#FinalResolution Alrighty, I got popcorn, hot chocolate and a comfy recliner. I’m ready for mediocre wrestling to entertain me #ImOnVacation

Eh, maybe lol. RT @K1NG_IC3: …There is a PPV tonight? #TNA PPV?…well let’s ask @5CornersxSmootx…worth the watch?

RT @TableOfJapan – Jeff is meant to be someone who recovered from his addictions, so TNA gives him a gimmick which makes him seem stoned 24/7 #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution commentary with @5CornersxSmootx and @MikeKillam

#FinalResolution James Storm who isn’t booked admits he isn’t booked & is wasting time. C’MON WE COULD BE MAKING AN IMPACT FOR SANDY RELIEF

#FinalResolution Kaz is out here telling us stuff we already know, wasting more time. Could be having a match now that isn’t a throwaway.

#FinalResolution #CheapDimeStoreTobyKeithRoutine

RT @TableOfJapan – TNA logic: cheer for the addicts #FinalResolution

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Storm “He should stick his thumb up his butt” Crowd “UP HIS BUTT! UP HIS BUTT!” thats gotta be #FinalResolutioninanutshell

RT @K1NG_IC3@5CornersxSmootx …am I watching the TV show repeat or the PPV? I don’t like change! 🙁

#FinalResolution Crowd: “Where’s your boy-friend” *clap clap clap clap “Where’s your boy-friend” #TNAwful

#FinalResolution So after dicking off for 10 minutes, Storm/Kaz becomes a surprise match for some reason.

#FinalResolution Taz is either shitting on or is confused by Keneley’s 12-6 o clock reference.

#FinalResolution Taz: “Said it before, you control a man’s head, you control the man’s body” | #ThatsNotPG

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx TNA Where Addictions Matter

RT @JHorton92@5CornersxSmootx lol that’s not WWE

RT @OniRokaku@5CornersxSmootx O_o What the Fuck…

#FinalResolution Oh look, Storm wins a pointless match.

#FinalResolution Taz: “Where’s Willie Nelson when you need him?” | Off doing something productive like getting high.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Production Error number 1 #FinalResolution

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx Which is why he thought he’d be backstage.

RT @TableOfJapan – Kenny King has K2 on his entrance graphic. KELLY KELLY IS IN THE IMPACT ZONE! #FinalResolution

RT @DASharpshooters – K Double! #FinalResolution #tna

#FinalResolution Kenny King vs RVD for the TV title. Should be an interesting match up if RVD doesn’t get winded early on.

RT @K1NG_IC3@5CornersxSmootx He would probably keep from getting winded so fast if his damn hair didn’t make him look exhausted 5mins into a match.

#FinalResolution King here is hanging with RVD here speed and style wise, a 5 person “This is Awesome!” chant

#FinalResolution King dropkicks RVD off the top turnbuckle, RVD spills to the outside & B. Hebner looked like he put somethin in RVD’s hand.

#FinalResolution Taz and Tenay name drop the Sheik instead of pussyfooting around his name. Taz is “on fire” from mentioning him.

#FinalResolution King avoids the 5 star, tries to nail RVD with the Royal Flush and instead uses a weird body scissors pin maneuver to win

#FinalResolution Heading into the Replay, RVD grabbed King by the head as King was leaving the ring to say something I presume. Looked odd.

RT @DASharpshooters – RVD Defeats Kenny King to retain. Wow that finish was terrible. #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Backstage with Borash interviewing Daniels and the camera guy can’t get the zoom right on the shot. #TNAwful

RT @NotEDKaul@5CornersxSmootx Daniels with Tini in hand, wonder how insulted he was by Kaz’s alcoholic promo #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Joey Ryan’s coming out and Tenay shits on Keneley’s wardrobe. #Commenhatin

#FinalResolution Keneley: “I’m sure Ryan’s had a lot of tag teaming experience in both of his careers” | THAT’S NOT PG!

#FinalResolution Announcers are arguing if Matt Morgan can bench 650 or not.

#FinalResolution Keneley: “Don’t say Joey Ryan and warm in the same sentence” | #ShutUpKeneley

#FinalResolution Tenay: “Morgan former NCAA basketball player” | Taz: “I almost did that” | Tenay: “I believe more in the 655 than that”

#FinalResolution Taz to Keneley: “You’re all over the cliches, I’m beggin you to back off”

RT @Chux4w – Taz: “He jumped all over him like a buzzard in the trees.” #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Taz: “I’m kinda starting to like Joey Ryan, at first I wanted to put a screwdriver in his eye…Philips head”

Impressive at working the apron it seems. RT @MikeKillam: How impressive are Matt Morgan and Hernandez? #FinalResolution #Wrestlezone

#FinalResolution Chavo and Hernandez were about to win, Morgan pulls ref out and gets DQ’d. THIS ASSBEATING IS FOR YOU EDDIE!

