Tune into the Longest Running Weekly Episodic Show on Television……that was taped 7 hours ago, #RAW, NEXT

#RAW Previously on RAW, WWE decided to steal the intro recap from TNA.

#RAW Miz quits the Survivor Series team, fine there’s plenty of other mid carder heels to choose from. #BlameMiz

#RAW These intros, from both shows, are getting pretty fucking ridiculous. This is pro wrestling, not TMZ.


#RAW House rule, any spoiler gets you blocked. There’s some of us that actually like to watch the program, instead of reading it

RT @ThingsColeSays – Sign: “Chicken Cesaro Salad” #Raw

RT @AndyDandyMandy#RAW Did I really see Rey and Sin Cara doing the PTP dance?

RT @ShintenSuken – Seriously #RAW? You need stupid announcer voices to review plot points at the top of your show? Isn’t that what your commentators are for?

And Benoit winning the world title? RT @hehateme2012: @5CornersxSmootx my favorite part was when Stephanie came back #raw #beingawiseass

RT @YourBoyDrew – Could’ve been making dinner now, and enjoying RAW at 9. But noooooooooo, Raw has start at 8 now. #stillbitter

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx spoiler alert! This show is going to be horrible…..

#RAW The Not-So-Freshmaker? RT @ThingsColeSays: It sounded like MC said, “Here comes Rey, the Mento.”

RT @KeepItFiveStar – WHAT Rivalry? R-Truth and Antonio Cesaro have had ONE interaction with each other.

#RAW Mexicans with a Black guy win the 6-man tag, for all intensive purposes, is based off who can do the Millions Of Dollars dance better.

#RAW No I meant what I said, like Brass Tax and Death Nail RT @ShintenSuken: @5CornersxSmootx You mean “Intents and Purposes”?

#RAW Seeing how King’s thankfully alright, I don’t have too much a problem with the heart attack footage being used to promote his return.

#RAW Vickie: “It didn’t end there, NO SIRREEEEEEE!” | This week’s RAW in a nutshell quote.

#RAW Cena has apparently reverted back to his Incredible Doofus Hulk green attire.

#RAW Cena: “Vickie running a clean show is like me learning a new move…” | Cole: JOHN CENA’S ADDED A DROPKICK TO HIS REPERTOIRE!!!


#RAW Vickie: “That sneaky little exhibitionist in a bathrobe!” | THAT’S NOT AJ, THAT WAS KELLY KELLY

#RAW This crowd is fucking phenomenal at reacting to stupid black and white footage.

RT @TNACreative – The last time altered @JohnCena footage was shown, @CNN apologized. #RAW

RT @Chux4w – Vickie: “Lets review this outrageous scandal.” – Ok. First, TNA ran a terrible storyline. Second, one of your writers watched it… #Raw


RT @WWECreative_ish – Apparently as GM you’re not allowed to have sex or you’ll be fired. Same rule applies if you’re on Creative. #RAWTonight

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Uh, Wrestlemania…you’re gonna have to change your commercial. The Tri-State Area ain’t lookin so hot right now.

RT @RealityOfChris@RealityofChris in 2 years we will learn it was hornswoggles

Me too! RT @chux4w: Jeez @WWEUniverse! Instead of retweeting me all the time, throw me a Yoshi Tatsu paycheque and I’ll write for you.

#RAW Wade Barrett replaces Miz, great choice considering he was awesome at the WWE vs Nexus match at SummerSlam awhile back.

#RAW This England crowd is off the hook, it’s like they haven’t watch WWE’s product in the last year or anything.

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx wait, the arena let in a bunch of tourists for free? What is this, Nitro?

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx wow jobber entrances seem to be standard operating procedure these days

#RAW Sandow and Kane scrapple outside, Cody gets an uncomfortably quick win on DB.

#RAW ZOMG Spoilers! (Kidding) RT @BackSackAndJack: @5CornersxSmootx wait till you hear the noise we created for Wade Barrett.

RT @Bennys85@5CornersxSmootx it was a great night! It’s been a while since Birmingham have had prime spot on the tour!

RT @BotchedSpot – In today’s comic, why won’t fans leave Punk alone? ow.ly/f2Jvn

Tonight’s #RAW tweeting is brought to you by @SlimJim, the Dare Jabanero Jerky is helping out majorly with my sore throat.


RT @RegalSays – Sign: Kaneanites live on. I wonder if the same guy has made a Test-icles sign.

#RAW Correction, @SlimJim Jalapeno DARE jerky, not Habanero (though I wish I had a bag of that too!)

