Tune in before any more of the talent subtly give away that this show’s taped while they fly off to the Middle East. #Smackdown, NEXT!

RT @WWEAJLee – Voice over guy is sort of a perv…

#Smackdown When I go over these shows, I really need to see how many of them start out with MIZ TV being the opening segment

#Smackdown Josh says that Cena twisting his knee was all apart of Ziggler’s plan. @JCLayfield really is a dollar WITH a dime.

RT @NotEdKaul@TNACreative John Cenas knee status: Rey Mysterio

#Smackdown Miz: “Do you think they’re in LOOOOOOOVE!?” | Cena: “I think you’re an idiot” | *I’M HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD* | SD in a nutshell?

RT @BrdWrstlngFn – When did @mikethemiz go from awesome heel to 5th grader? #SmackDown

#Smackdown *Ziggler/Cena backstage clip* | Ziggler: “That is giving WWE something to talk about” | Yeah like why are stalls cheaply made?

#Smackdown Cena: “LIAR! LIAR, Ziggler kissed you and we still can’t prove medically that you’re a woman” | EDDIE’S ORIENTATION, BURIED!

#Smackdown Cena: “One enjoys eating nuts while the other is still trying to find his” | #Doofymania #WOMPWOMP


#Smackdown Ryback to squash the Prime Time Playas for their commentary work Monday (we couldn’t get a recap of that?), after the break


#Smackdown Titus: *RAPE WHISTLE* | Ryback: “I. HIT. HARD.” | Titus: “Somebody give this boy medication” | Yeah some HGH meds

RT @BrdWrstlngFn#millionsofdollars with a dime on #SmackDown commentary. @WWEUniverse

#Smackdown *Replay of Titus getting nailed by Ryback* | JBL: “One of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen”

RT @WWFRAWISWAR – Ryback defeats Darren ” Cena ” Young #Smackdown

RT @WWEAJLEE – Trying to figure out which is more violently irritating: Titus’ whistle blowing or Miz’s talk show host voice.

#Smackdown R-Truth vs Antonio Manifesto in a Survivor Series rematch for some reason. Probably to give JBL to blurt out ALL BLACKS again.

#Smackdown Oh god, JBL just said that Antonio hasn’t been beating by an American. Opens the door to Derrick Bateman’s Mr. America schtick.

#Smackdown Whoa, I get back from takin’ a piss and get re-comfortable again and R-Truth BEATS Antonio Kangaroo

#Smackdown Book: Sheamus, I can’t let you in the locker room. You hit the Big Show 30 times with a chair | So THAT’S where King got his info

#Smackdown Once again…Booker T, doesn’t know Math.

RT @NotEdkaul@5CornersxSmootx did booker T just say “have a couple pants on me”?

RT @RegalSays – You can tell Sheamus has had a spat with Triple H. Even X-Pac isn’t delegated to carrying Sheamus’ bag for him.

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx @ScottSteiner was the Mafia member that knew math.

#Smackdown Alright so things I have to go back and check, times show has started with Miz TV so far and Sheamus’ chair shots.

RT @JCLayfield – Didn’t get in my #hardbodyref reference, I will have to get it in next-will take some creativity. @WWEArmstrong #coolRow

#Smackdown Chimel: “Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer…” | JBL: “I LOVE THIS GUY!…Wish he’d introduce me”

#Smackdown JBL: “…you got a flat tire, you called 9-1-1” | Josh: *Giggles* | JBL: “How’d you get a flat tire, did you run over a rat?”

#Smackdown Josh: “Contrasting styles here…” | JBL: “Contrasting!? Are you kidding me? They’re both lucha libre!”

RT @JCLayfield – Now following my favorite ring announcer @rrwwe , he’s exactly opposite of @TonyChimelWWE he is good. #wantHimToAnnounceMe

#Smackdown JBL: “Don’t get the inclination that we do things together Josh” | #Commenhatin

#Smackdown JBL: “I would LOVE to eliminate you. Just eliminate you from commentary” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “That was a STUPID question” | #Commenhatin

#Smackdown JBL: “Excuse me, these guys are having a heck of a match. Would you mind calling the match!?”

#Smackdown Del Rio gets the Armbreaker in and makes Sin Cara tap. Good match!

#Smackdown Top rope Armdrag into the Armbreaker btw, pretty sweet combination.

#Smackdown DBryan: “Is this because I didn’t invite you to my house for Thanksgiving?” | Kane: “Maybe” | SMACKDOWN, IN A NUTSHELL!

#Smackdown DBryan: “You wouldn’t have liked it, vegan Turkey” | Kane: “Vegan Turkey? What’s the point”

#Smackdown DBryan: “If we beat the Big Show, how bout I invite you over for Christmas” | Kane: “Deal. Can I beat up Santa Claus”

#Smackdown #NoChantsInHell vs Big Show in a “Kane at DBryan’s house for Christmas match” if NoChants win, next

RT @WWEAJLee – Serves Sheamus right for showing up so late.

RT @WWEAJLee – It just doesn’t feel like a Bryan/Show match if I’m not out there getting run over.

RT @WWEAJLEE@TrueKofi My brother’s little league team was called the WildCats. You’re as threatening to me as 6-10 year old little kids.

