RT @SteveaustinBSR@TeamNiWi The guy who threw beers to me was @WWETimekeeper. Helluva good guy. Very accurate. Perfect timing. We had good chemistry.

RT @WWETimeKeeper@steveaustinBSR @TeamNiWi Thank you Steve, I always enjoyed throwing you beers it was fun. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

About an hour away from #RAW, be sure to check out the newest #COMMENHATIN video of JBL’s 2006 Miz commentary – youtu.be/IzF6TR9t7hk

RT @GrishamESPN – He must have gotten this at the “Biggest and Tallest” Store RT@GreatKhaliSays: pic.twitter.com/HSsWkyDc

RT @JustinRoberts – At 12 I understood this was the season 2 give: Virgil lost his Million $ Championship so I gave him my $ sign necklace pic.twitter.com/oPVcqKlB

#RAW LOL! They’re kicking the show off with the holiday card they launched on YouTube a few weeks ago.


#RAW Cole: “I hope Santa brought me something, I’ve been a really good Cole this year”

RT @TheRealWB – He did it for The Rock. He did it for the people. #WWE #Raw


RT @AllNewTPIR@5CornersxSmootx “This episode of Monday Night RAW is filmed before a live studio audience”.

#RAW This is the best episode of Monday Night Raw, at the very least the best start to it.

RT @DASharpshooters – If Santa dies this show is gonna have to go from PG to G in a hurry. #wwe #raw

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Alberto Del Rio didn’t want this to happen. He saw a Chirstmas Carol and was determined to change his ways.

#RAW We’re back and they’re crime scene’d off Del Rio’s car in the attempted vehicular manslaughter from Del Rio to Santa Claus

RT @TheRealWB – Nobody’s showing any concern for that tree. #WWE #Raw

#RAW ADR: “Everybody knows where I drive my cars so techinically….it’s not my fault” | THAT’S NOT GENE SNITSKY!

#RAW ADR vs Cena in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight where Cena has to #DoItForSanta

RT @DASharpshooters#DOITFORSANTA #wwe #Raw

#RAW What better way to segue from vehicular manslaughter and a haphazardly booked main event?…Cody’s mustache.

That’s not PG. RT @WWEUniverse: RT if you #DoItForSanta! #RAW

RT @TheRealWB – Never did I expect to tune into Raw and hear the words “Before Santa lost consciousness”. #WWE #Raw

#RAW Cole: “Still waiting for you to give me your gift” | King: “I got you a home made gift…one of my kids” | HOLIDAY #COMMENHATIN

#RAW Cole: “On Blitzen, on Donner, on Kane!” | King: “WHAT!?”

#RAW Kane picks up the win after capitalizing on an exposed turnbuckle. 8 diva Battle Royal to spite what I said a week ago after the break

#RAW We’re back and the first thing I see is Layla shakin’ it on the Titantron.

#RAW Cole: “I haven’t gotten one card this holiday season” | King: “I got you a thing of batteries that said Toy Not Included….

#RAW Cole: “Who are you rooting for in this match?” | King: “All 8 of them”

#RAW Cole: “FELIZ NAVIDAD ROSA, THROW A SPARROW ON YA!” | King: “Throw a sparrow?” | Cole: “I think that’s what they say” | #COMMENHATIN

RT @Arda_Ocal – Anyone catch @johncena say “loud noises!” as everyone was yelling at Del Rio backstage? #DorothyMantooth #RAW

RT @DASharpshooters – Tamina has the “I hate this crap” expression on her face. #wwe #Raw

#RAW King: “Ohhh I would love to find these divas under the tree on Christmas morning” | Cole: “I’m sure you would


RT @DASharpshooters – Aksana has a sick spinebuster? Since Whe..never mind that was awesome! #wwe #Raw

#RAW The Face divas and Alicia Fox get the win in the 8 diva Tag match (not battle royal)

#RAW Cole: “But coming up next, it’s a Lumber JACK FROST Match” | King: “A WHAT!?”

#RAW Also coming up next is an update on Santa Claus, loved the somber Silent Night bells used in the tease there

#RAW We’re back and what seems like an old Maryse promo is actually Ziggler canoodling with AJ watching an illicit feed of TLC. ARREST THEM.

#RAW Ziggler watching old PPV matches while being intimate, this must’ve been what Amy Schumer when she said he was too athletic.

#RAW King: “I can’t get this hat over my stupid headset!”

RT @Shez420@5CornersxSmootx they condoned piracy! They approve! We are on the inside. Wonder who they get their feed from? #TheyStream

RT @TheRealWB – Holy shit Raw just turned into an episode of Superstars. #WWE #Raw

#RAW There’s one thing bothering me with this Santa Claus angle, what the hell was Del Rio going to come out for? A promo?

