin?

#TNA Taz: “Talk about Direct Auto Insurance, direct boot to the face!…He might need some body insurance after that.” | #WompWomp

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx That was a hell of a Crimson chant they had going there. #BestWorstCrowd #TNA

#TNA Tenay: “How did RVD block that?” | Taz: “He did, he blocked it with his jaw”

#TNA Jerry Lynn trying to act shocked that Crimson kicked out of the 5-star frog splash.

RT @GKickPerry@5CornersxSmootx I can tolerate Taz to a degree but Tenay has energy of a bottle of chloroform.

#TNA Jerry Lynn interferes when Crimson was about to pick up the win. Crimson pissed, shoves Lynn to the ground

#TNA Lynn: “I got caught up in the moment. I was just trying to help. I’m sorry!” | Worst. Excuse. Ever.

#TNA RVD: “I just lost like a zillion points or something, that’s not helping! That’s why I don’t have people out here” | LOL!

#TNA Anderson backstage with Borash. Asshole’ing it up with him.

#TNA Anderson: “Father told me there’s two kinds of assholes out there. There’s the Asshole that shits all over everything…”


Fart noise = This PPV. RT @chux4w : Hear that fart noise Anderson just made? That’s what all of his promos sound like to me.

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx “There’s no room for two assholes in TNA” Pretty sure the entire creative team is full of them.

RT @K1NG_IC3 – D-VON is way too high on this list…3 points from being #2. As @5CornersxSmootx said #LetThatThoughtSinkIn

RT @MrOtacon@5CornersxSmootx More along the lines of: Worst. Booking. Ever.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx I smell recycled gimmicks. An undefated new guy about to challenge for a title, a mask covering an injury, oh and old guys

RT @IanSaysSo@5CornersxSmootx @secondpower They say “Shit” on FX… It’s not impressive Anderson still sucks. #Losing

#TNA Taz: “Steiner’s biceps are bigger than yours Mike” | Tenay: “Yeah…” | BREAKING: THE SKY IS BLUE, WATER IS WET AND TNA IS AWFUL.

#TNA And with Fortune coming out, Tenay assures us I think that we can save a Fortune by using Direct Auto Insurance.

#TNA “Gunner = Garbage” crowd sign that @TNA_GUNNER takes away. Why so hostile, does the truth hurt?

#TNA Taz: “Scott Steiner, he might look like a nice guy.” | Tenay: “Don’t think I’ve ever heard that before about him.”

#TNA For those U.S. TNA peeps not watching this, don’t worry just pretend it’s an episode of Implosion where shit doesn’t matter.

#TNA This six man tag match has been nothing but rest holds. Brian Hebner’s Blue Reezig Reebok shoes have my attention more than this match.

RT @Seanfranchise6@5CornersxSmootx Now that you kind of mention it, I kinda want those shoes. lol

#TNA I’m waiting for Tenay to say something crashing and burning and then shoehorning a sponsor plug right afterwards.

@5CornersxSmootx So there was #CapitolFanPunishment…what is a clever name for this one? #HardCoreInjustice?

RT @K1NG_IC3@5CornersxSmootx So there was #CapitolFanPunishment…what is a clever name for this one? #HardCoreInjustice?

#TNA Gunner and Steiner trying to save the show by pulling out a table here and setting it up by the ring.

#TNA 95 minutes in and it appears as if we’re going to have our first “Hardcore” spot of the night. #FuckThisCompany


#TNA Daniels: “I wasn’t going to let him put you through that brother.” | Oh noes, the Hogan virus is spreading.

#TNA Steiner Gunner and Abyss arguing, fans yelling fight fight fight. AJ wins with a bizzard springboard pele kick. Abyss turning emo now.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx it’s TNA, that table is safe. They’re just wanting somethin to drape an insurance tablecloth on.. Or advertise a bk meal.

#TNA Bully Ray: “Your mother and father made a mistake having you” | *Borash Face Expression as if Bully Ray is right*

#TNA Bully Ray looked like he blew air into Anderson’s face rather than spitting on him in that video montage there.

RT @Chux4w – This is a match to determine the biggest asshole. A goatse match, if you will.

#TNA Tenay: “Bully Ray right by the broadcast table” | Bully Ray: “SHUT YOUR MOUTH!”

#TNA Bully Ray setting up for a sneak attack, but not before Anderson gets his mic promo time in apparently. #HardcoreInjustice

#TNA Anderson: “MISSSSTERRRRR AAANDERSONNNNN…YEAHIKNOWHESBEHINDME *Clocks BullyRay*….ANDERSON!” | That was good, cartoony, but good.

#TNA Was there a crowd sign that just said “Why Watch Ever”? If so, get that man a beer.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx this is bad man. I don’t think you should HAVE to report on every piece of crap just b/c they call it wrestling.

#TNA Can’t tell if Anderson/Bully Ray fighting on their knees is to represent a hard rough battle, or mocking WWE’s Juniors division.