#RAW Kane beats Sandow while Cody/DB were ejected and thus proving that DB is kind of the weak link on #NoChantsIsHell

RT @Chux4w – Sign of the week: “I missed bonfire night for this.” #Raw

RT @Phenom951@WWFRAWISWAR Up next Maddox tells the world he’s an addict and CM Punk has been helping him. #ClaireSwag

RT @WWEJoshMathews – I spy… Matching suits, ties & shirts. All @MichaelCole needs is a black cowboy hat. pic.twitter.com/jWHt51Kz


#RAW This crowd reacting like they’re on a roller coaster to every piece of video tonight is hilarious.

RT @SlimJim@5cornersxsmootx Yea, that would be awesome. I should get a bag of that too. Good call, buddy.


#RAW Maddox: “I’m not a giant or a freak, I can’t flip 3 times in the air…” | Crowd: YOU CAN’T WRESTLE *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP*

#RAW Maddox: “AJ Lee gave a me chance to make an impact” | HEY BUDDY, WRONG SHOW!

RT @TNACreative – Make an impact? We’re right here. #RAW

#RAW Maddox: “I’m famous now…people know my name in England!” | Yes as that “You Can’t Wrestle Guy”, minus the colored merch.

RT @WWECreative_ish – If Brad Maddox beats Ryback, maybe he’ll become a real boy. #RAWTonight

#RAW If Brad Maddox can beat Ryback next week, he’ll get a million dollar contract. WORST EPISODE OF MCMAHON’S MCMILLIONS GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK

#RAW Vince: “If you say Dolph Ziggler, I’ll fire you on the spot” | Chris Benoit. #WishBenoitWasHere


RT @WRESTLEZONECOM – Is this how Vince holds his creative meetings? It would explain a lot @AngeGold @SethMates

RT @REALScottyRiggs – Any future wrestler/ performer should never use the “AJ” initials…guarenteed you’ll end up in a lame sex oriented angle w/ no money shot!!

youtu.be/PjHK9LgkHnI RT @WrestleCapshuns: Congratulations, Vickie, you just won The Match is Right! pic.twitter.com/BTyRrGmW

SAME OLD SHIT! RT @RealityofChris: So, Ryback vs CM Punk isn’t “good enough”, says Vince. He needs to add John Cena. Sound familiar? #RAW

RT @KeepItFiveStar – So did Mr. McMahon just bully Vickie Guerrero into making a triple threat match between The Ryback, John Cena and CM Punk?

Vince didn’t have the rewrite epiphany RT @AndyDandyMandy: #RAW If WWE wanted Cena vs Ryback vs Punk, why didn’t they make that last week?

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx next time I make a batch of jerky ill send you some. Extra spicy just for you!

#RAW Sheamus who barely gets an entrance, vs Miz with no entrance. Big Show on commentary, with entrance and replay. #WWEAwful

Yes but LIVE! RT @arda_ocal: RT if you want to see more @WWE televised events outside the USA. #GoodJobEngland @WWEUniverse

RT @NoleGirlKel#lobsterhead #toomanylimes Best Signs. Evarrrr. #RAW

#RAW Can we throw this to commercial, I have a chocolate honey bun and cinnamon cookies to microwave.

#RAW Sheamus when as champ, once got a jobber entrance. RT @HEELWrestling: @5CornersxSmootx He’s the champ.

#RAW Highlight this week, Big Show’s laughter.

RT @Caleea – Nope, she’s not done singing yet. #ExcuseMe pic.twitter.com/dyWopPeu

RT @Chux4w – Why are both sets of ring steps on the far side of the ring now instead of opposite corners? It’s been like this for a while. #Raw

#RAW I’m loving how Big Show is trying to spin everything into the 45 second title loss. Makes him look like a psychotic dick.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I’m know I’m supposed to hate The Miz because the internet tells me to hate anyone that’s not Dean Ambrose, but Miz is working hard tonight!

#RAW Sheamus gets the win in a decent lengthy match. Problem is it proves that Miz wasn’t a great commodity for the Survivor Series team.

#RAW Punk: “Only reason you’re the captain of the team is because this cranky old bastard has gone senile” | @CRANKYVINCE, PUSHED

#RAW I find it eerie that Mr. McMahon’s name plate uses the same font I use for pretty much all my images.

#RAW Said Cookies and Honey Bun during that previous segment – img.ly/pnUX

#RAW Fandangoo? More like Fandangogetanewgimmick

RT @WWEThatsNotPG – THIS! RT @BreakingKayfabe I PRAY the person that gets this shitty, dumb Fandangoo gimmick is Dean Ambrose. Just to watch you all SUFFER.