RT @Jdaley87@5CornersxSmootx yea some spooning, while Santa is fighting for his life in a trainers office. Yea this PG show is totally for kids #Raw

RT @DASharpshooters – They wont take Santa to the hospital because he doesnt have insurance. #wwe #raw

#RAW *Big chops Sheamus* | Cole: “Talk about ringing his jingle bell” | THAT’S NOT PG!

RKO OUTTA NOWHERE RT @arda_ocal: Can someone please photoshop @RandyOrton into this Santa freeze frame from #RAW… pic.twitter.com/9FsefAoZ

RT @Chux4w – Santa was run over?! Alert the authorities! Inform his next of kin, the Easter Bunny! #Raw

#RAW We’re back to Sheamus damn near kicking Big Show in the nuts and during the break, 3MB got camera time….during the break.


#RAW Cole: “A brawl’s ensued at ringside here!” | King: “It’s like opening presents time at my house”

#RAW King: “We counted all those chair shots, over 30 chair shots…” | GODDAMN IT

#RAW Sheamus and Big Show redo the electric chair drop spot and as you would imagine, it was better the first time around on PPV.

#RAW Cole: “Sheamus our guest host tonight, Santa I should say, our guest host tonight”

RT @WWE – Ever have one of those days? #Raw #Santa @VivaDelRio @WWE pic.twitter.com/3IA5L3Wh

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I hope there’s a segment where The Shield delivers presents to all the boys and girls who have suffered from injustice.

.@SlimJim Beef Jerky. RT @WWEUniverse: What holiday foods are you enjoying tonight’s Christmas Eve edition of @WWE #RAW with?

#RAW Sheamus with a Brogue Kick after a lengthy match, gets the win and a Rumble breaks out in the ring.

#RAW *Sheamus gets Santino and Brodus Clay* | *Brodus does the Millions of Dollars dance for no reason*

RT @NeedlerFanPudge – Alberto Del Rio runs over Santa Claus with a car, and the audience chants “You Killed Santa!” with joyful glee. I love wrestling. #WWE

#RAW I love how they’re recapping the Muppets cameo from Tribute to the Troops.

#RAW Post Production Cole: “VINTAGE, MUPPETS!”

#RAW WHY IS A 3-DISC “BEST PAY PER VIEW MATCHES OF 2012” DVD A THING!? Oh probably cause Rock/Cena take up the first 2.

#RAW Fun fact, in last year’s Miracle of 34th Street Fight, Randy Orton tossed David Otunga into a Christmas tree on the stage.

RT @Hurley926@WWE @5CornersxSmootx watching #RAW with the wife’s papaw. He said @NatbyNature had boobs bigger than lard cans. #ThatsNotPG

RT @Arda_Ocal – “@justastupidmark: @arda_ocal From Outta No Ho Ho Where pic.twitter.com/hAlGfMOL” there we go!

#RAW Otunga vs Ryder for some reason. One of them is obviously Doin’ it for Santa

#RAW King: “Otunga’s the only guy who can write down 90 pages and call it a brief”

#RAW Cole: “Zack Ryder has a lot of potential in WWE…told me earlier all he wanted for Christmas is a bottle of hair gel”

#RAW Cole: “Zack Ryder is so tanned from the tanning booth that he’s dreaming of a White Christmas….we’re gonna set a record tonight!”

#RAW Booker: “The week Vickie is off is the week Santa gets run over.” | Teddy: “Yeah but at least Otunga lost” | *Both Laugh* #COMMENHATIN

#RAW Brad Maddox vs One of Santa’s elves, guessing Hornswoggle just to hopefully see The Shield put a whoopin on him after the match.

#RAW Oh yeah? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN KEEBLER? RT @Matt_Striker_: My sister just said Brad Maddox is cute!!! Ugh! There’s no such thing as elves

#RAW We’re back, Miz is coming out and Cole reminds us how great tonight’s been and then suddenly remembers the Santa accident.

RT @Wrestling_memes – Go home Santa #WrestlingMemes #RIPSanta pic.twitter.com/TY0o8l8e

#RAW Cole: “It has been a Wonderful Life for Antonio Cesaro since winning the US Championship”

#RAW King: “I’m taking a few pages out of Antonio’s book to speak a few languages. I know jussst enough Italian to get my face slapped”

#RAW Cole: “I thought you were gonna take a few pages from Antonio’s book and sleep on the floor.”

