With the latest fortune Roode’s stumbled upon, maybe he can buy better writers? #ImpactNOTLive, NEXT!!

#ImpactNOTLive Lead in: “…but it was Aces & Eights that left the It Factor flat on his back” | JUST LIKE BROOKE HOGAN!

#ImpactNOTLive Roode: “Where I come from A DEAL IS A DEAL!” | Unless the check bounces.

#ImpactNOTLive This Roode/D-Von squabble about money seems very very meta.

#ImpactNOTLive *Hardy Music plays* | Hardy: “NO MUSIC NO MUSIC” | I want no Hardy yet you’re here anyway.

RT @Chux4w – Devon, I can tell you’re really trying with this whole talking thing, but “outbidded” isn’t a word. #Impact

#ImpactNOTLive Apparently Velvet Sky has been real antsy to rub her gooch on the middle rope since her time away from the company.

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx bidded is a new word

RT @SpinninToehold – My brother watching an episode of Family Feud with TNA wrestlers. He says “Those Knockouts look so fucking fake” #ImpactLive

#ImpactNOTLive Last Sunday, lost a fight to a bottle of glitter after recuperating from a farm.

#ImpactNOTLive Apparently Roode live can say Bullshit, but Mickie James can’t. Uhh alright.

#ImpactNOTLive Taz wants to throw Velvet Sky under a tree and stick a bow on her. Alright.

#ImpactNOTLive Tenay: “…said that she has her sights set on the Knockouts title” | Taz: “That’s good cause I have my sights set on her”

#ImpactNOTLive X-Factor from Velveeta that Keneley can’t name, and Sky picks up the win.

#ImpactNOTLive Backstage where Garrett and Wes Briscoe look like they got done shooting gay porn with Angle directing.

#ImpactNOTLive Yes, give them 5-hour Energy. RT @ZackZiggler: @5CornersxSmootx you know what it looks like when gay porn is done being shot?

#ImpactNOTLive Briscoe: “There is nothing that can hold down Wes Briscoe” | Except for incompetent writing.

#ImpactNOTLive Todd: “I didn’t make The List” | Taz: “shocking” | Tenay: “YOU DIDN’T MAKE THE LIST, I MADE THE LIST!” | IW, in a nutshell

RT @Ceqhfw – Hey @5CornersxSmootx @tnaturnbuckle @TableofJapan whenever I tweet to you guys I always enjoy a fosters as big as me! pic.twitter.com/P750msAH

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “Wait are you saying that there aren’t whales in the Jersey Shore? There’s tons of whales in the Jersey Shore”

#ImpactNOTLive Keneley: “You can’t take Robbie E lightly” | The YouTube videos speak otherwise.

#ImpactNOTLive Wes Briscoe nails Rob T w/ a crossbody off the top rope, Rob T cuts an awesome Cornette Face, Aces8s obliterate Angle’s knee

#ImpactNOTLive I hope we come back from commercial and Briscoe screaming “WHERE’S A DOCTOR!?”

#ImpactNOTLive Joe Park training footage. Pulls up to OVW in a Volkswagen…I can believe that.

RT @JosephPark_Esq – I am on tv!

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx are you Danny Davidson? No I’m just some asshole being filmed in my office

#ImpactNOTLive Tara just called herself and Brooke Hogan, “A-List Celebrities” #ThatJustHappened

#ImpactNOTLive Brooke: I’m sure there’s a lot of people waiting for you sign autographs in grocery stores | Ouch.

RT @MikeKillam – Brooke Hogan making fun of Tara’s autograph signings at grocery stores. Great job TNA, trash your own product. #Wrestlezone

#ImpactNOTLive Once again I’d like to point out the subtlety of Joe Park puking in a garbage can segued into Brooke Hogan.

RT @JediCat1965@5CornersxSmootx Can I get some of whatever Tara’s smoking?

#ImpactNOTLive Kenny King says his match with RVD was a dream match everybody wanted to see. Not sure who’s more high.

#ImpactNOTLive I’m not sure and I’m probably wrong but it looks like Hardy’s sporting a new custom belt design.

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: How tall do you think this DOC is? 6’6″ 6’7″? He’s definitely got an inch or two on me.

#ImpactNOTLive Sure, I hear it runs in the family RT @JOSEPHPARK_esq: Do you guys think I have what it takes in my wrestling training?

I would’ve said the electric manta from Mario Sunshine. RT @TableofJapan: Jeff Hardy is dressed as Aquaman tonight #ImpactNOTLive

#ImpactNOTLive Kinda zoning out of this match here for obvious reasons. RT @ceqhfw: @5CornersxSmootx no tweet for the train wreck comment?

RT @Chux4w@5CornersxSmootx @TableofJapan: I hate that manta. But suddenly have the urge to play Mario Sunshine again.

