#Smackdown So the show starts off with Booker moonlighting his career before a contract sighting. Kinda prefer Teddy messing up title counts

#Smackdown “And an incensed Sheamus would wear down Big Show with a steel chair” | JBL: “31 times…” | 18! EIGHTEEN!!!

#Smackdown So Booker adds a no compete clause to Sheamus/Big Show til TLC. Cool, what’s stopping Big Show/Sheamus right now? #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Big Show’s reaction when Booker says he’ll strip him of the title, is hilarious. It’s like he JUST heard Twinkies are no more.

#Smackdown Big Show’s reading the contract and seems enticed that he’ll be paid in the remaining Twinkies left if he signs the contract.

#Smackdown Show: “You hit me with that steel chair at Survivor Series what, 25? 30 times?” | 18. CHRIST ON A BIKE, 18!!!

#Smackdown Show: “You’re too stupid to realize what you’re doing to yourself” | Sheamus: *”Bitch, I got a Computer Science degree” FACE*


#Smackdown So Sheamus and Big Show want to end each others careers. Why not a Career stipulation then? #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Big Show okie-dokes Sheamus with the contract table then taunting him with the signature was awesome. Sheamus’ mad he fell for it

#Smackdown Big Show vs DBryan, Sheamus tells DB to kick Big Show’s ass as if DB and Sheamus are all buddy buddy now and not rivals.

#Smackdown *Big Show goes for the corner Flair chop* | JBL: “Listen to this” | *DB counters* | LOLOL

#Smackdown *Big Show chops DB’s chest* | JBL: “That, could break a normal person’s sternum” | Fortunately DB’s not normal, he’s a vegan

#Smackdown JBL: “Let’s talk injustice, you don’t see J-Woww giving somebody a lie detector test, what right does Miz have to give Punk one?”

#Smackdown JBL: “WWE Universe getting behind the World’s Toughest Vegan. Serena Williams was a vegan. So is Ricky Williams”

#Smackdown Josh: “The Big Show is not a vegan” | STELLAR OBSERVATION. #DollarWithADime

#Smackdown Josh: “Bryan trains 8-10 hours a day in MMA.” | JBL: “Nobody trains 8-10 hours a day” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown So The Shield distracts DBryan, Big Show Chokeslams him off the top rope and Josh just underplays it like it’s nothing. #WWEAwful

#Smackdown LOL AT JBL TELLING BIG SHOW TO GET OUT OF THE RING. Yeah let’s downplay a 7ft 500lb giant too. #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Kane comes down to save DB, Shield puts Kane through a table, and after the break no replay of it. #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Damien Sandow now out and just called his segment a fruitless endeavor, basically just said he’s wasting everyone’s time

#Smackdown Sandow: “This gets worse every week” | SD in a nutshell

#Smackdown Sandow picks a hipster because there’s apparently a lot of those in Charleston, as techs are reassembling the announce table.

#Smackdown Sandow: “5+5 equals what?” | WWE: OVER 30 CHAIR SHOTS!

#Smackdown Miz comes out and makes lame corny jokes about Sandow, then leaves to pose with fans. It’s like he’s an anorexic Cena now.

#Smackdown @Lyricoldrap from Angry Grandpa in attendance. Nice seats you fat fuck. img.ly/qDkP

#Smackdown JBL: “Here’s what happens if Shrek and Aretha Franklin had a kid” | *Brodus Clay Gangnam Style dancing*

#Smackdown JBL: “I really like the Funkadactyls…..Brodus Clay not so much.”

#Smackdown JBL: “You should like [3MB] Josh, they imitate a band, you imitate a Play-By-Play announcer.” #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Josh: “It’s gotten a little easier to tell the Uso’s apart.” | Me: Yeah one’s fatter than the other.

#Smackdown JBL: “Usos are a GREAT tag team, come from a long line of nephews” | INB4 JBL LISTS OFF SAMOAN VEGANS

#Smackdown *Drew Mac DDT, covers* | Ref: *1* | Drew: *Holds up 1 finger* | Ref: *2* | Drew *Still 1 finger* | Ref: *3* | Drew: *3 fingers*

#Smackdown Pretty sure Jinder Mahal just had a seizure trying to play air guitar. Rather would’ve have seen the Brodus/Uso Soul Train line.