#RAW Cole: “Not everybody in Cleveland are losers” | King: “Listen to you” | Cole: “…Hey, I’m a Jets fan” | #COMMENHATIN

#RAW Cole: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” | King: “Oh, there’s another one”

It’s Silent Night played on what sounds like Church Bells. RT @DAsharpshooters: That sad music for Santa…. #wwe #raw

RT @JRSBBQ – FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD…HOW’S SANTA?! @WWE #RAW On a side note, if you took the heroes & gave points…YOU WIN!! #sauceit

#RAW We’re back and AJ regifted Ziggler’s MITB case, Ziggler with a case of amnesia or some shit.

#RAW AJ disrobes and shows off a cut up Ziggler T-Shirt. Ziggler says that the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. His judgment is thrown out

Santa’s on life support, WWE can afford a heart monitor but not opening pyro. RT @SpinninToeHold: I am missing #RAW. Anything worthy happen?

#RAW Brad Maddox is just like Joey Ryan only minus Matt Morgan, the sleaze, and charisma.

#RAW Okay so it’s Maddox vs Khali, either way I hope the Shield takes him out.

#RAW King: “…He was suffering from low ELF esteem, but now he’s all better!”

#RAW *Khali slaps Maddox’s chest* | Cole: “JINGLE BELL ROCK!”

#RAW Cole: “Great Khali just rang Maddox’s silver bell” | King: ♫ Silver Bells ♫ | Cole: “All I want for Christmas is Khali dancing”


#RAW SANTA & WRESTLING IS REAL, BROADCASTING’S FAKE! RT @TheRealWB: Weird. It now seems Sky are ahead of the US broadcast.

RT @TheRealWB@5CornersxSmootx I never thought otherwise! #RAW

#RAW King: “Santa Claus has gotta get better and get out here to give Paul Heyman clothes that’ll fit him” | #COMMENHATIN

#RAW King: “Please remember this is Christmas, try to be civil” | JEWISH PEOPLE, BURIED

#RAW CM Punk mocking Khali’s singing > Everything right now

#RAW Punk: “Ryback has effectively ruined Christmas, *looks at Heyman*, Ryback has effectively also ruined Hanukkah”

RT @Arda_OCal – Khali with the promo of the year on #RAW…. #IBeeshYou

#RAW Punk: “Because I’m the BEST IN THE WORLD!” | *Ryback comes out* | Cole: “Joy to the world!”

#RAW King: “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, CM Punk and Paul Heyman were running their mouths”

#RAW Ryback comes out and says on the Jan 7th RAW, it’ll be him vs Punk in a TLC match for the WWE title.

#RAW Cole: “Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas” | King: “How can you have a Christmas without Santa?” | Cole: “Kickout Santa, kickout!”

#RAW Cole: “I hear Daniel Bryan helped out the Nativity Scene in his hometown….he played the goat” | #COMMENHATIN

#RAW Cole: “Yeeeeuuuup, we’re only here once a year for the holidays folks”

#RAW Cole: “You’re going to give us anything during the match here?” | King: “Oh yeah just waiting for you to give us an update on Santa”

RT @TheRealWB – Cole & Lawler are obviously in ‘not giving a shit mode’ tonight. It’s great. #WWE #Raw

#RAW Cole: “Gettin late in the show, close to midnight, what are you going to give me for Christmas?”

#RAW Hard to hear but did King just insinuate an incest joke there?

#RAW Cole: “So how much did you spend on my gift?” | King: “Close your eyes, what do you see?” | Cole: “Nothing” | #COMMENHATIN

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx as #MondayNightCOMMMENHATIN continues

#RAW What!? Sandow loses ANOTHER match? Color me shocked – img.ly/rbbF

#RAW Cole: “Now we’re talkin, now we’re in the holiday spirit and I’m not talking about Brodus Clay.”

RT @AndyDandyMandy@5CornersxSmootx I am sure putting someone who just got off knee surgery in a TLC match is a great idea.

#RAW I am too. Mostly how they’re free ballin’ it on commentary. RT @DAsharpshooters: Im enjoying this show for some reason.

#RAW King: “Earlier today I got Darren Young a gift?” | Cole: “Oh yeah?” | King: “Yeah a comb, he’d said he’d never part with it”

#RAW Cole: “Santino may want his two front teeth for Christmas”

#RAW Cole: “I’m running out of material!”

#RAW DAMN RT @1MR_E: @5CornersxSmootx he ran out of material in 1999

#RAW After a plethora of specials, the good guys pick up the win in the 12 Days of Christmas 12 Man Tag Team match.

#RAW Backstage and DB is markin out over Christmas, Kane hates Christmas but yet gets him his own Slammy. DB gives Kane a dog.


#RAW AJ and Ziggler having that Pre-Taped Underaged Sex Celebration.

