RT @WhatMathewsSays – There’s a 10 year old following me on Twitter. Allow me to make you feel welcome: SANTA CLAUS DOESN’T EXIST.

RT @WWECreative_Ish – A cheating ref cost the undefeated challenger his title shot. Find out what’ll happen next tonight on Nitro. #RAWTonight

Assuming the power stays on, I will be here for #RAW tonight in 30 minutes.

RT @WWECreative_Ish – To the brave people bracing for Sandy, our prayers are with you. To the brave people watching 3 hours of RAW, hang in there. #RAWTonight

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx hoping you keep power!

#RAW Will try to do my best tonight despite unusual weather circumstances tonight. Reminder if I get locked out, @xSmootx for continuance

RT @WWECreative_ish – Nut shots are much more disturbing in slow motion #RAWTonight


RT @The1andonlyRNR@TNACreative Jim Ross can’t remember Nick Patrick

#RAW Punk is out here, pulling @RatedREdge’s WRONG WRONG WRONG schtick only more calm and methodical.

RT @BotchedSpot – OMFG CM Punk TOTALLY stealing Edge’s “wrong” promo…. #RAW #FailureTurtle

#RAW Also for some reason, there’s a Spanish announce table ringside.

RT @TheRealWB – CM Punk claims to have beaten every one of my heroes. I guess I missed the CM Punk vs. Thomas The Tank Engine match.

RT @WWECreative_ish – How would @CMPunk know that swallowing pills is hard? #RAWTonight

RT @Supermetsk31@5CornersxSmootx #RAW Punk says we all were wrong! Well, I thought #CrapInABox was gonna suck and I was right!

RT @AndyDandyMandy@5CornersxSmootx “For some reason” is translation for “someone is about to take a bump through it”.

RT @WWECreative_ish – Brad Maddox was hired by @WWEAJLee , which should tell you one thing…she probably slept with him #RAWTonight

#RAW CM Punk: “The entire Titan Tower machine tried to erase me from history…” THAT’S NOT CHRIS BENOIT! #WishBenoitWasHere

#RAW Punk: “Hey look it’s Foley, it’s the homeless man who’s been displaced by the storms in the northeast” | Save the cheap heat for Vickie

#RAW Judging from the bandages on Punk’s body, hes obviously going to be WCW’s The Mummy for halloween.

RT @Chux4w – Punk: “I don’t suck, I don’t come from Charlotte, North Carolina!” – Cue wooooooo! #Raw

#RAW As Survivor Series, Foley’s Team vs Punk’s Team. Not that crazy, mostly cause it’s one my least favorite PPVs on WWE’s lineup.

#RAW After the break here, Ryback’s going to eat JTG for some reason. Guess Ryback has to rebuild his streak record from scratch.

RT @TableOfJapan – http://t.co/t5YWkSOE #StillEmployed #Raw

RT @KeepItFiveStar – JTG’s getting fed to Ryback again? What’d he do? Complain on MySpace this time?

#RAW You mean Smackdown? RT @ceqhfw: @5CornersxSmootx remember the good old days when televised matches were all squash matches

#RAW Well look on the bright side JTG, at least you don’t have to worry about catching Pink Eye from Ryback this time around

#RAW Sign: “Ryback Ate My Other Sign”

RT @WWECreative_Ish – We will continue to push Ryback until we run out of eating puns. We know that’s a tough thing to swallow. Chew it over for a bit #RAWTonight

Mic Cube! RT @arda_ocal: Ryback threw the microphone down so hard the mic flash fell off! #RAW @WWE @WWEUniverse pic.twitter.com/8mzNNgTk

RT @SmarkSnark – Hungry Hungry Rybacks Now available at all merch stands RT @spinnintoehold: WWE should license Hungry Hungry Hippos for Ryback. #rybacking

#RAW Orton vs THE Wade Barrett coming up right now, Barrett with a jobber entrance for some reason.

#RAW Cole complimenting those in the Northeast who are riding out the storm and capable of watching the show tonight. Classy.

