NECK BONE’S CONNECTED TO THE COCCYX BONE! #BookerTSkeleton RT @TheBarbieBlank: Getting MRI on my neck #damnyoustinkfaces

BE MORE FUN-NY *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP* RT @TheBarbieBlank: Uhh wow that was a joke #idiot

#Smackdown is on the air and voice over guy is stealing the schtick from Impact. Are you fucking kidding me?

#Smackdown Miz as Dr. Evil: “Did John Cena have an affair with AJ?” | I don’t know maybe if he paid her, ONE BILLION DOLLARS! #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Miz: “Sheamus…you must feel, like a loser” | Hank Hill: LOSER! YOU’RE A LOSER! ARE YOU FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!? #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Holy shit, Miz just brought up John Laryngitis’ name to somehow credit himself as to why Sheamus lost. Jesus

#Smackdown Josh: “It’s absolutely amazing how the Miz rewrites history” | Oh yeah? Ask Chris WhatHisName. #WishBenoitWasHere

#Smackdown Kofi came out and is all “NIGGA, YOU DUMB” and Big Show is now coming down to ruin an already terrible segment.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx is Miz playing “6 degrees of storyline separation?”

#Smackdown Big Show is about to orgasm himself on describing KO’ing Sheamus, Sheamus thankfully interjects with his Emerald Fusion

#Smackdown Big Show: “Sheamus you can have all you want of me at Survivor Series” | THAT’S NOT PG!

RT @Shanrcarter72 – As long as it’s not 50 Shades of Show….RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx is Miz playing “6 degrees of storyline separation?”

#Smackdown It really needs to be a standard where whenever Miz has his MizTV segment, the guests ruin his couches. #FuckYourCouch!

Did #Smackdown get a new B-Theme? If so it sounds equally shitty as the Green Day one that starts the show.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx is it just me or did Titus O’Neill look like he had 2 eyes going in diff directions?

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx Where’s Charlie Murphy when you need him?

#Smackdown Booker: “As GM, it’s my duty to give the fans what they want and they want you and Miz vs Sheamus and Kofi” | WE DON’T WANT THIS!

#Smackdown JBL: “You gotta believe in yourself…you called 911 to have a tire changed” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “You getting beat up by a diva or changing the tire has nothing to do with the match…would you mind calling the match?”

#Smackdown Josh: “You really just spoke out of both sides of your mouth” | VINTAGE BOOKER T AND MICHAEL COLE!

#Smackdown Couple of Dollars and their BJ Raji State Farm Dance Music, pick up the win on Sin Cara.

#Smackdown Apparently Titus O’Neil needs a rape whistle in order to cut a promo and fail to make a Halloween reference.

RT @TNACreative – Darren was like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado court room. #UNSTOPPABLE #SmackDown

RT @TNACreative – Notice the lack of AW with PTP: he’s too busy watching the Col. tape of Kobe going #BallsDeep #SmackDown

RT @Chux4w – Remember that time William Regal was calling a Darren Young match on NXT5 and said “Darren is a stupid name”? Good times. #SmackDown

#Smackdown JBL sorta praising Rey despite hating him. Josh brings up old stuff of Rey retiring JBL. JBL claims he was sick that night.

#Smackdown JBL: “Now you’re a bookie, now you’re making odds. You’re Nostradamus.”

#Smackdown Josh: “How fast and how explosive is Rey Mysterio?” | Like Molasses and not very.


RT @KeepItFiveStar – Sin Cara just botched the “Millions Of Dollars” dance. #MillionsOfBotches


#Smackdown Brad Maddox is apparently indefinitely suspended, will have a chance to voice his side this Monday night on RAW.

#Smackdown Backstage with Booker and Teddy, both trashing Vickie. Nattie and David Otunga come in.


#Smackdown Otunga spits his coffee on Nattie as if he just got done sucking dick. Nattie slaps him and Teddy gets a brownwash as well.


RT @Chux4w – You could say…David Otunga has…a drinking problem. #Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh #SmackDown

#Smackdown Booker really stole that segment from how deadpan he was saying Great Khali’s name and the quiet “awwwwww mah goodness”

#Smackdown WWE promoting it’s new updated Encyclopedia, out this Tuesday. Someone really ought to teach Vince how the internet works.

RT @TNACreative – Even Chris Ben… #SmackDown

RT @OfficialTAZ: Finally got power back. Able to watch TV & see the pure devastation in parts of Queens & Brklyn…

RT @OfficialTAZ: My family & I are safe, appreciate the concerns. I thought I had it bad. Nothing compared to these poor people. Horrible.

#Smackdown JBL: How much better is Ricardo than Tony Chimel? | #Commenhatin

#Smackdown JBL: “Would you treat our guest with respect?”