RT @TheRealWB – That’s the second tree we’ve lost tonight. WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE TREES?? #WWE #Raw


#RAW So apparently that was Lita’s dog in that backstage segment, no wonder Kane wanted to eat it.


RT @TheRealWB – Cena shouting at Cole for running out of material is awesome #WWE #Raw

#RAW CM Punk mocking Khali or the 1st 15 minutes tonight. RT @Goofyfan_Chuck: @5CornersxSmootx 2nd best? What was the best on Raw tonight?

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I’m not sure if that’s a screaming John Cena fan or Titus O’Neil’s whistle?

#RAW Miracle on 34th STREET FIGHT match. RT @K1NG_OTR: Soooooo…its a new DQ match? #WWE #RAW

#RAW Cena and ADR are randomly opening boxes around ringside here to find random items inside of them. WORST COAL MINER’S GLOVE MATCH EVER

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx Needs a random Scott Hall photo.

#RAW Cole: “Welcome back everybody, Happy Holidays but not for John Cena here” | #COMMENHATIN

#RAW Man, how unprofessional is Cena? Dude just no sold ADR Sabu’ing a Teddy Bear at him.

RT @TNACreative@HEELZiggler would’ve sold that teddy bear as if it was a .44 Magnum round. #RAW

#RAW Fans telling Cena to use a Christmas tree as a weapon, I’m sure WWE will be getting a letter from an Arboretum Activist group.

#RAW Santa comes down with a run in, Stocking Socko on ADR into the AA and Cena picks up the win.

RT @DASharpshooters – Santa is a jerk

RT @HitTheRopes – Santa should have pulled out some Zumbas just for continuity #WWE #RawMeetsImpact

RT @Evil_Mr_McMahon – The morale of this story boy & girls, if you do something bad by mistake, it doesn’t matter if you apologize. Cena will beat you up. #RAW

#RAW That may have been one of the best RAW’s WWE has put together, just off of the absurdity and the bad puns on commentary alone

RT @TheRealWB – Merry Christmas to all the staff, crew and of course the talent at @WWE. Appreciate the work you all put in throughout the year.

RT @TheRealWB – And Merry Christmas to you guys, especially the live tweeters. Been a fun year.

pic.twitter.com/D4hlk7Za RT @KojiClutch: How was Raw?

#RAW Shouts: @ZachG96 @HarleenQuinzel0 @miseryischowder @Andy_Salcedo @MrDreknowsbest @Simone10o @RachelnHarley

#RAW Shouts: @AdamExtreme @ashleyd1998 @TNACreative @DaveSwentnickas @KaptainKayfabe @TNACreative @thegreatgib @Demonjinchuriki

#RAW Shouts: @DragonMaster965 @Turf_smoker25 @Goofyfan_Chuck @sniffmoney72 @32_wweJohnCena @Tinaest1998 @UnemployedTable

#RAW Shouts: @cb_yellowjacket @KassidyGCena @ivan1996flores @WWEUniverse @AY_ItsJAY @FarFromForgot @twiztidskull @BJ_Raji

#RAW Shouts: @stevie_zace @WRF1_ @rotten2tha_core @Ohvoo @AndyDandyMandy @1MR_E @twiztidskull @SpinninToeHold

#RAW Shouts: @shelley_budd @TheeRizz @DylanMellor28 @fredthewolf @OfficialY2Jazz @ItsTechTroN @RockLesnerOrton @SierraNeroBrand

#RAW Shouts: @K1NG_OTR @TheRealWB @AngelDeLaJoya @MsLindsieStarr @OniRokaku @timegan2 @REDHOTSCOUSE @Hurley926

#RAW Shouts: @IMakeBtchzHorny @thefarooq3 @SanderRops @GKickShalthis @PuoNayda @stevenamoney @AngelicEcstasy7

#RAW Shouts: @wrestlingnoob @DAsharpshooters @SanderRops @13rogersC @FizzVsTheWorld @RahRahPunk @JWilliams029 @theeangelf

#RAW Shouts: @ashleyd1998 @GStavrakas @MISSYORTON101 @jdaley87 @Diamondelle84 @Ozclc @ASocialPhobic @Shez420

#RAW Shouts: @timegan2 @msLovelysmilez @StevedaGamehead @supermetsk31 @smexy_soya03 @NiccRu @allnewtpir @Hayes_Potter

#RAW Shouts: @UsamahIqbal @DeathProofDiva @TheRealWB @VivaMattyVegas @WWEThatsNotPG

#RAW As my gift to you, be sure to check out the Bonus Episode of #Commenhatin – youtu.be/IzF6TR9t7hk

#RAW And be sure to have a Merry Christmas everybody and enjoy the holiday tomorrow! Good night!

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