Because you’re obviously anxious to see Zbyszko and Schiavone pass it off to Taz and Tenay at 9PM this week. #ImpactLIVE, IN 30 minutes!

See if Christian York can make the cut, assuming Hervey doesn’t shout it prematurely. #ImpactLIVE, #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT, NEXT!!!

#ImpactLIVE Tracksuit Joe Park in the ring to call somebody out, I’m hoping it’s the producer for appointing Borash/Kenely on commentary

#ImpactLIVE Joe Park makes a long winded speech to say he found a loophole to fight Aces8s, that loophole? #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT!

RT @Chux4w – I like how TNA have decided to drop the whole Abyss deal having realised Joe Park is a much better character. #Impact

#ImpactLIVE Joe Park says he wants to fight any 1 member of Aces8s, Angle and Sting come out for some reason. #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Sting proclaims that one member of Aces8s will be unmasked. Borash says the show is a live spontaneous combustion. Magnus, next

RT @Garrett_22884 – I stil find it absolutely hilarious that 1 week after calling out @OfficialTaz on his awful commentary, he gets …

RT @IMPACTWRESTLING – Rest in Peace, Brad Armstrong. The entire wrestling community unites tonight in your honor.

#ImpactLIVE Pectacular: “I know I have an ear infection, I know I have an ear infection just like Charlie Sheen” | Ummm, #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT!

#ImpactLIVE Magnus calls out Samoa Joe and basically says that he’s too fat and ugly for the TV Title.

#ImpactLIVE Magnus: “You’re like the Howard Stern of TNA, you’re real popular but have a face for radio” | #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Classy of TNA to run a ticker of how to help donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

#ImpactLIVE Magnus reaches for a wrench under the ring and clobbers Joe for the DQ.

#ImpactLIVE I don’t get it, if you wanted to use a weapon, why not call Joe out for a Street Fight-like match? #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Backstage with Hogan, Angle some how dug up Garrett and got his boyfriend Wes Briscoe, to team with Angle & Sting tonight.

#ImpactLIVE I’m guessing when one of the WCW guys goes for an NWO mask, that’s when Garrett’s going to turn.

#ImpactLIVE Borash and Todd Keneley RT @SandoraElite: Who the fuck is commentating TNA tonight

#ImpactLIVE I think Samoa Joe just read my tweet and is going to call out Magnus in a No DQ like match tonight.


#ImpactLIVE Daniels and Kaz get new music that doesn’t really suit them which must mean they’re going to win against their opponents.

RT @MaffewGregg – ”’Austin Aries is a thief, his overconfidence will kill him.” Jeff Hardy is a smack-head, his overdose will kill him.


#ImpactLIVE Moments after Kaz/Daniels call out the Spanish announce team, we’re treated to an abrupt commercial. #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT

RT @Diecot@5CornersxSmootx Cause he’s done so many drugs that they’ve begin to seep through the tv and affect the viewers. We’re all trippin balls man

#ImpactLIVE If Kaz and Daniels beat Willie Urbena and Hector Guerrero, then I hope that Borash/Keneley migrate to the Spanish table.

#ImpactLIVE We’re back and it’s taken 3 minutes to get Hector and Willie to get to the ring.

#ImpactLIVE Kaz: “C’mon, are you a couple of MexiCANS or MexiCANTS” | Again, Urbena is Puerto Rican, #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Chavo/Hernandez come down to make the save about 5 minutes late. Guess were sleeping on the job. HOORAY STEREOTYPING!

#ImpactLIVE Christian York seems to be taking his #GutCheck a lot more seriously than Chris Loogie should have.

RT @MaffewGregg – Chavo’s new music now starts with a woman saying ”OOOO, EDDY”

RT @MaffewGregg – Hector ”knows Chavo who knew Eddy” Guerrero is related to Chavo ”knew Eddy” Guerrero Jr.

#ImpactLIVE Don’t think it officially got started RT @ajak20: @5cornersxsmootx who won between hector/urbena and daniels/kaz?


#ImpactLIVE Other to provoke Chavo/Hernandez, pretty much. RT @ajak20: @5cornersxsmootx so they attacked them for no reason

#ImpactLIVE Oh Christ, Christian York is going to job out to Diet Zima. Goddamn it.