#RAW ADR interrupted this match on Smackdown Friday, with him losing at #CrapInABox, wouldn’t be shocked if he did it again here.

#RAW JR: “Critics say that Randy Orton has lost his edge, I don’t think he’s lost anything” | Cept his hair.

RT @TableOfJapan – In other news, Earl Hebner is prepared for hurricane Sandy. He was quoted as saying “I’ll take your blow j when you are ready to give it me”

#RAW Aaaaand Orton wins cleanly on Barrett, guess the Barrett Barrage as well as his push, are closed for business.

RT @AndyDandyMandy#RAW How can you have an affair when Cena is single and AJ has no known boyfriend?

RT @PSdunn – Nice of Mr 2 strikes to put over the young guys. #RAW @TNACreative

RT @Evil_Mr_McMahon – The Board nowadays are filled with a bunch of prudes. In my day, there were no GM’s only me, and I was fucking anything with a vag. #RAW

#RAW Millions of Dollars getting no entrance against DB/Kane here, thus making that whole Tag Tournament thing a waste of time.

KICKED HIS LEG, OUT FROM UNDER HIS LEG. RT @chux4w: Did Cole just say “Darren Young starting things off against Darren Young”? #Raw

RT @TableofJapan – God, Cole’s on fire with botches here. Darren O’Neil? Nose days off? Darren Young starting against Darren Young? #Raw #Botchamania

RT @ZachG96 – Ross is repeating himself #Commenhatin @5CornersxSmootx #RAW

RT @MaydayBubby@5CornersxSmootx @chux4w old school Owen Hart reference. 1994 Rumble.

#RAW Kane did the work, DB reaps the rewards. This team’s charm is slowly wearing off I have to say.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Daniel Bryan makes Darren Young tap out. Instead of screaming “I’M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!” he screamed, “I’M THE NEXUS!”

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx If Vickie got proof by dressing up as a French Male Waiter at the business dinner i’ll mark the fuck out


#RAW Weird production. No graphic accent for the recap earlier tonight then uncalled for spot shadow. WE KNOW WHAT BRAD MADDOX LOOKS LIKE

#RAW The HARPY Vickie Guerrero is using off comments from a Doofy Cena promo back her allegations. #Dragonzord

#RAW Cena: “It was a joke. Everyone here understood it, everyone at home understood it” | IT WASN’T A JOKE, IT WAS AN ACT OF DESPERATION.


#RAW Yes because somebody stepping in an elevator = OMG YOU’RE HAVING SEXZORS!!!! #WWEAwful

#RAW Fans: “YOU ARE BUS-TED *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP*” | Cena: “It’s not what it looks like” | Vickie: *Harpy laugh* | RAW, in a nutshell

#RAW Cena: “AJ’s smart and a lot more attractive than you’ll ever be” | EDDIE GUERRERO’S TASTES, BURIED!

RT @BotchedSpot – That’s the classiest looking In & Out I’ve ever seen… #raw

RT @WhatMathewsSays – John Cena went In ‘N Out, but he wasn’t talking about a hamburger.

#RAW Look this is simple, Orton and Barrett had another fight in an elevator and Cena needed AJ’s help to stop it. Rational explanation!

RT @WWECreative_ish – We’re pretty sure Ziggler interrupting this train wreck just turned him babyface. #RAWTonight

RT @DASharpshooters – Hey @WWE, Take TNA wrestlers, not their storylines! #wwe #raw

RT @TheRealWB – Why didn’t they go to elevator cam like they did when Barrett & Orton had their Elevator match? #WWE #Raw

RT @ShaneHelmsCom – Awful

RT @PrettyHeartless – If my date wore his t-shirt and jorts to a fancy restaurant, I would order steak and lobster and leave him with the check. #Raw


#RAW Like a cat on a rope, hangin in there! RT @ceqhfw: @5CornersxSmootx how’s the weather going for you? Your tweets are more entertaining

#RAW Antonio Ghetto: “America’s got the fattest children in the world!!!” | I stand corrected, RAW in a nutshell. #Commenhatin

RT @TheRealWB – Fat Power Ranger? That’s no way to talk about Rey Mysterio. #WWE #Raw

#RAW JR to Miz: “You and Kofi both have a lot of electricity” | THE NORTHEAST, BURIED!

