Well if you’ve been enjoying pre-taped nonsense this past week, what’s one more show going to hurt? #Smackdown, NEXT!

#Smackdown Maybe in 2013 we’ll actually get a signature to start the show instead of recapping shit you don’t care about.

#Smackdown Sheamus is coming out and JBL and Josh are sitting quite apart from one another for some reason.

#Smackdown Big Show: “Do I look like Santa Claus to you?” | Fans: “YES YES YES” | You did in Jingle All the Way.

RT @K1NG_OTR – “Don’t boo me!” Y U R-TRUTHING?! #WWE #SmackDown

RT @TNACreative@5cornersxsmootx Damnit you were quicker on the draw. Now we look like we recycle in places other than booking.

#Smackdown Big Show: “Pride Schmide, I’m not afraid of anything” | Sheamus: “What are you afraid of?” | Show: “I’m not afraid of anything”

#Smackdown Booker T is going to put the roster’s names in the WWE Draft Lottery Tumbler, name picked faces Big Show tonight.


#Smackdown Big Show vs Santino for the title tonight. Considering the internet didn’t go apeshit this week, I think we know who wins.

RT @TheRealWB – RaffleMania #WWE #SmackDown

RT @K1NG_OTR – “See what you did you fucking bimbo?” #WWE #SmackDown

RT @DASharpshooters – If Santino wins we party. #wwe #smackdown

RT @Chux4w – World Raffling Entertainment at it’s finest. #SmackDown

#Smackdown Something and Lady Gaga is what the off spring Brodus looks like this week. according to JBL. (Missed the first name)

#Smackdown JBL: “Hey Brodus Clay’s on a 2 match win streak.”

#Smackdown Josh: “My New Year’s Resolution, learn how to dance like Brodus” | JBL: “I wouldn’t ask Brodus for a lesson, he might eat you”

#Smackdown JBL: “This is what happens if Lady Gaga and a Yeti had a kid” | Josh: “You’re talkin about Brodus and not the Funkadactyls?”

#Smackdown Sheamus: “Last week in the Lumber Jack Frost Match” | THAT’S NOT CONTINUITY!

#Smackdown Sheamus tosses Santino’s hoagie aside to teach him how to do the Brogue Kick, only for Santino to pull a hammy. #BabyfaceDickery

RT @PiperValentine@5CornersxSmootx he really liked that sandwich

#Smackdown JBL: “What does the time frame matter? They’re either best friends or not”

#Smackdown JBL: “Look I like Wade Barrett, I think he’s gonna be a future champion…but you gotta win when the title’s on the line”

#Smackdown JBL: “I wish AJ cost you something so you wouldn’t be here and I can be a one man booth”

#Smackdown Wade Barrett picks up the win once again against Kofi with the Bullhammer. Barrett’s team wins.

#Smackdown Santino apparently DID pull a hammy. Booker’s pulling another name from the Bumbler Tumbler and isn’t telling anybody who it is.

RT @AndyDandyMandy@5CornersxSmootx That Bullhammer would be better without that irishwhip thing he does before he hits it. Makes him look lazy.

RT @TheRealWB – Probably missing Raw this week. Due to the time difference it airs an hour into New Years Day and I won’t be here.

#Smackdown We’re back and Big Show and Booker have been squabbling throughout the break.


#Smackdown RicRod is the lucky person chosen, Big Show berates him and then KO’s the daylights out of RicRod. BACK TO THE BUMBLER TUMBLER!

#Smackdown Ryder vs Cesaro right now, Cesaro with a broken hand. JBL’s chastising Josh’s way of picking up hot chicks.

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx Josh’s pickup method, buried #Commenhatin

#Smackdown JBL: “No no no.” | Josh: “The Broski Boot” | JBL: “The silliest thing I’ve ever seen”

#Smackdown Cesaro off of avoiding the Broski Boot, picks up the win with a broken hand and the announcers no selling the TTTT loss.

