#ImpactNOTLive Thank god the show started before the Dubstep nonsense started playing at the tail end of the recap.

#ImpactNOTLive Oh goody, Bully Ray’s coming out here. My guess is he’s going to call out Brooke Hogan to have that pre-taped sex celebration

#ImpactNOTLive Ray: “Hogan, I don’t know what I have to do to get your respect…” | Have an enormous ugly back tattoo.

#ImpactNOTLive Bully Ray call out Hulk Hogan to talk, Hogan’s no showing and Brooke comes out instead. “IT’S A SHOOT BROTHER”

#ImpactNOTLive LOL Brooke tells Bully that Hulk isn’t here & that he knows those 2 are a thing. Clearly Brooke doesn’t watch the product.

#ImpactNOTLive Literally a one man “YA’LL GET FRE-AKY!” chant during that “HE KNOWS” awkward silence. #DumbFloridaMorons

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “Sorry for interrupting me while I was talking”

RT @TableOfJapan – Bully Ray is ashamed of Brooke Hogan. Sometimes, @TNACreative make things realistic after all #ImpactLive

#ImpactNOTLive Aries: “I’m making this short and sweet because I’m not getting paid by the hour” | There’s your problem.

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx the pussification of bully ray continues

RT @TNACreative – He’s right, he doesn’t get paid by the hour. But the Knockouts do. #ImpactTonight

#ImpactNOTLive Aries: “We’ll settle it like men, unlike Jeff Hardy, we’re men.”

#ImpactNOTLive Find out who else will waste your time on the mic by not fighting someone immediately as #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT continues

#ImpactNOTLive Samoa Joe calls out one of the Aces8s guys and claims that’s he’s a moped riding bitch. CM PUNK, BURIED!

#ImpactNOTLive Samoa Joe chokes out the Aces8s guy with ease, but then hotdogs the unmasking of him like a putz.

#ImpactNOTLive Jesse: “Are you calling me stupid?” | Rob E: “I dunno. S-T-O-O-OHHHHHHHH”

RT @Chux4w – Why didn’t Joe just take the mask off? He had more than enough time. #Impact

RT @DASharpshooters – Jeez how long does it take to rip off a mask? Hell Samoa Joe could have done it during the match. #ImpactLive #tna

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx a bro off sounds like a circle jerk to me

#ImpactNOTLive Rob E: “Tonight, it’s not Open Fight Night. It’s…” | #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT!

RT @TNACreative – Open bro night sounds like a film Patterson would own. #ImpactTonight #ImpactLive #OpenFightNight #IMPACTWRESTLING

#ImpactNOTLive Pretty sure this segment is what the gays did in the 20th century.

#ImpactNOTLive: Where Bro’ing off matters

#ImpactNOTLive Nice to know that if this wrestling gig doesn’t work out for Rob T, he has a future in a Chippendale’s somewhere.

#ImpactNOTLive Stick around, there might actually be another match or something. As #Nocontinuitynight continues.

I don’t care what any of you say, that shit was hilarious. Rob Terry wins 2012, bro. #ImpactNOTLive

#ImpactNOTLive RVD: “Me being champ has brought the X-Division to a whole another level” | Mediocre? Nonexistant to barely noticeable?

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “You said Mood Swing, you got all these names for these moves I gotta write these down. *Writes down notes*”

#ImpactNOTLive RVD defeats Christian York in a noteworthy match if you’re Taz. ‘Twas okay.

RT @Stevenamoney@5CornersxSmootx It was alright but it was like RVD was moving in slow motion.

#ImpactNOTLive We’re back and Aces and Eights are chilling in some kind of waiting room with a turned off arcade machine.

#ImpactNOTLive Danny Davis shits on Joe Park and now Kaz/Daniels are rummaging and vandalizing through the TNA Shop store.

Unless you’re busted open, you’re better off a manager or lawyer. RT @JOSEPHPARK_esq: Wait, am I doing that bad at my training? #ImpactLIVE

#ImpactNOTLive Back & we get a recap of Hogan putting over TNA, which can’t draw more than an average of 500 people at house shows.

