#RAW I really hate NCIS: LA being the lead in to RAW, I hate the old crypt keeper lady at the end of every episode of it even worse


#RAW I tuned into RAW and apparently a Night of Champions PPV has broken out, according to Miz.

#RAW Miz isn’t a face or heel, he’s just an unfunny dick. Way to make Cena look tolerable.


RT @KojiClutch – It’s bad that I’m making my all of my friends who don’t watch wrestling watch Raw.

RT @MrDreKnowsBest@5CornersxSmootx Its almost like WWE is trying to make him be Roddy Piper but not as talented as him.

RT @Supermetsk31@5CornersxSmootx #RAW Watching the ball drop is not PG!

#RAW What is with Cena getting uncomfortably close with dude’s body parts, Cesaro’s nips, Cody’s mustache…no wonder his wife left him.

#RAW Cole: “Did you ever think you would see Miz and Cena on the same team!?” | Yes, I have because it’s HAPPENED BEFORE!

RT @MrOtacon – Damien Sandow, John Cena, and his clone walk into a bar… @5cornersxsmootx

#RAW Cole: “The team I never thought I’d see together, Miz and Cena, in control as RAW rolls on” | THEY’VE TAGGED BEFORE!

RT @Aquaman247@5CornersxSmootx the Bella chick doesn’t seem to mind. How does that cornball pull that chick?

RT @FemmeJomo@5CornersxSmootx They won the Tag Titles together before as well.

#RAW It’s a ruse to get to DB RT @Aquaman247: @5CornersxSmootx the Bella chick doesn’t seem to mind. How does that cornball pull that chick?

RT @DASharpshooters – Michael Cole forgot about Cena and Miz being tag team champions. #wwe #raw

#RAW Cole: “I always toast, doesn’t have to be New Year’s to do that” | King: “Has your liver cringed?” | #COMMENHATIN

#RAW King: “Wonder he knows the famous playwright who was afraid of Christmas” | Cole: “That would be” | King: “Noel Coward” | NOW HE KNOWS

RT @TableofJapan – AJ and Dolph are having a New Year’s toast. Speaking of toast, AJ’s character is like butter on toast, always spread… #Raw #BadSexPuns

#RAW Cole: “I know you’re VERY active on twitter” | King: “What does that mean?”

#RAW Cena and Miz with the unnecessary bury on RhodeScholars. Well at least we got that out of the way.

#RAW Vickie’s throwing her Face Turn party and books Ziggler in a match against Sheamus later tonight. So much for a night of champions

RT @MrOtacon – Joe Hennig getting more airtime than he had all year. @5cornersxsmootx

RT @Aquaman247 – I couldn’t even focus on that backstage segment. Too busy watching the mid card jobbers partying. #RAW @5CornersxSmootx

#RAW 20th anniversary of RAW in two weeks, filled with stars from past and present. Can’t wait for it

#RAW Heyman and Punk talk Vickie into booking The Shield against Ryback in a handicap match. Vickie, back on the #HustleBootyTempTats list!

#RAW Cesaro calls out Sgt. Slaughter for the US Title right here, ON #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT……wait a minute.

#RAW Don’t think Sarge had career match with HBK RT @Aquaman247: They fear the Flair wrestling but the Sarge can go? #RAW @5CornersxSmootx

RT @Chux4w – If there’s one thing I hate more than Sarge being brought out every two months, it’s King and Cole acting surprised. #Raw

RT @WrestlezoneCom – Tune in Wednesday to see if Cesaro can get the Neutralizer on Great Khali. That’s got to be the only reason to watch that match…

#RAW Kane *pacing around*: “This sucks!” | RAW, in a nutshell

#RAW RicRod vs Big Show for the WHC later tonight, Big Show tries to hotshot Ryback’s gimmick by whispering one word sentences.

#RAW Eve vs Mae Young for the Divas title later tonight. FLAIR, RIBBED!

RT @TableOfJapan – There’s only one thing worse than King’s terrible jokes – Cole’s over the top fake laugh that follows them #Raw

#RAW King: “Mae Young’s so old, she was a waitress during the Boston Tea Party”

#RAW Back from the bathroom and can’t tell if Cole is really yukking it up to Lawler’s stuff or if he’s actually drunk.

#RAW King: “Told you I’ve been in a band before, we called ourselves Whiteline but we middle of the road”

RT @Supermetsk31@5CornersxSmootx #RAW The referee took forever to start the 3-count!