#Smackdown Josh: “Ryder’s New Year’s Resolution is to get a new hot girlfriend” | JBL: “Gotta put down the video games to meet one”

#Smackdown Josh: “Self-proclaimed Internet champion…” | JBL: “I would say that would negate a hot girlfriend” | Josh: “I’d h ave to agree”

RT @RegalSays – “@TomQWood: Anyone notice Bog E has the same haircut as Bully Ray? Inb4 TNA lawsuit.” pic.twitter.com/avjY7PoQ


RT @K1NG_OTR – JBL wanting to slap the taste, shit, color, and voice out of Matthews, love it #WWE #SmackDown

#Smackdown JBL: “Most talk show hosts, like Jay Leno, aren’t gonna punch a guest” | WCW ROAD WILD, BURIED

#Smackdown JBL: “I’d like to punch you.” #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “Every time you say something dumb, I’d slap you, but it would sound like applause from happening so often” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Josh: “Have you ever scorned a woman?” | JBL: “As many times I’ve been married, you think I’ve scorned a woman?” #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “LOOK AT THIS, she looks like she’s about to go off chasing butterflies or something and you think she’s the mastermind?”

#Smackdown We’re back from break and me catching up, and JBL is putting over Josh and AJ playing Super Sudoku.


#Smackdown JBL: “Did you see the Slammys this year? She won Best Kiss, she was also the runner up and the runner up runner up”

RT @WrestlingDF#Shoutout to @5CornersxSmootx! A #mustfollow for all #WWE and #Smackdown fans!

RT @RegalSays – Make it obvious you were gonna interfere, Big E. Storming up those ring steps loud as fuck and shit.

#Smackdown Miz gets wrecked, sounds high as fuck on the mic afterwards & goldbricks Ziggler only to get clobbered by Biggie Langston.

#Smackdown Miz: “AJ, no matter which superstar you’re with on New Year’s Eve, we know the night’s gonna end in a bang” | CAUSE SHE’S A WHORE

#Smackdown Booker makes Del Rio vs Big Show for the main event tonight, thus making the first hour convoluted and unnecessary.

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx looks like Miz just gave Tumblr some fanfiction material

#Smackdown Sheamus vs Brad Maddox, JBL: “Oh I love this, I absolutely love this. Booker T is a genius.”

#Smackdown JBL: “I think Sheamus could wrestle Maddox 1000 times and beat him 1001 times” | DEAN MALENKO MATH

#Smackdown Josh: “So you’re giving Maddox not much of a chance?” | JBL: “NONE, 0, IS THAT MUCH? HOW BOUT LESS THAN 0?”

#Smackdown JBL: “The same chance that you have of becoming a good play-by-play guy” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “Booker T is probably the greatest GM in the history of sports, and this is one his best decisions”

#Smackdown *Brogue Kick* | JBL: “SEE YA NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION BOO-YAH!!!!”

#Smackdown JBL: “Come on back!” | Josh: “He can’t” | JBL: “He can be the ring crew!” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown LOL at all the reactions from people watching the RAW recap who didn’t watch RAW Monday.

#Smackdown PTPlayas vs The Usos, JBL is Markin’ out for the Millions of Dollars dance and name drops the ALL BLACKS

#Smackdown Josh: “That’s Jey Uso in the ring” | JBL: “And that’s the Harpo Marx of the Prime Time Playas, go ahead and Google that too”

#Smackdown As JBL’s plugging the PTPlayas on his show, the Usos sneak out a win finally. Congrats to them.

RT @DASharpshooters – “This Rumble…is going to Rock.” *MOOOO* #wwe #smackdown

#Smackdown Ambrose: “WE ANSWER TO NO ONE” | Except Vince McMahon when his WWE Champ needs emergency knee surgery.


#Smackdown Main event time, ADR and Big Show here. No Ricardo announcing because he’s in a vegetative state from the KO punch earlier.

RT @DASharpshooters – Its kind of hard to cheer for a super rich guy. #wwe #smackdown

#Smackdown Big Show tries to leave and Sheamus with the insulted roster drag him back to the ring, despite the DQ called.

#Smackdown Andre The Giant was never a cowardly heel, so why should Big Show be? Makes no sense.

RT @Chux4w – Sheamus just screwed Del Rio out of his title shot and Del Rio doesn’t seem to care at all. #BabyfaceDickery #SmackDown

RT @WWEDanielBryan – THIS is what you missed if you weren’t at Nassau Coliseum tonight: #HugMeMore pic.twitter.com/Wwgdw3Va

Interesting story of @TheRealRVD saying “No” to Vince McMahon on working Tribute to the Troops – youtu.be/RcXAX8bzE2A

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