RT @Supermetsk31@5CornersxSmootx #RAW JR to Miz, “Why are you yelling?” HILARIOUS!!!

#RAW Miz is screaming at his BFF of Cole for some reason, I think Miz left his brains in his commentary jacket.

#RAW JR: “I would say the Miz can’t handle the Truth, but that would be a bit cliche.”

RT @SharnCarter72 – Spanish announcers are laughing in complacency now. #RAW

#RAW Okay, considering Vickie’s been with Eddie, Big Show, Edge, Swagger, Ziggler…she should be the last to make fun of “loose” women.

RT @K1NG_OTR – Smart choice RT @TheRealWB: As much as I’m enjoying this edition of Impa…Raw, I need my bed. Night folks,

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Good thing AJ Lee stood up for herself. Vickie Guerrero was one step away from making AJ crawl around then bark like a dog.

#RAW Oh dear god, WWE’s spoofing VH1’s Behind the Music.

RT @MikeKillam – Dear Sky Sports: would you please learn how to return from commercial breaks without cutting off air time? Amateurs. #Raw

RT @TheRealWB@MikeKillam Dear Mike, stop illegally watching our channel. Regards, Sky Sports.

#RAW Jinder Mahal: “Does it look like we work at LensCrafters?” | Jobber line of the year.

#RAW JR: “That may have been one of the worst interviews ever done in the history of the WWE” | AND KANE SET JR ON FIRE. CREATIVE, BURIED!

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx i have no idea what happened, i saw it i just have no idea what to make of it

#RAW Jinder and Slater vs Ryder and Santino who get no entrances. Eh, Drew can’t lose if he’s not booked I guess.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Did Cole say Ryder and Santino are team cobra? #STOPUSINGTHEWORDTEAM

RT @WWECreative_ish – This might not be the match to talk about us alleviating the suffering people stuck in the hurricane are experiencing. #RAWTonight

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “LET’S GO RYDER! WOO WOO WOO!” – Santino Marella, the last Zack Ryder fan left.

#RAW Given with those how many are currently in the dark and how much this show’s been sucking, I’m predicting a 2.2 or 2.1 rating.

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx cobra doesn’t work for the 45th time in a row….

RT @DaSharpshooters – Overdrive? seriously thats your finisher? What happened to the Scorpion Death drop, Heath? #wwe #raw

#RAW Everyone take shelter. RT @TheSinCaraWWE: Ready for tonights mach in RAW, Tonight Sin Cara in gold and silver. Don’t miss it.

#RAW Jerry Lawler returns in 2 weeks on the Nov 12th edition of RAW, should be interesting to see if JBL stays on Smackdown.

#RAW AJ vs Beth, AJ will get the win because Beth is still supposedly leaving the company.

RT @K1NG_IC3 – This already deserves a Brazzers logo… #WWE #RAW

#RAW #RiseAboveRollups

#RAW Vickie restarts the match because even a harpy face like hers, realizes that ending a match on a rollup is bullshit.


RT @DASharpshooters – Crap graphics in that game. Bret Hart looks like Trent Barretta with shades. #wwe #raw

RT @JCLayfield – “@AJLovesRKO: @WWE #RAW @michaelcole said “Darren O`Neil” where is @JCLayfield to yell at him? #MissingJBL”–watching, horrified!