RT @Garrett_22884 – That looked like a 4 count #WWE #Raw

#RAW Despite 3MB nonsense and the chicanery on commentary #NoChantsInHell retain the tag titles here on Open Fight Night.

#RAW Back from break, CM Punk coming out with Heyman and his doctor who looks a lot like @Arda_Ocal

#RAW King: “Look at Paul Heyman, I heard he hung up stockings for Christmas and he got Odor Eaters” | Thought he celebrated Hanukkah?

RT @DASharpshooters – I hope Paul Heyman doesnt drop the title in 2013. #wwe #raw

#RAW Heyman to Vince: “You’ve become a flesh-peddling promoter” *Drops Mic* “HOW DARE YOU, HOW DARE YOU!” #WHADDAYATHINKLAWLER!?

RT @K1NG_OTR – “HOOOWWW DAAARREEE YOUUUU” — Hippo from Rocko’s Modern Life #WWE #RAW

#RAW *MCMAHON FACE* (as he was leaving)

RT @DASharpshooters – CM Punk murdered that microphone. #wwe #raw

RT @Aquaman247 – Are they keeping @CMPunk on crutches this long to sell the injury for the loss to @TheRock at the Royal Rumble? @5CornersxSmootx @SethMates

RT @TableOfJapan – Fun fact about the next match: Sheamus has beat Dolph 9 times in their singles matches in 2012. Dolph has beat Sheamus 0 times #Raw

RT @Arda_Ocal – No, I am not moonlighting as CM Punk’s doctor… #RAW @WWEUniverse

#RAW Huh. I’m guessing that they’re going to have the AJ/Ziggler toast bit after this match or close the show?

#RAW King: “I’d be in great shape if my blood had about as much circulation as AJ’s” | That’s not PG.

#RAW Never really occurred to me til just now, but King is a straightedge fellow.

#RAW Here’s some facts about Biggie Langston, he’s really strong and isn’t somebody you should piss off.

#RAW King: “There hasn’t been a good opportunity for Ziggler to cash in” | SURVIVOR SERIES, “OVER 30 CHAIR SHOTS”

#RAW Fatcat trounces on my keyboard as Biggie Langston distracts Sheamus for a Shield attack. Maybe Punk’s right?

RT @HeymanHustle – I plead the 5th. RT: @hima91320556 To me, it looks like @HeymanHustle wants his New Year’s kiss from @ExcuseMeWWE #RAW pic.twitter.com/3gSb61Mb

#RAW Maddox asks Heyman for a job, Heyman gets pissed at Maddox. If you ask me, Maddox has done jobs for the past several weeks.

#RAW Mae Young can’t compete due to being suddenly pregnant. Looks like hand is going to get a new brother!!

RT @TableOfJapan – Top heel in WWE is now Eve. She got Mae Young pregnant to get out of their match #Raw

#RAW Also, really loved the old timey dramatic organ when the doc said Mae’s pregnant, it’s not like Daytime Soaps are dying off or anything

RT @SpinninToeHold – Mae Young preggo > Kim Kardashian preggo

RT @DASharpshooters – Mae Young being pregnant > Kim Kardashian being pregnant. #wwe #raw

RT @GArrett_22884 – I wish that @TheMarkHenry returned during that Mae Young segment #WWE #Raw

#RAW King: “We don’t need Maury Povich to tell you I’m not the father” | Cole: “Same age bracket” | King: “Wanna make it to new year?”

#RAW WHOA! Ladies calm down, don’t wanna BFF the Divas title too now.


#RAW King: “For Christmas my girlfriend said she wanted something that she could drive” | Cole: “Which was?” | King: “A box of nails”

#RAW If Ricardo doesn’t this match, I’m totally attributing it to ADR not announcing him. A real missed opportunity by WWE there.

#RAW *If Ricardo doesn’t WIN this match… | My New Year’s resolution is stop leaving out words in tweets. Sorry bout that folks.

#RAW RicRod with a small offense on Big Show, gets goozled into a near chokeslam til ADR interferes. C’mon, Ricardo totally had that!

#RAW Kofi/Barrett after the break. Gee, I TOTALLY have no idea bit.ly/Whjvzc at who’s going to win this bit.ly/WhjBXr

RT @JoeyStyles – (MANIACAL LAUGH) SPOILER! @WadeBarrett wins the @WWE Intercontinental Championship from @TrueKofi on #RAW wwe.com/shows/raw/2012…

#RAW VINTAGE @JOEYSTYLES SPOILING MATCHES. Shades of NXT season 3 all over again.

#RAW Find out who’s going to win this THRILLING IC title match that isn’t Kofi Kingston, on the other side of the break.