#ImpactNOTLive Daniels: “I’m the guy with the rear that makes all the girls cheer” | WAY too many dudes gyrating around tonight.

#ImpactNOTLive Daniels: “I’m read the Twitter, I’m on the bookface.”

Lethal by a large marge. RT @DAsharpshooters: Kazarian’s AJ Styles impersonation vs Jay Lethal’s Ric Flair. Who wins? #ImpactLive #tna

#ImpactNOTLive Kaz does a pretty good interpretation of AJ Styles. Chavo and Hernandez comes out for action, no mention of Spanish team 🙁

#ImpactNOTLive Tenay: “I have to stick up for Todd” | Taz: “You don’t have to.”

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “Daniels like a pinball out here and not just his head” | #Commenhatin

#ImpactNOTLive Not lying, really not feeling this show tonight. Been kinda dull, not sure if it’s the awful segments or that it’s taped.

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “‘GET OFF ME’. I didn’t make that one up Todd, that’s a shoot” | #COMMENHATIN

#ImpactNOTLive Todd: “Hart Attack, almost a heart break right there” | Taz: “Ha-rt Att-ack, Kaz and Daniels, Got it!”

RT @DASharpshooters – Way to scoot over so Chavo could land his Frog Splash, Kaz. #ImpactLive #tna

#ImpactNOTLive THIS FROG SPLASH IS FOR YOU EDDIE picks up the win and the Direct Auto Insurance replay.

#ImpactNOTLive Not the 1st time either RT @MikeKillam: Mike Tenay growing some balls and mentioning WCW and WWE on commentary. Alright then.


#ImpactNOTLive It’s like somebody saw NFL on CBS’s announcers summary, saw “Home Depot Tools to Victory”, and thought THAT’S what Taz needed

#ImpactNOTLive D-Von bribes Ken Anderson with booze and women to their dirty work. Wonder what Ken’s wife thinks.

#ImpactNOTLive Announcers no sell the segment and Taz is glad that Gail Kim is in the ring right now.

#ImpactNOTLive Gail: “Until someone won it with a fluke victory. That’s right I said it, FLUKE” | Roode: FLUUUUUUUUUKKKEEEEE!!!

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “Gotta watch out for Gail playing possum. If she’s a possum, she’s one damn hot possum” | TNA: WHERE HOT POSSUMS MATTER!

#ImpactNOTLive For a change, Gail puts her ass in Tessmacher’s face. Glad to see Gail not jobbing to the stinkface


#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “Ms. Tessmacher could not get it up” | THAT’S NOT PG EITHER

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “That girl just landed on her ass, that girl being Tessmacher. Pardon my French even though I’m not French”

#ImpactNOTLive Next week: Angle & Hardy vs Aces8s tag cage match, Sting’s return, 2012 wrestler of the year and hopefully wrestling.

#ImpactNOTLive Todd: “Aries said earlier, I screwed you, you screwed me. We’re even” | That’s not PG

RT @MrDreknowsbest – I know why @fredthewolf and @5CornersxSmootx are bored with TNA tonight. No Christy Hemme live #ImpactWrestling

#ImpactNOTLive Aries and Roode right now, Aries goldbricks a knee injury to moments later do a Shane O’ Mac shuffle.

#ImpactNOTLive Todd tosses it to break, we somehow get to hear Jeff Hardy’s thoughts who’s at ringside, for no reason.

#ImpactNOTLive Earl Hebner is getting pissed at both guys here, genuine highlight of the match.

#ImpactNOTLive Both guys are getting pissed at Earl Hebner and toss him outside the ring, another genuine highlight of this match.

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “This is serious, there’s nothing funny about that” | BULLSHIT

#ImpactNOTLive Hardy comes out and ruins everything. Show was terrible, shouts later, see you tomorrow for #Smackdown

#ImpactNOTLive Shouts: @FarFromForgot @AdamExtreme @ceqhfw @fredthewolf @PoisonHeart1 @PuoNayda @MrDreknowsbest

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RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx “I don’t want to call you out to fight I want to call you out to talk” #nocontinuitynight

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