#RAW Well, she does have kids. RT @KeepItFiveStar: Watching this segment over, I realize Vickie Guerrero narrates like Dora The Explorer.

#RAW AKSANA WITH THAT SAXOPHONE AND MID 2000’S RAW NAME FONT, going against Eve after the break.

#RAW Sorry it’s Eve/Aksana TEAMING UP against Kaitlyn(no entrance) and Layla (barely an entrance).

RT @Chux4w – JR’s never seen Ryback in a tag match? Not even at SummerSlam 2010? #Raw

They’d be naked by now RT @WWECreative_ish: Pretty sure @AksanaWWE turned this match into something you’d see on Cinemax after midnight #RAW

#RAW *Eve doing the dingleberry shake* | JR: “Michael what was that…gyration?” | Cole: “I dunno, some kind of dance?”

#RAW Kaitlyn pinning the Divas champ is another decent thing on the show tonight. Hope she gets an HONEST shot soon.

#RAW Del Rio bumps into the Rosa backstage. Careful you two, you don’t want Vickie to spark another Gossipy Affair angle. #WWEAwful

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx that bump in backstage will soon be the biggest storyline on the show….

#RAW Legit LOL over here. RT @KickStunner: Rosa Mendes and her Peggy Hill spanish.

RT @ThingsColeSays#StandUpForNXT

RT @WWECreative_ish – “You’re a Latin stereotype? I’m a Latin stereotype! Let’s hang out.” That sums up where this Del Rio/Rosa stuff is going. #RAWTonight

RT @DeathProofDiva@5CornersxSmootx Oh no, it’s fine if people with Spanish last names do it. It’s all good.

#RAW JR: “King’s going to love this when he gets back, to hear Ricardo” | Considering Lawler hates Mexicans and forgets RicRod’s name, no.

#RAW Cole: “Matt Striker should learn to pick his spots” | JR: “Timing is everything Matt” | #BringBackStriker @Matt_Striker_

One notch under Orton. RT @KeepItFiveStar: On a scale of 1-Undertaker, how long was that Alberto Del Rio entrance?

#RAW JR: “It wasn’t decaf folks, it was the real stuff” | Cole: “How do you know!?” | JR: “JBL told me, he tweeted it” | @JCLayfield

RT @Chux4w – The hottest crowd all year is completely silent for this match. Bad times. #Raw

#RAW Marella Martial Arts. RT @WWECreative_ish: What the hell is MMA? #RAWTonight

RT @ItsTechTron@5CornersxSmootx And Cole: “Ughs.”

RT @Arda_Ocal – I can think of so many wrestlers on the independents who can relate to what Brad Maddox said in his promo tonight. So can I. #giglife #RAW

RT @KeepItFiveStar – The only Trouble In Paradise is this (lack of) reaction Kofi Kingston is getting.

RT @MarkSatrang – I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I think this show needs more Jinder Mahal… @wwe #raw

#RAW JR: “A VIPEROUS RKO, from the apex predator” | *Insert JBL shitting on Orton’s character* #Slither

#RAW Cole: “Team Co-Bro in action after this” | JR: “Did you just say Co-Bro? Really, Really?” | JR, with shades of @JCLayfield

#RAW If Brad Maddox doesn’t win the match with Ryback next week, the money should be used for the #Sandy relief efforts.

#RAW Co-Bro vs the Puerto Rican-os who are sporting new acoustic shitty music.

#RAW JR: “Santino sporting new boots, I spot out the littlest details”

RT @KeepItFiveStar – HEY! Primo and Epico! New Theme! New Ponchos! Rosa learned a new dance move. Everything’s comin up Colons. ..Wait. That doesn’t sound right.

#RAW JR says Rosa is Primo/Epico’s coach, Cole says business associate, I say both are scared saying Manager because JBL will claim “sexist”

RT @WWECreative_ish – Pretty sure Cole just called that El Cheapshot. No one embraces racial sensitivity like Michael Cole. #RAWTonight

#RAW I dunno? Ask JBL. RT @chux4w: @5CornersxSmootx: Why is manager sexist? Valet, maybe.

#RAW Santino and Ryder get a clean win on the Puerto Rican-os, I have no words.

#COMMENHATIN RT @chux4w: Cole: “You’ve gotta love Team Co-Bro.” / JR: “I do?” #Raw

RT @AndyDandyMandy#RAW @JRsBBQ not a big fan of the Cobra. I guess he remembers Santino making fun of him in 2007.