#FinalResolution Aries to Borash: “Alright be quiet” | FINAL RESOLUTION, IN A NUTSHELL

#FinalResolution Aries: “Whatcha gonna do when Austinmania runs wild on you, BROTHER” | ARIES 3:16 SAYS I JUST STOLE YOUR GIMMICK

#FinalResolution Aries vs Bully Ray and Taz nearly tramples Christy before Austin comes out.

#FinalResolution Aries/Ray matches in the past were great, however they had the proper gimmick with Bully as the heel and Aries as the face.

RT @DASharpshooters – Austin Aries vs Bully Ray is now. All of this because of Brook “Foot Face” Hogan. #FinalResolution


#FinalResolution *Aries mocking Hogan hand to ear* | Keneley: “This guy is something else”

#FinalResolution Taz: “Speaking of skin, I think Aries just lost an areola.” | Tenay: “So that’s what was rolling around on the mat” NOT PG

#FinalResolution *Aries dropkicked/HBK Oversell* | Fans: “HO-LY SHIT!” | Tenay: “I agree, that was a Holy Bleep moment” | #TNAwful

#FinalResolution Bully Ray with a body drop into a Diamond Cutter, 2/Foot on the rope from Aries


#FinalResolution Brooke Hogan comes down to check on Bully. Aries pulls her into the ring and into the corner to presumably rape her.

#FinalResolution Hulk Hogan slowly staggering down takes Brooke away by the arm as if she’s 4. Aries unseen Low Blow, and wins.

img.ly/qGp7 = the finish to Bully Ray/Aries #FinalResolution #ToeFace @DAsharpshooters

#FinalResolution Velvet Sky says this is the year of her and she’s not going to be bullied around anymore. That’s SOOOOO 2010.

#FinalResolution I think Mr. PecTacular is reading parody accounts that are tweeting him and Tara’s match.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx So the tease for the knockouts match is all about some1 not involved in the match tonight or company for 6 months #TNAwful

RT @Hayes_Potter@5CornersxSmootx I’m impressed with the straightness of the cut!

RT @Chux4w – Velvet Sky appears to be saying that Tara and Mickie haven’t earned their spots. Ahem. #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Really not digging the “HI, I JUST CAME OFF THE FARM” Mickie James

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Mickie James is dressed like a Lesbian Mario Brother tonight. #30Rock

#FinalResolution Taz still doesn’t know which Big Brother Jesse was from, likewise Taz still doesn’t know anything about numbers.


#FinalResolution TENAY IS QUIZZING KENELEY AND TAZ ON OBSCURE FOOTBALL FACTS. TNA where pointless trivia matters

#FinalResolution Taz: “Look at Jesse, pullin his Tomat-er out of the ring” | That’s not PG.

#FinalResolution Mickie James goes for a DDT countered into a “Spiderwalk Sideslam”, 2 count.

RT @TableOfJapan – Crowd asking Jesse where his boyfriend is now. Boy, the Impact Zone is homophobic tonight #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Taz: “Uh oh, these two are making nicey nicey and smoochy moochy”

#FinalResolution Keneley: “Mickie James off the top rope, when’s the last time we’ve seen that!?”

#FinalResolution Tara nails the Widow’s Peak after Mickie took out Pectacular. Tara retains the KOs title.

#FinalResolution Borash backstage, struggling to find words to describe the show tonight. He’s not the only one. #TNAwful

#FinalResolution #FactIsAFact #MoneyTalksBullshitWalks

#FinalResolution Aces8s vs Angle and the World’s Lamest Tag Team plus Samoa Joe.

RT @KidMagnum@5CornersxSmootx Is it me yall or is #FINALRESOLUTION very oddly reminiscent of a 2006 TNA PPV. Roode’s old school style heel promo?

RT @K1NG_OTR – Taz….who buys a #TNA PPV and doesn’t watch the show, therefore would be clueless to Aces&8s? @5CornersxSmootx

#FinalResolution Boredom then? RT @JeremyBorash: @5CornersxSmootx Didn’t notice a struggle.

#FinalResolution Taz: “This guys arms are like legs”

#FinalResolution Taz: “Why are these guys wearin masks?…What are they hiding from? Who are they hiding fromg?” | Logic.

#FinalResolution Body language and mannerisms seem to differ RT @JeremyBorash: @5CornersxSmootx Nope. Not bored either. Enjoying the show.

#FinalResolution Doc with hammer, Garrett intercepts. Angle nails an Angleslam and Angle’s team wins. Legit thought Garrett was gonna turn.

#FinalResolution @JeremyBorash’s camera guy needs to settle down on zoom button. We can see JB just fine.

#FinalResolution Borash looked like he was about to ask AJ a follow up Q or wrap up and production just rolls the video package.

RT @KidMagnum@5CornersxSmootx For all my “Art of Wrestling” peeps out there…”PUNCH HIM IN THE BALLS!!!” #FINALRESOLUTION #UTIMANIA

#FinalResolution Tenay says that AJ/Daniels have had 115 matches together. Here comes No. 116!

#FinalResolution Was somebody from the crowd calling AJ or Daniels a faggot? I blame James Storm for lighting the homophobia fuse.