RT @Chux4w – Two hours down, one to go. Not dragged much really, that’s a win. #Raw

RT @WWECreative_ish – How is Sheamus so gassed trying to deliver a promo? #RAWTonight

RT @Stevie_Zace@5CornersxSmootx sheamus should of said im here with a smile in my face because im high as a motherfucker

RT @WWE_Comedy – Brad Maddox enjoyed being a Referee #RAW pic.twitter.com/XwDwoCY7

RT @Chux4w – Show: “How are you gonna boo me for telling the truth?” – Uh, like this? Booooo! #Raw

#RAW Show: “Sheamus, look at me you redheaded gingersnap” | That the Custer and the water analogy makes me think Big Show’s hungry.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx SIGN “Stand Back There’s a Hurricane Coming Through”

#RAW I think Sheamus likes Emerald Fusion’ing the Big Show, just because he can. Lifted him up like it was nothing.

Tough to swallow. Chew it over for a bit RT @WWECreative_ish: “Have you ever seen a Ginger snap?” We’re sorry. We promise to do better #RAW

#RAW Vickie: “Effective immediately, you’re fired” | Beth: “WHAT, WHY!?” | BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH EDGE, THAT’S WHY

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Maybe Vickie Guerrero found out Beth Phoenix was dating Edge and that’s the real reason she fired her.

#RAW It’s about 4-5 years late, but Vickie finally fired Beth for making Candice Michelle fall and break her neck. Great job Vickie!

#RAW LOL! RT @swinehouse: @5CornersxSmootx lol wow that’s a grudge you’ve got there lol. Some folks never got over Nam I guess 🙂

#RAW JR: “If Rhodes and Sandow had their way, we will not see Mysterio in this match legally” | REY’S GREEN CARD STATUS, BURIED!

RT @WWECreative_ish – Look, we’re just happy Sin Cara didn’t screw up and try and tag Sandow. #RAWTonight

#BallsDeep RT @TableofJapan: Did Cody just sell what looked like Mysterio kissing his crotch #GLAAD #Raw

#RAW Anything and everything, because he knows WWE needs him. RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx man what won’t JR bury tonight?

#RAW JR mistakingly calls Sandow, Rhodes. Cole who didn’t learn his lesson last night from JBL, corrects JR.

#RAW Rhodes and Sandow pick up the win on Sin Cara and a poor man’s La Parka, in a thrilling tag team match.


#RAW Since AJ got “rehired”, WWE can go back to using the other Susan G Komen intro with her in it.

#RAW bit.ly/Y6CnDW RT @K1NG_OTR: Instrumental version of #RAW’s theme song sounds better than w/ lyrics #WWE


#RAW Last Breast Cancer show for the year, here’s hoping WWE’s honors National Novel Writing Month and writes up some decent angles.

RT @BlitzEnterprise – This is the ONE time I’ll be okay with The Prime Time Players chanting #MillionsOfDollars

RT @TNABooking@5CornersxSmootx Reached limit. Last 20 minutes will be from here. #RAW

#RAW JR: “Wednesday night at my house you get BBQ sauce, how bout that” | PARTY AT @JRSBBQ!

RT @Supermetsk31@5CornersxSmootx #RAW More than half the superstars tonight didn’t have their intro/theme music!

#RAW J-Gabe and ADR. A climatic battel of which caramel looking guy with a latex forearm cast can win here.

RT @Chux4w – JR just mentioned Chael Sonnen. That just happened. #Raw

RT @Garrett_22884 – Lol at @RRWWE taunting Tye Dye Guy #WWE #Raw

#RAW Dry arm fucking on the un-cast’d arm of Gabriel. ADR gets the win, crowd with no reaction whatsoever.

RT @WWECreative_ish – By default, this was your main event. #RAWTonight

RT @AndyDandyMandy#RAW Why doesn’t WWE do angles with ADR where he uses his wealth to his advantage? Something more interesting than what he’s doing now.

#RAW Agreed. RT @fredthewolf: @5CornersxSmootx I feel the ship has sailed with Del Rio unfortunately.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx So theoretically Justin Gabriel was in a RAW main event


RT @KeepItFiveStar – Good thing CM Punk kept that WWE ’13 banner he revealed a few months ago.