#RAW In Labor. RT @RegalSays: What’s the word about Mae Young tonight?

#RAW Can we not mention Championship in the same sentence as Hornswoggle? Motherfucker ruined the Cruiserweight title.

RT @TheRealWB – I’d like to know more about Barret’s backstory. How did he go from studying marine biology to fighting people for money? #WWE #Raw

#RAW If WWE really wanted to hype this match for us to watch, they should’ve said “BARRETT USES WASTELAND” instead of outright spoiling it

RT @TheRealWB – WWE stupidity aside, I’m happy Barrett has the IC title. Will mark out if he ever wins a world title. #WWE #Raw

RT @GreatKhaliSays – I am busy on Monday night raw because I am helping Doctor to deliver the Mae young’s baby. Go Watch Monday night raw. pic.twitter.com/q9AyF0de

RT @Sekailshtal@5CornersxSmootx BARRET USES WASTELAND | It’s Super Effective! | KINGSTON FAINTS #RAW

RT @Billiamsan@TNACreative There was a paramedic on hand for Lawler, but Khali is stuck holding Mae Young’s legs.

#RAW Last week on RAW’s “How the Gringo Nearly Ruined Christmas”

RT @TheRealWB – Santa may still be alive, but he should really get that irregular heartbeat checked out after the holidays. #WWE #Raw

RT @Chux4w – Yeah! Mae’s giving birth, everyone gather round! #Raw

#RAW Vickie: “Mae’s giving birth to the New Year’s baby” | Santino: “WHAAAAAAAA!?” | RAW, in a nutshell


#RAW King: “After watching that, I’m almost mad at the doctors in Canada for saving my life” | #COMMENHATIN

I think we all do. RT @TheRealWB: I think I’m going to need counseling after that segment. #WWE #Raw

RT @TableOfJApan – I hope whoever wrote that segment loses their job, and remains unemployed for the rest of their lives #Raw

#RAW An 89-year old “giving birth” to a Fun-Sized person segued into Ryback vs The Shield. Okay.

#RAW Sheamus and Randy Orton come down to help Ryback and presumably make this into a 6 man tag match/kerfuffle?

RT @NoleGirlKel@5CornersxSmootx paging Teddy Long? #holla #RAW

#RAW Sucks that they couldn’t get Biggie Langston a sleeveless tux shirt for this segment.

RT @TableOfJapan – Dolph: “Each and every one of you voted for Superstar of the year!” I think Doplh overestimate how many people have the WWE App #Raw

RT @Chux4w – Ziggler’s completely right. Cena hasn’t changed for a decade. In that time, Ziggler has been a caddy, a cheerleader… #Raw

#RAW If this segment is nothing but clips of Cena getting shitted on, then I wholeheartedly approve of this.


#RAW Ziggler: “John, your time is up and MY TIME is now. No offense”

#RAW LOL! Ziggler’s treating Biggie like he’s Robbie T. Only thing missing is loudly colored cardigan sweater.

#RAW Cena: “Easy Mr. T, I didn’t come out here to fight” | BIGGIE T, ROBBIE T, WWE’S ROBBING TNA, IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!

#RAW OH COME ON, What did Torrie Wilson ever do to be the off spring of AJ and Dolph?

#RAW Actually I could see Baby Fuji throwing powder at the other babies’ eyes.

#RAW Yeah, pretty sure Cena’s into Scatology. You wanna know why wrestling is awful and can’t draw ratings? This show is a prime example why

RT @KeepItFiveStar – This is the second time Dolph Ziggler’s had poo dropped on him in his WWE career

RT @GKickShalthis@5CornersxSmootx Toldja it’d be ironic considering what ya said.

#RAW Only thing missing from that ending is Karen Jarrett screaming “I HAVE SHIT ON ME”. Guess I should expect a Chyna return in 1-2 weeks?

#RAW Case in point: youtu.be/L-7tCbmM_Mo?t=…

#RAW And also if Ziggler is the “same old shit”, then perhaps Cena should freshen up on his humor – youtu.be/JmcVW1FyfjE



RT @TheRealWB – Tonight’s show should have been a ‘best of’ or something. Was obvious the last two weeks meant nothing and all focus is on the Jan 7 show.

#RAW Special thanks to @WWEUniverse for the RT’s tonight, despite me goofing the grammar in one of them.

#RAW Last time New Year’s Eve fell on Monday, @JRSBBQ walloped @chrisdejoseph. Would have the video but WWE removed the clip.

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#RAW Good night and Happy New Year!