#TNA Taz: “Wow, look at that. Anderson channeling Chuck Norris” | #ThatWasSaid

#TNA Anderson hits the Swanton Bomb on Bully Ray, Ray counters with a crucifix pin, 2 count still.

#TNA Bully Ray goes for his chain, A fan yells: “This is Hardcore Justice, let him use it!” | GET HIM A BEER TOO!

#TNA Had some viewing difficulties, Bubba Ray I guess wins with a low blow as the ref was getting the chain away from Anderson?

#TNA I come back to Bischoff and Hogan on screen…just when you thought this show couldn’t get any worse. #HardcoreInjustice

#TNA Now we have Beer Money vs Mexican America, Hebner throwing out the ladies of Mexican America but not Angelina Love for some reason.

#TNA Taz: “He calls that get off me, as in get off me bro” | Sounded like he said “negro” | Tenay: “My broadcast partner folks”

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx it’s a Hebner match. Interference right next to him and he’ll miss it. Calling it now.

#TNA Wow, Storm sure isn’t having any back problems doing a big back body drop or that airplane spin slam. Wonder how he’ll cost the belts.

#TNA Either Twitter’s broken or there just isn’t that many people tweeting this PPV. My guess is the latter.

#TNA Anarquia springboards off the ropes into a James Storm superkick, kinda like Shelton Benjamin/HBK. Storm caping an American flag.

#TNA So what was the purpose of Storm having a bad back on Impact? Just a waste of time? Thought so.

#TNA Beer Money retains which means we’re down to the main event with Sting/Angle. Borash interviewing Kurt.

#TNA As an off the guess, Sting joins Immortal thus repeating Jeff Hardy. #RussoSwerve

#TNA recycling old footage from the ’09 Empty Arena Match for some reason in the pre match montage here.

#TNA’s milking as much as possible with Sting’s goofy Cornette Face.

RT @Penguinpop88@5CornersxSmootx And no doubt if they bring Jeff back, he’ll be the guy to save the company. The guy who tried to kill it in the FIRST place

#TNA Good man! RT @TheMadMan31686 : @5CornersxSmootx I’m not even watching the damn PPV lol

#TNA I think @FatherDunk is right, the font, the flame effects. I’m totally craving a Burger King Whopper right now.

#TNA Lean Angle looks strange and weird and I don’t like. It’s like he’s trying to compete with Angelina Love in being an anorexic.

#TNA Borash: “Direct Auto Insurance brings to you, your Hardcore Justice main event of evening!”

#TNA Crowd Sign: *Trollface* “U MAD STING?” | GET THAT FAN A BEER AS WELL!!!

RT @CaptainOMG@5CornersxSmootx cant spell Angelina without Angle and u cant spell anorexia….i mean its a hard fucking word

#TNA Crowd chanting a deafening “Let’s go Angle/Let’s go Sting”. One of the loudest chants in the Impact Zone I’ve ever heard.

#TNA Taz: “Got all his body weight, his buttocks all over Sting’s lower back…” | Could you make that sound any more gay there Taz?

RT @TheXWR – This is a slow boring main event on #TNA Hardcore Justice *MML

RT @SF_Punk_@5CornersxSmootx If Sting goes then #TNA goes. Sting is TNA, this whole roster sucks ass!! Crowd Management and announcers sucks ass too.

#TNA Angle hits his infamous whiffing Top Rope Moonsault, Sting hits the Angle Slam cleanly only to get a 2. Now has the Death Lock applied.

RT @JeremyTheMVP – Sting looks like a large plum #TNA

RT @Souls_Blossom – Sting hit the Angle Slam, on Angle! GASP! That’s what Randy Orton is supposed to do! He really is CRAZY! #TNA #HardcoreJustice

#TNA Sting NOW USING THE ANKLELOCK. I’m not sure but I think Sting may have hacked Angle’s moveset.

#TNA Angle counters out and now has the Death Lock applied to Sting, Angle favoring his leg.

#TNA After all this wonkyness, I think we have the right signatures with the right people, Angle with a anklelock, Sting counters with a pin

#TNA Angle kicks out and Brian Hebner takes a bump. Nothing says HARDCORE, like a fucking ref bump, right? #HardcoreInjustice


#TNA Angle takes the chair from Hogan’s hands, Hogan drops down, escapes, might have busted his hip again, Angle uses a chair & wins.

RT @FatherDunk@5CornersxSmootx #TNA :”if you were able to stay awake and not pissed for #HardcoreInjustice, try ‘No Surrender’ on 9/11″


RT @AdamExtreme – WOAH..A ppv on 9/11? Your shitting me TNA…have some rspect for the country at least #boycotitforUSAPRIDE

#TNA Only thing that could make No Surrender on 9/11 more offensive, is if it was sponsored by some form of the Military.

