If you haven’t heard through the grapevine by now, WWE made it’s usual round of roster cuts this year to where they axed 5 talents (so far)


Vladimir Kozlov – Out of the 5, this one sucks the most. From a guy who literally expressed his love of DAUBLE DAUBLE E on a second rate program that practically nobody watched, to having one high profile match at SummerSlam with Triple H that unfortunately did poorly and got the VINTAGE HHH BURY to boot. I enjoyed Kozlov when he was being pushed rather than being Santino’s tea partying partner. Hope WWE realizes the mistake they made and brings this guy back sometime down the road again.

Chris Masters – Someone who was cut for using roids, now cut again for NOT using roids. The thing he could do with his pecs was short lived (thank god) and his most memorable performance was his appearance on MTV’s Silent Library where he got clocked in the head so much that I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s next to pull a Benoit. Maybe somebody took the PWI500 too seriously, or maybe the not so great Macho Man impersonation on Z True Long Island Story (E25) is what did him in.

DH Smith – Someone who didn’t really get a shot to shine, mostly because Creative split up what was an interesting tag team. Another person who was once cut for roids, or at the very least suspended (can’t remember which) will probably be working the indy’s or in TNA sadly. Hope WWE or Bret Hart urges somebody to rehire him back.

Gail Kim – Gail was more of an acquisition to play keep-away from TNA for as long as possible so that they couldn’t utilize her back when TNA had a shot to be competitive. Now I guess WWE doesn’t even see TNA as competition anymore and felt like it was necessary to cut her. Then again if I had to pick out a moment that was the most likely candidate of getting her fired during her tenure, it would be accidentally throwing a well-deserved bucket at Vickie Guerrero:

…it wouldn’t shock me if TNA picked her back up in a heartbeat.

Melina – Not all that surprising for how little use they’ve been using her on TV and the recent “Twittion” campaign she pulled on Twitter ended up being the final blow. I’m not sure what she did (or didn’t do) to put herself in the rut that she was in to start out with but quite unfortunate that will never see that NOT PG entrance again, at least not any time soon that is.

I don’t have a problem with WWE talent cuts it’s just this time around (with the exception of Gail Kim), they didn’t make any good choices. If they really wanted to trim the fat, how bout starting with your current Tag Team champions? Nonetheless, hope to see all these guys come back someday and be used EFFICIENTLY.

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