RT @RobbieEImpact РI pay @RobTerryimpact good money to be my bouncer in @IMPACTWRESTLING bro… he is dropping the ball..bro

#ImpactNOTLive Storm nails a masked Aces8s guy with a crossbody, Storm’s pissed it only got a 2 when Briscoe won with it earlier.

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “That might be first time we’ve seen the Aces & 8s come out here and protect their guys in a match and have it backfire”


RT @TableOfJapan – Aries paid more than Roode? Perhaps ROH salary when he was there were better than I anticipated #ImpactLive

RT @Chux4w – Roode: “Austin Aries just paid off Aces & Eights! Who does that?!” – I’m guessing Austin Aries does that. #Impact

#ImpactNOTLive Daniels: *I, WAS, THE, BET-TER, MAN!!! Face*

#ImpactNOTLive AJ: “I demanded this time…” | Fans: ” YOU STILL GOT IT *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP” | #TNAwful

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “You Still Got It! *Clap clap clapclapclap* You Still-” – iMPACT Zone AJ Styles: Shut up! Just SHUT UP! Okay? Your chants are dumb. SHUT UP

#ImpactNOTLive Not sure why AJ need to take his shirt off to tell us that he’s going to do things his way.

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx is AJ gonna lose his smile?

RT @TNACreative – Well AJ, somebody has to be our janitor. The building hadn’t really been cleaned since @RealBillyGunn left the position. #ImpactTonight

#ImpactNOTLive Dixie: “AJ, who are you!?” | LOLOLOLOL

RT @Chux4w – Daniels thinks AJ is leaving? Didn’t he just say “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere”? #Impact

#ImpactNOTLive If you didn’t watch the PPV Sunday, here’s the same King/RVD match with most likely the same end result. #TNAwful

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “If you turn you back and you get popped, that’s on you”

#ImpactNOTLive Horrible hook of the leg there from King.

#ImpactNOTLive Tenay: “Makes sense” | Taz: “Does it?”

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “These 2 men, you can definitely sense some machismo on the line” | THAT’S NOT JBL!

#ImpactNOTLive King counters momentum from RVD’s crossbody, King picks up the win with feet on ropes and then does a jig on the outside.



#ImpactNOTLive There’s a lot of unnecessary shit getting bleeped here.

#ImpactNOTLive Bully Ray: “Your daughter’s a grown woman, get over it!” | Hogan: “Weak” | Weak accurately describes that LOUD segment

RT @Ceqhfw – “@5CornersxSmootx: #ImpactNOTLive There’s a lot of unnecessary *BLEEP* getting bleeped here.”

RT @3ManBooth – Hulk, You Realize You’re Competing with Bully Ray for the Affections of YOUR Daughter, Right? #Complex

RT @Garrett_22884 – It looks like Hogan has pink eye #TNA #ImpactLive

RT @TNACreative – Smoking through the competition in the X-Division. This is why @ToddKeneley is in this announce booth! #ImpactTonight

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “This guy’s out here playing grab hands with his girlfriend, he better be ready!”

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “Mr. Pectacular might be Mr. Black and Blue Pectacular.” | #WOMPWOMP

#ImpactNOTLive Taz: “I think his sternum just fell somewhere down near his anal cavity” | THAT’S NOT PG #DrTaz

#ImpactNOTLive Bully Ray with the Diamond Cutter and sporting some blood, takes out Jesse. Great match.

RT @Chux4w – Ray appears to be teabagging Pectacular. For a long time. #Impact

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx and suffered anal bleeding…oops wrong show

#ImpactNOTLive So if Aries wanted his championship back, why not let Roode waste money for Aces8s and take out Hardy? Stupid motive #TNAwful

RT @Chux4w – A moat around the ring? A dragon-slayer match? BUYS~! #Impact

RT @TNACreative – Whoa, @AustinAries please stop spying on our meetings! You pretty much just spoiled Genesis! #MoatsAndDragons #ImpactTonight

#ImpactNOTLive Hey, I’ll be fully alert if Hardy/Aries 3 takes place on the Hidden Temple’s Moat. Dragon Slayer match kinda sounds awesome.

RT @Chux4w – @5CornersxSmootx: It’ll be a two on one match, with Aries and Hardy both trying to pin Ultimo Dragon. I’d buy it.

#ImpactNOTLive Shouts: @OliverBen @twiztidskull @chux4w @Andy_Salcedo @FarFromForgot @SierraTheWanted @ceqhfw

#ImpactNOTLive Shouts: @Cynfulways @JediCat1965 @ZackZiggler @MrDreknowsbest @Figure4HedgeHog @Jack5326 @RealJimmyHart

#ImpactNOTLive Been feeling ill all day today, 12 hours of sleep and still tired if that’s any indicator. Will try to do better tomorrow!

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