Don’t forget the goofy hair, still gets a yes. RT @chux4w: With that tanned body and pale face, York looks like a bad photoshop. #ImpactLive

That’s an insult, Goku or Cody don’t have a donkey looking face. RT @TableofJapan: Also, Goku + Cody Rhodes = Zema Ion #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE York almost broke a 10 year dry spell of a pinfall. Know what else feels like a 10 year dry spell? A #GutCheck winner performing

#ImpactLIVE York’s looks and that Corkscrew DDT (which neither Borash or Keneley called) are enough from me to warrant a yes #GutCheck

#ImpactLIVE First hour’s been pretty neutral, love how Kaz/Daniels are getting away with Mexican stereotyping, hate Borash/Keneley

#ImpactLIVE Garrett kisses Bully Ray’s ass in the back, before Bully Ray insults him, TNA tech alerts Aces8s are backstage & a brawl erupts

RT @TableOfJapan – Why does Sting scream at a floored A&8s member that he’ll “take his mask”? Why not just take it? #ImpactLive

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Maybe instead of screaming, “YOU’RE GONNA LOSE A MASK!” You could’ve just unmasked one of them early, Sting.

RT @MaffewGregg – Garrett Bischoff tells Bully Ray he has his back. OH THAT’LL HELP.

#ImpactLIVE Segment started at 8:58, so we’re stuck with Borash/Keneley til the end of this match. ODB is listing off adjectives.

RT @Chux4w – “Protein shaker drinker, egg white beater eater…” – He consumes kitchen utensils? #Impact

#ImpactLIVE Borash: “Yeah her liquid courage is about a 100 proof”

#ImpactLIVE Borash: “Say what you will about the abs, but ODB has him beat in the pec department” |

#ImpactLIVE Keneley: “This is really a battle of pecs”

#ImpactLIVE Tara distracts Taryn Terrell, ODB grasps Tara, Pectacular rolls up ODB and wins. #RiseAboveRollups

RT @TableOfJapan – Jesse has names for both of his biceps. His left is “Can’t” and his right is “Wrestle” #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Keneley swapping out for Tenay, Taz still in NY apparently dealing with the Sandy aftermath, safe to say no Commenhatin tonight.

#ImpactLIVE Robbie E calling out Hardy. Rob E going with “Jersey got ravaged by a hurricane thus I’m going to win” | HA! #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Jeff Hardy’s paint looks like he went through Double Dare’s Wringer, literally face first

#ImpactLIVE @notwwetitantron More so his gimmick than physically actually saying it considering the Jersey Shore is virtually no more.

RT @MaffewGregg – I hope Robby E beats Hardy, but isn’t declared the champ because Aries has stolen the belt. Then nobody mentions it ever again.

#ImpactLIVE Borash teases the poll results for Christian York from the fans & apparently can’t be bothered to say numbers.

#ImpactLIVE Jeff Hardy worthlessly retains and gets the equally worthless Direct Hoohaa Replay of the Night.

#ImpactLIVE Aries: “Pick that belt you just threw down, difference between me and you is 3 seconds” | And a wheelbarrow full of drug charges


#ImpactLIVE Hope to have you back next week RT @OfficialTAZ: Can’t even watch the show. I do appreciate everyone’s tweets.

#ImpactLIVE Morgan shows up to Hogan’s Beach Shop, takes a full body condom suit from the Naked Gun and Hogan does nothing.

#ImpactLIVE Hogan: “You can’t take that, that’s mine” | *Morgan takes body condom away* | Hey Hogan, FILE A POLICE REPORT #NoContinuityNight

RT @JCLayfield – Happy birthday to greatest heel commentator ever! Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan! I share birthday with other great @JerryLawler who returns soon

#ImpactLIVE Love/Hate relationship with Taz, Hate his commentary and love to make fun of it. This WCW 2 announce team thing is BS.

#ImpactLIVE Can’t wait for the Turkey Suit Rob Terry ShopTNA commercial where he tells you to GOBBLE UP these deals

#ImpactLIVE Roode wants to fight Hardy for the title, AJ Styles comes out for some reason. #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Styles: I’ve been filmed in elevators with the opposite sex. Seems to be popular if you’re name’s AJ | BURRRNNNN!