#Smackdown JBL: “You’re worse than Candy Crowley” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown ADR is tired of Josh’s random questions, gets pissed and tries to ambush Orton. Now JBL can trash Mil M├íscaras again.

#Smackdown Josh: “Is Randy Orton at a disadvantage?” | JBL: “Of course he is or do you have to ask your expert Michael Cole?” | #COMMENHATIN

RT @Chux4w – Randy Orton laid out, Wade Barrett smiling. Ad break. Randy Orton destroying Wade Barrett. #SmackDown

RT @JCLayfield – True story- @wwejoshmathews Called 911 to change a tire and asked a cable guy to come switch his cable box. #whoamIWorkingWith

RT @WWEJoshMathews@JCLayfield I told @MichaelCole the cable box story yesterday!! How much do y’all text!! You guys know how to change wires in walls?!?

#Smackdown JBL: “You know what you get in a guy like Randy Orton…” | Yeah a shitty bag and wrecked hotel rooms

#Smackdown JBL/Josh squabbling on TV and Twitter > This Randy Orton match.

#Smackdown JBL says that Barrett will become a future WHC and says his analysis is from an actual expert unlike Josh or Cole. #Commenhatin

RT @KeepItFiveStar – How many samples of Wade Barrett’s product does Randy Orton need before he decides if he likes it or not?

#Smackdown Orton nails the mid rope DDT and Del Rio comes back out, RicRod on the apron, Barrett rollups Orton and wins. #RiseAboveRollups

#Smackdown We’re back, Striker gets a word with ADR on his obsession with Orton while Orton catches up and brawls ADR in catering.

#Smackdown Orton 1, Table 8

#Smackdown Striker: “Randy, could we get a word?” | *Orton pies Striker* | *STRIKER PIED FACE* | #StrikerDeservesBetter

#Smackdown JBL: “Did you just say Punjabi Playboy?” | Josh: “You said he was dancing” | JBL: “Does that make him a playboy?

#Smackdown JBL: “What is Natalya smilin at?” | Oh no, something tells me we’re going to want the farting angle back.

RT @The_ironsheik – The great khali or the great kaka?

#Smackdown Natalya thanks Khali, and compliments his big hands. Somehow transitioned into R-Truth vs J-Gabe, JBL hating on Lil Jimmy.

#Smackdown JBL: “This is where the Big Boys Play” | THIS ISN’T WCW

#Smackdown R-Truth unfortunately gets the win, was really pulling for Justin Gabriel to get a win.

RT @Pipervalentine@5CornersxSmootx He works for wwe so he was uh what did HBK say…he was working mondays

#Smackdown Ever since that catering brawl between Orton/ADR, this show has slowed down dramatically from the recaps

RT @Sekailshtal@5CornersxSmootx I missed that actually. I was putting away groceries and only saw white stuff on Matt’s face when I was finished…

RT @JCLayfield – I love you guys @WWEArmstrong & @WWERoadDogg and am so sorry for your loss! Words cannot express how sad I am, so very sorry about Brad!

#Smackdown Like how Big Show can remember that he and Miz were a tag team before, but can’t remember that he hasn’t already KO’d Miz before

More like Cold Coffee pretending to be hot. RT @TNACreative: SmackDown is hot coffee. #SmackDown

#Smackdown Orton/Del Rio, This SUPER TUESDAY for Super Smackdown Live from Birmingham, England.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Oh My God. Sheamus walked out in the white tights and I thought he was naked.

#Smackdown JBL has been shitting on Cole’s expertise all throughout tonight. Hilarious.

#Smackdown JBL: “This guy used to be from the Reality TV world…don’t see Kevin Federline doing that!” | He did for awhile with Cena

#Smackdown Ewwwww coconut. RT @Matt_Striker_: To those that asked : Coconut Custard.

#Smackdown Sign: “U Mad Show?”

#Smackdown Correction, ADR/Orton this TUESDAY is a Falls Count Anywhere match. MIGHT be interesting if used accordingly.

RT @Chux4w – Brogue kick post-match. #BabyfaceDickery #SmackDown

#Smackdown So somebody took that shitty Flo Rida song used for a couple of the PPVs & added Super Mario World to it –

RT @WWFRAWISWAR@5CornersxSmootx this series needs closure

RT @TheTarynTerrell –

RT @TKeep123 – I think Ricardo Rodriguez needs a raise! For a non-wrestler, he ends up taking more bumps than anyone! ‘) #GetGlue

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RT @JCLayfield – I have a lightbulb out, might need to call 911 or an engineer to change it. @wwejoshmathews @MichaelCole #youGottaBeKiddingMe

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