#Smackdown Backstage with Wade Barrett who reminds us it’s been 1 year since that horrible brawling in an elevator segment. Ugh.

#Smackdown So Kofi’s on commentary for some reason. Recap of Shield’s attack on Orton which JBL calls great TV. Hence why I’m a JBL guy.

#Smackdown Oh hi, underplayed Kofi/Barrett match with no stip to it for the IC title at TLC. Didn’t notice you. #WWEAwful

#Smackdown JBL: “Kofi, you’ve not been able to beat Barrett, why do you think you can at TLC?” | Cause we need a black champion of something

RT @Jmt5887@5CornersxSmootx kofi and wade have a title match at TLC.

RT @OGCeeg_KTA@5CornersxSmootx I noticed that too, lmao!

RT @ZackZigger@5CornersxSmootx same as, last time show faced DBryan he crushed him. For payback of the 45seconds. But now its a big deal.

#Smackdown Kofi’s gettin all philosophical on being “The Wildcat”. Even he can’t describe being a living overrated college football offense.

#Smackdown JBL: “If you built a sports entertainer, it’d look like Randy Orton” | #WeWantWrestling #WeWantBetterSportsEntertainment

#Smackdown JBL: “England’s had a heck of a week. England beats the All Blacks, first time in 10 years…” | Kofi ALL BLACK WILDCAT Kingston

#Smackdown Josh: “Barrett from the mid rope as Orton slithers out of the way” | JBL: “Josh likes to use snake references cause he’s a viper”

#Smackdown Kofi distracts Barrett from turnbuckle chicanery, Barrett then eats an RKO. SMART! SMART!

#Smackdown JBL: “Don’t know if you saw me and Michale Cole’s show. You would’ve been on it but we were afraid you’d show up” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Josh: “What’s your take on Hornswoggle and Great Khali?” | JBL: “I think Charles Darwin and the Beagle would have a field day”

#Smackdown Josh: “I could’ve leapfrogged hornfrog, Hornswoggle. Whatever he is. He belongs on NatGeo…You wouldn’t” | AD-LIBBED COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Josh: “Hornswoggle has picked up the victory for his team” | JBL: “I think there’s day of mourning in Puerto Rico”

#Smackdown To hype up the PPV, Christian’s Dad, a train conductor, & Roman Rapids cut one of the worst Myspace Tout promos I’ve ever seen

#Smackdown How do you do, sudden unannounced US Championship match with no stip to it. Make yourself at home. #WWEAwful

LOL | #Smackdown Antonio Subzero: “You used to pursue the American Dream, now you just look like the American Dream” img.ly/qDtA

#Smackdown R-Truth: “Y’know what you need…” | Crowd: “WHAT!?” | Truth: “DON’T WHAT ME!” | *Remembers he’s a Face” | Truth: “OKAY WHAT ME”

RT @The305MVP – LOL! RT @KeepItFiveStar: If R-Truth’s the guy representing America, I’m goin’ to Canada.

#Smackdown I literally have no idea what R-Truth said. Pretty sure keeping trouble in your Little Jimmy is the leading cause to impotence.

#Smackdown Josh: “Del Rio arriving in a 6-series drop-top BMW worth over $100K” JBL: “You’d have to call 911 twice if you blew a tire on it”

#Smackdown Josh: “Sheamus would wear down the Big Show with a chair over 31 times…” | FUCKING. EIGHT-GODDAMN-TEEN!!!!

#Smackdown Josh: “Big Show was begging & pleading, when have you ever seen him do that before?” | JBL: “Never when it didn’t involve food”


RT @Gag3e@5CornersxSmootx I love JBL so much. His commentary is spot on.

#Smackdown Del Rio signaling for the armbreaker by tapping his forearm (which I love), screams out DESTINY which sounded more like DASTARDLY

#Smackdown Wow, didn’t expect Del Rio to tap from the Texas Ireland Cloverleaf. Yay for something different, Boooo cause it’s Sheamus.

#Smackdown Signs: “Do you even lift bro?” | “Generic RKO Sign”

#Smackdown Sheamus sends RicRod into Big Show’s crotch head first (just like Brooke Hogan) as a loophole to the no compete clause.

#Smackdown Despite having to see Big Show’s O-Face, an okay Smackdown to say the least.

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