They should cause WWE shouldn’t be stealing from TNA RT @TableofJapan: TNA referencing “that place up North again”. Just because #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Storm/Roode/Styles match at #TurningPoint, person pinned doesn’t get a title shot til BFG. (IE, The AJ Styles treatment)

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “WWE stole storylines from TNA” – Angle “What about Aces and Eights being Nexus?” “Nexus? The phone? What are you talking about?” – Angle

#ImpactLIVE Fan: “There’s not a whole lot of wrestling from the other brands” | Whaa? The fuck!? Where do they get these people!?

#ImpactLIVE Joey Ryan coming out to shitty porn music, Morgan using Hogan’s Shea Stadium Condom Robe for some reason.

#ImpactLIVE Morgan: “I’m going to eat everyone on the Impact roster and shit each one out, one by one” | Still won’t get you noticed.

#ImpactLIVE Joey Ryan said that he’s going to get X-Rated with RVD. Oh THAT kind of sleeze. Didn’t work with Orlando Jordan, won’t work now

#ImpactLIVE Joey Ryan gets the win by a rollup? RVD’s surprised, crowd’s dead, and nobody cares about Ryan.

RT @MaffewGregg – Y’know, ”I usually avoids VDs, but this time I’m gonna call one out!” would have been better if it hadn’t been a pun on RVD’s name.

RT @ZackZiggler@5CornersxSmootx are the 13% the actual people who attend the show. While the 87% are IWC tards?

#ImpactLIVE I like the fact Morgan’s gimmick is everybody Benoiting him. *Morgan Bike Kick on RVD* | RVD: “How’d I end up on the ground?”

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray with names on his wrists to pay homage to the victims in NY from Sandy.

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray: “…stay hardcore, stay strong, this one’s for you”

#ImpactLIVE Seconded. RT @ceqhfw: @5CornersxSmootx I can’t stand bully as a face

#ImpactLIVE Match started, and Bully Ray’s already getting and setting up a table. Better to do it now before getting winded & blown up.

RT @TNACreative – In honor of Heenan’s birthday, Who’s side is Brisco on? #OpenFightNight #ImpactTonight #ImpactLive #IMPACTWRESTLING

#ImpactLIVE Devon calls for backup because WCW hasn’t learned by now, backup arrives and another pointless brawl erupts.

#ImpactLIVE Ruckus moves outside ring, Bully and Devon left in ring. Fans chanting TABLE TABLE. Man, @TableOfJapan is SUPER Over in Orlando

#ImpactLIVE Bully/Devon go out, Aces8/Joe Park in ring by table. Park reveals Festus, Festus chokeslams Park through a table. End of show.

RT @SpinninToeHold – Combo Luke

#ImpactLIVE Not a GREAT show, but not bad either. Highlights: LOL Kaz/Daniels, AJ’s Zinger, Hogan’s “Naked Gun” Condom Robe

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @BJ_Raji @ceqhfw @GStavrakas @Pipervalentine @shanrcarter72 @JoelxDRRomantic @karnuj @THERobertL

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @GoodVsBadGuys @GStavrakas @mikepiyp @ZackZiggler @JoelxDRRomantic @allnewtpir @alyh74 @PuoNayda

RT @AllNewTPIR@5CornersxSmootx Well… there WAS that one night with Sabu…

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @VivaMattyVegas @HeatTSF @R8ed_M @BLITZENTERPRISE @Diamondelle84 @THE_Smoot @dukect

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @notwwetitantron @NotEdKaul @Seanfranchise6 @We_Mark_Out @theeangelf @mikeilusion @ajak20

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @Brasshole81 @Diecot @SandoraElite @MagnusFans @jlonghofer4 @circlesky @ChrisYoung125

#ImpactLIVE For those people in the states, #Smackdown’s up in the air right now due to a special network wide Sandy Benefit Donation Drive

#ImpactLIVE So I’m not sure if it’ll be on after it or rescheduled or what, but try to keep an eye tomorrow for it. Til then, good night!

RT @KidMagnum@5CornersxSmootx Aj Styles’ jab at WWE and the god awful Cena and @WWEAJLee storyline was brilliant. Well played TNA.

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