RT @THE_Smoot@5CornersxSmootx They’d be lucky to get the Salvation Army.

#TNA Probably not as bad as a Davari one-off win. RT @K1NG_IC3: @5CornersxSmootx What about Mexican America winning at that PPV?

So yeah #TNA and 5-Hour Energy presenting Direct Auto Insurance shills for 3 hours wasn’t that entertaining. Shocking. #HardcoreInjustice.

#TNA C’mon who doesn’t wanna pay for a $40 Impact? #ItWasTerrible RT @R8ed_M : @5CornersxSmootx anyone who ordered it wasted their damn money

#TNA YESSSS! CROWD SIGN OF THE NIGHT! RT @BlaktimusPrime: @5CornersxSmootx You mean this one.

#TNA ShoutOuts: @BlaktimusPrime @AdamExtreme @R8ed_M @FatherDunk @GrappleKingdom @THE_Smoot @K1NG_IC3 @SF_Punk_

#TNA ShoutOuts: @Mehiskrazy @penguinpop88 @I_Am_Hollywood @TheMadMan31686 @CaptainOMG @HeadshotZombie @MrOtacon

#TNA ShoutOuts: @Chrisyourpapi @BrittanyTKO @frankmiller187 @Seanfranchise6 @yakhunta @LTS55 @IanSaysSo @GKickPerry

#TNA ShoutOuts: @stevie_zace @chux4w @Mr_Smiles_ @WrestleConsent @Firedawg1979 @pudang @packardwalsh @BLITZENTERPRISE

#TNA ShoutOuts: @robert_rude @ftwpodcast @WWEThatsNotPG @Rick_Bane @Rack_Flair

#TNA Thanks to everybody who joined along, you guys made a dreadful PPV enjoyable with your company. You guys rock!

#TNA I’ll try to recap this tomorrow. Hope you can join me for #VOWLIVE and #RAW tomorrow evening. Til then have a great evening everybody!!

RT @BlaktimusPrime – Brian Kendrick with Cinemax After Dark theme.

RT @WrestleConsent@5CornersxSmootx I go to break and got #TNA results all from your tweets, much appreciated considering it being such a shithole

RT @Chux4w – I’m told the combined age of the guys in last night’s main event is 94. The combined age of the three openers is 93. #HardcoreInjustice


Watching this show felt like I was watching Impact and Impact this past Thursday felt like I was watching the Pay Per View. How do you screw that up? The company is finding new and eye-opening methods in pissing money away. Which speaking of, I didn’t have a problem with the Direct Auto Insurance subtle plugs all throughout the night, it’s just one’s gotta wonder with the impromptu ad plugs, the ShopTNA on the ring pots, the alleged report of top talent getting pay cuts, stars leaving, featuring a non-TNA guy for your rinky dink ondemand service, barely any buys for house shows…is TNA running out of money? They’ve been able to suffice and last this long but has the well finally dried up? I, for one, assume so.

That aside, I didn’t enjoy watching the show but enjoyed tweeting about it along with other TNA peeps on Twitter. The main event blew ass, Kurt being all “I’ve never beaten Sting cleanly before. I’m training for the Olympics. I’m a hero” to suddenly become a bad guy and be the newest guy to pussyfoot around in Immortal, yeah fuck that for starters and secondly it makes zero, ZEEEEROOOO sense.

Things also not making sense, having Kendrick retain the title with his shitty unfitting weird new music he has going for him. Aries is TNA’s hottest commodity right now and it’s appalling that they aren’t treating him as such. Love the jab from Aries to Kendrick calling him homeless. From a guy who’s typing this and is technically homeless, that’s funny stuff.

The lack of consistency with Earl Hebner throwing out Mexican America during their respective matches but not throwing out Angelina Love who WE ALL KNEW was going to interfere was dumb. Maybe Earl’s just racist.

Jerry Lynn ended up being the comic relief character of the night, thankfully so because I was fearing that Eric Young might show up on a PPV, nonetheless RVD hits a 5-star for only Crimson to kick out of because TNA thinks he’s the next Goldberg. A long drawn out, poorly booked, Goldberg, but a Goldberg nonetheless. Jerry became astute to what was happening and yet picked the least opportune time to run in and interfere costing RVD, in his words, “a zillion points” in the Bound for Glory tournament. Yeah by the way, they put over the stupid BFG series but no Hardcore action.

Other things that weren’t worth $40, D-von…in action…by himself. Team 3D was better together, than separate.

Rest of this show was kind of a blur and had me lose interest throughout the show unfortunately. Mostly due to the fact that again, this was a $40 Impact being put on display rather than a top-notch or hell, a semi-decent-notch PPV. If TNA keeps this up they’ll be up a creek without a paddle or any money for that matter unless they put on 3 hours worth of advertisements, but hey at least they got their money’s worth in Mark Haskins, right?

Oh also, No Surrender on September 11th. Yeah….let that rock around in your brain for a bit.

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