#FinalResolution Tenay: “What did you Daniels?” | Taz: “Shady, Slimy, full of Shenanigans, Shifty….Slimy. Anything with an S.”

#FinalResolution Sick Vertical Suplex from AJ to Daniels on the ring apron.

#FinalResolution Keneley: “I see your suplex and raise you a Yurinagi” | #ShutupKeneley

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx sexy? slutty? skanky?

RT @Karnuj@5CornersxSmootx never know it could have been scorpio sky in the audience #Allegedly

#FinalResolution *Vertical Suplex on AJ to the Steel Steps* | *DANIELS FACE*

It’s No DQ? If so news to me. RT @TableofJapan: It’s no-DQ, why does putting feet on the ropes stop the ref’s count? #FinalResolution

RT @TableofJapan@5CornersxSmootx Hemme said the match can only be won via pinfall or submission in the intros

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx @tableofjapan We had to change it so @FrankieKazarian can pull the referee out. Why we added that rule is another story.

#FinalResolution AJ and Daniels nailed a double crossbody, something hit AJ’s eye and he’s immediately busted open hard way with swelling

#FinalResolution Lex Luger Torture Rack into a stack up pin. 2 count. AJ checking on his eye with ref after the cover.

#FinalResolution If TNA had a half decent production staff, they’d double feature that shot that caused AJ to be busted open.

RT @Chux4w – Keneley: “These two men continue to ravage each other…” – #ThatsNotPG! #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Yeah it looks like AJ is cut right on his left (our right) eyebrow. This has been a great 116th match between these two.

#FinalResolution Really awful “This is awesome” chant from the crowd.

#FinalResolution AJ with a top rope Styles Clash, Daniels counters by holding onto the ropes. Daniels Styles Clashes AJ and wins. Wow.

#FinalResolution LOL! Daniels mouthing off to a little girl in the crowd

#FinalResolution Gotta love how the lazy production work as nobody’s bothered to move the camera up by the announcers.

#FinalResolution When’s Gail Kim gonna have a match? RT @TomQWood: So when is Robert Irvine going to make a run-in during a Gail Kim match?

RT @Chux4w – Hardy: “2012 will go down as one of the most memorable years in my career.” – Yeah. You were off your face for the others. #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution LOL Taz goes to the Tale of the Tape but production doesn’t bother to get with the graphic to guide him. #TNAwful

RT @TableofJapan – Taz says Roode is definitely the bigger. Tale of the Tape shows Roode as 6’1 and Hardy as 6’2 #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Main Event time now. Hardy is coming out with some kind of Centaurian Transformers/Kane mask


RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx it looks like the mask Vader used while in Japan

#FinalResolution So if Roode has Aces8s under his thumb, what’s stopping them from running in this match and costing Hardy the title?

#FinalResolution I hope he wins, but he won’t. RT @KeepItFiveStar: “Bobby Roode gonna win”

RT @DASharpshooters – Bobbee ROOOOOOOOOOOOOD.DA #FinalResolution #tna

RT @PenguinPop88 – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Jeff Hardy is the Lady Gaga of professional wrestling. #NotACompliment #TNA #FinalResolution

#FinalResolution Taz: “Y’know the old saying, take a lickin and keep on tickin, that’s what Hardy’s all about”

#FinalResolution ♪I am very hard to see♪ RT @KeepItFiveStar: *To Jeff Hardy’s theme* “I am a Christmas Tree.”

#FinalResolution Keneley: “He said he’s part of the Selfish Society?” | Taz: “Generation” | Keneley: “Sorry wasn’t around that time”

#FinalResolution Gotta admit, haven’t been too invested in this match. For one it’s Jeff Hardy and two, he’s Cena’ing things right now.

#FinalResolution Tenay cues up a Double Feature replay with Taz to describe it and production is late as usual. #TNAwful

#FinalResolution Hardy misses his flying leg drop and crowd does a brief Holy Shit chant.

#FinalResolution Taz: “How do we not have a new world champion yet!?” | Understatement since Hardy got the belt.

#FinalResolution Bobby Roode spear, 2 count.

#FinalResolution Oh look, Aces8s arrived. WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON!?!?


#FinalResolution Roode’s Aces8s don’t budge, Hardy with the pin from distraction retains the belt. Guess Roode’s powerball check bounced

#FinalResolution Taz: “Aces and 8s do whoever they want” | That’s Not PG

RT @TableofJapan – Aces and Eights do whoever they want? Wow… #FinalResolution

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Tazz “They do whoever they want” #ThatsNotPG

RT @Chux4w – Fat Ace was blown up at the end there, despite having done nothing. #FinalResolution

RT @NotEdKaul@xSmootx they are the Kobe Bryants of TNA #UNSTOPPABLE


#FinalResolution Yeah got locked out at the tail end there, sorry. AJ/Daniels was great, everything else was blahhhh.

#FinalResolution Shouts: @NotEdKaul @JeremyTheMVP @We_Mark_Out @KeepItFiveStar @PoisonHeart1 @Figure4HedgeHog

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