#Smackdown JBL: “Maybe Santa Claus didn’t bring him a gift, I dunno”

#Smackdown JBL: “You weren’t around in the 80’s, you look like a 50 year old Justin Beaver, so you might’ve been.” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “I guess Regal is just a chair next to Sheamus, you completely ignored him” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “So you think he’s a goat face?” | Josh: “Well I don…” | JBL: “You didn’t bother to put a caveat…” |

#Smackdown JBL: “If Sheamus couldn’t beat Big Show, I’m not sure anyone can” | Cena did, numerous times


#Smackdown Josh: “They’re dysfunctional John, maybe one day you’ll realize that assumption”

#Smackdown JBL: “…or if he’s taken 31 chair shots from Sheamus” | For fuck’s sake.

#Smackdown Josh: “He did take 31 chair shots from Sheamus on Sunday.” | THAT’S IT I’M LOOKIN THIS SHIT UP RIGHT NOW.

#Smackdown Sheamus: “You can hit me with that thing 50 times fella, and I’ll still knock you out!” | Me: *Sigh*

RT @WWFRAWISWAR@5CornersxSmootx Cena is superhuman that doesn’t count

RT @WWFRAWISWAR@5cornersxsmootx http://t.co/6AsX2IpX

#Smackdown Barrett: “Aww C’mon Mathews, this is a man’s world and I’m a man’s man!” | THAT’S NOT WILLIAM REGAL!

RT @RegalSays@JCLayfield and @wwejoshmathews Dollar with a dime! http://t.co/WtC6FRRV

#Smackdown Josh: “Wade are you impressed with what you’re seeing right now? Give us your answer on the other side of this break” #WWEAwful

#Smackdown JBL: “That’s what he just said!…I’m a dollar with a dime out here, y’see what I’m saying” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Barrett: “Listen you come to the WWE and there’s bright lights, cameras, action figures, video games…”

#Smackdown I’m hating how the commentary is STILL focused on Big Show/Sheamus/31 chair shots and overlooking Sandow/Kofi. #BlameJosh

#Smackdown Didn’t see too much of the match because I’m researching chair shots, Kofi retains, decent match I guess.

RT @TNACreative – From face BITW to heel BITW to heel that needs a manager & 4 guys & claims to be BITW. Well done on fucking up a great thing. #SmackDown

#Smackdown Great, Touts of a RAW recap from a prepubescent Arn Anderson, John Fugelsang in a market, Matt Hardy, & that Black Ryback mark


#Smackdown 18, 18 chair shots Sheamus delivered to Big Show then Brogue Kick. Whoever’s saying 30, 31 is drunk or factoring in replays.

RT @WWFRAWISWAR@5CornersxSmootx if Andre can weigh 700 pounds according to hogan claiming 31 chair shots isn’t much of a stretch

RT @Penguinpop88@5cornersxsmootx “18, 18 chair shots! Ah-ha-ha!” #SmootAsTheCount


#Smackdown JBL: “Wah wah wah, somebody call the wah-mbulance because he hit him from behind…” | #Commenhatin

#Smackdown Heading into the break, Orton throws his arms up in the air for some reason.

RT @TNACreative@HEELZiggler showing the aggression that would’ve made him a Brazzers legend. #SmackDown


#Smackdown JBL: “Somebody save my hat” | *Ziggler swats it away* | JBL: “That wasn’t very nice”

#Smackdown Josh: “Ziggler might’ve tweaked the knee there” | JBL: “He should after what he did to my hat”

#Smackdown JBL: “Takin on John Cena” | Josh: “He didn’t take him on, he ambushed him….” | JBL: “DID YOU WATCH RAW!?” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “If you built a sports entertainer, a pro wrestler he’d look like Orton” | JBL putting over that Orton is a default CAW!

#Smackdown Orton distracted, Ziggler gets the rollup #RiseAboveRollups, Ricardo gets an RKO, STF on Ziggler on the stage from Cena.

#Smackdown What a crazy finish, good show tonight!

CENA IS SANDUSKY, CONFIRMED RT @WWEAJLee: Yay for Cena beating up Dolph. love when Cena ends up on top. *waits for the Internet to explode*

RT @WWEAJLEE – I just want to point out that I was called “pathetic” by the same dude in the ring who currently looks like a Pool Party Ken Doll.

RT @RegalSays – http://t.co/j0IPYxE8

Favorite @ColtCabana match was his debut on #Smackdown, just from the spoofing the video inset – youtu.be/8riRONS2TCg

#Smackdown Shouts: @FarFromForgot @MariaD_Loves1D @SierraNicole143 @RachelnHarley @MariaD_Loves1D @reeceecup @I_Am_JWeb

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RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx , @Maffewgregg is gonna cut into SD interest from the IWC by posting a revised botchamania 218 #cleverbirthdayboy

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RT @BMDavis09 – Give @5CornersxSmootx a follow, he’s funny fella! #NoIrishPun

RT @TableOfJapan – Watching #Smackdown now. Sheamus vs Big Show in a chairs match is for TLC. I never get that, can you ONLY use chairs? Anything else is a DQ?

RT @TableOfJapan – Booker tells Sheamus to go up to his box, and take some friends with him to watch #Smackdown. Gotta get them attendance figures up somehow!

RT @TableOfJapan – JBL calls Sin Cara “Sin Caro”. Is botching contagious now? #Smackdown

RT @TableOfJapan – Josh Mathews says Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara have “contrasting styles”. JBL points out nothing could be further from the truth #Smackdown

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