#RAW Or “Sports Entertainers” RT @LetsGoFive5: @5CornersxSmootx reminds me that they aren’t Wrestlers but Superstars.

#RAW Cole: “Sit down JR, let the Funkasaurus take the house” | ??

#RAW Both Brodus Clay and Wade Barrett get entrances. WWE, for this segment at least, not awful.

#RAW I cannot tell what this crowd is chanting, it’s a weird hybrid of “Sexual Chocolate” and “Let’s go Ryder!”

RT @Chux4w – Cameron, Naomi, I really like your work, but give it up for tonight. You’re not getting anyone behind Brodus. #Raw

#RAW Good win for Barrett in his home country, shame Brodus had to do the job to him. Should’ve been Miz again if you ask me. #BlameMiz

RT @PenguinPop88@5cornersxsmootx “Sexual Ryder!” or “Let’s go chocolate!” then? #HopeItsThe2ndOne #BritRaw

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx Sounded like “Let’s go Barrett.” Scary that they pronounce his name like he does.

RT @Evil_Mr_McMahon – The only reason we’re holding a special live #SmackDown on election day is so I can get as far away from Linda tomorrow as possible. #RAW

RT @NotEdKaul@5cornersxsmootx Rey Mysterios current knee status- Natural disaster

#RAW JR: “If you don’t like the cash, why else would you be here” | #COMMENHATIN

RT @WWECreative_ish – Does @TheRealMorrison know @HeathSlaterOMRB stole his pants? #RAWTonight

#RAW Slater gets the win to no response from the crowd on one of the Uso’s. More Usos, less 3MB.

#RAW Also pretty sure 3MB’s music is something recycled from an old Wrestlemania or Summerslam event hype montage package

RT @Chux4w – I want to start a wrestling promotion just so I can tour the US with obnoxious, stereotypical set designs. Like a giant hamburger. #Raw

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Sounds like CM Punk is calling out La Parka. #PunkParka Wrestlemania!

RT @MarkinOut#respect being shown by Punk for putting “BA” on his tape, assuming its for Brad Armstrong #wwe #raw

RT @KeepItFiveStar#InternationalZiggleWiggle

#RAW Folks, just because Doofy Cena didn’t come out last, doesn’t mean he’s not still Doofy Cena.

RT @CharlieLangton_@WRESTLEZONEcom Survivor series is day 364 of Punks reign. I can’t be the only one scared he’s going to be cut short of the 1 year mark /:

RT @Chux4w – I’m starting to think Cena hung that ‘do not disturb’ sign on his door because he was in there with Ryback. The guy loves Ryback. #Raw

RT @TheRealMorrison@HeathSlaterOMRB … Bro you should’ve DM’ed me before you paid for those tights… I got a storage unit full of them #LugsAintTims

#RAW Ziggler’s nonstop elbowing Cena, fans start to wake up and cheer for Ziggler, til he starts to Hotdog and tags Punk in.

#RAW Ryback cleans house after Ziggles/Punk walloped Cena, and gets the win by pinning the WWE Champ. Great tag match for a main event.

#RAW Ryback: “FEED, ME, MORE!” | Fans close to a mic: “…Cena” | Seriously, who let Orlando overseas here?

RT @yourboydrew – John Cena with the “you ate everything” face.

RT @Chux4w – One really enthusiastic fan in the front row, waving his arms with Ryback. Everyone else, nothing. #Raw

RT @Chux4w – Not a bad show, but I don’t feel I’ve missed out by not going live. Last hour dragged. #Raw

#RAW Best parts of the show was Big Show’s laughing, Kaitlyn winning, and the very generous Birmingham crowd at times.

#RAW For the early goings at least, there wasn’t a crowd THAT HOT since Wrestlemania and the RAW after it (Birthing the Yes Yes Yes schtick)

#RAW Anyway, shouts and whatnot after the internet here stops sucking a dick.

Damn, had a real good idea for a Ryback Traveling music idea to pay homage to WorstWrestlingThemes…but forgot it.

RT @TheDrewMcIntyre – For those who know me, they are aware I’m not the most emotional person in the world but this is something that (cont) tl.gd/js7m07

#RAW Shouts: @Diecot @TheSeanWilliam @InfamousAmbrose @JoelxDRRomantic @fredthewolf @supermetsk31 @ScrappleBot

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RT @ThisIsWP@Maffewgregg I was there last night. The Botchamania chant was MUCH louder in person. @WWE clearly have a terrific editing team. #BotchCara

RT @MaffewGregg – Cody Rhodes doesn’t get an entrance but Brad Maddox gets a graphic and a waistcoat.

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