RT @WWECreative_ish – Any time a poster drops from the ceiling and it isn’t Sunny it’s a letdown. #RAWTonight

#RAW So Punk’s team is him, Miz, Rhodes, Sandow, and ADR. HMMM LEMME GUESS THE OPPOSITES, RYBACK, CENA, DB, KANE, AND ORTON. #WWEAwful

RT @BotchedSpot – I do love that CM Punk head sign though #raw

#RAW Oh right Cena and his bum elbow and the AJ nonsense, so yeah Kofi instead of him.

#RAW For a moment, I thought Foley was going to swerve us with “the guy that didn’t get along with him” was Terry Funk instead of Orton.

#RAW Foley: “That’s an excellent game pan Punk”

RT @WWECreative_ish – And now you know the combination of matches you’ll be seeing over and over for the next several weeks. #RAWTonight

RT @KeepItFiveSTar – I know wrestling can be predictable at times, but if picking lotto numbers were as easy as picking these teams, I’d be a millionaire.

#RAW Remember when Kaval was on a #SurvivorSeries team and then Tyler Reks took his spot? I want that to happen with everybody on both teams

#RAW Apparently that was Bragging Rights and not Survivor Series. Same concept, just with different colors. Sorry.

#BlameMiz RT @penguinpop88: Looks like everyone’s pronouncing Survivor Series D.B.A. Dead BEFORE Arrival. That’s the spirit! #RAW

RT @Gkickperry@5CornersxSmootx Reks, Reks, Reks, Reks and Reks vs. Reks, Reks, Reks, Reks and Reks? I… want to see that too. #TeamReks

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Guys, Beth Phoenix got fired today. I just hope we don’t see her in TNA with a stupid new name like: “The “Glamazing” Elizabeth Cockatoo.”

RT @Matt_Striker_ – Drafting my own Survivor Series team: Dean Douglas, The Genius, Nick Bockwinkle William Regal n Eugene managed by Matt Striker. Any changes?

#RAW Shouts: @StarNinja99 @GKickPerry @Brasshole81 @rotten2tha_core @Andy_Salcedo @hotdogg95 @Riz4Ann

RT @Riz4Ann@5CornersxSmootx I think that happened for #Smackdown’s Bragging Rights Team…

RT @hotdogg95@5CornersxSmootx that was bragging rights 2010

#RAW Shouts: @FarFromForgot @MsLindsieStarr @GKickPerry @Pipervalentine @AnnoyinDreamer_ @shanrcarter72 @supermetsk31

#RAW Shouts: @ceqhfw @ZachG96 @supermetsk31 @NotEdKaul @BotchedSpot @fredthewolf @PuoNayda @GStavrakas

#RAW Shouts: @AndyDandyMandy @TNABooking @The1andonlyRNR @StarNinja99 @K1NG_OTR @penguinpop88 @Executnr

#RAW Shouts: @HashtagPsycho @JoelxDRRomantic @dukect @Netstryke @BLITZENTERPRISE @I_Am_JWeb @PadyLindi @HotRedLipstick

#RAW Shouts: @DubyaDubyaEff @swinehouse @KaptainKayfabe @WWFRAWISWAR @ChrisYoung125 @stevie_zace @Executnr

#RAW Shouts: @TMOne2169 @theeangelf @stevie_zace @karnuj @Seanfranchise6 @ceqhfw @chux4w @smexy_soya03

#RAW Shouts: @marksatrang @R8ed_M @ColoRue @ItsMeDonte758 @TheChaosBlue @K1NG_IC3 @fredthewolf @OniRokaku

#RAW Shouts: @Rachel1324 @woogieman95 @PuoNayda @KerryForrest @shelley_budd @LMitch87 @BLITZENTERPRISE

#RAW Shouts: @DubyaDubyaEff @The_Jason_James @WWEKevinChuff @OlCheeseBurger @MaydayBubby @hitmansfan

#RAW Shouts: @OriginalKingD @ARCofWrestling @1115Timdog @thegreatgib @We_Mark_Out @ShintenSuken @RaTeDReBoRn360

#RAW If I missed anybody, lemme know and I’ll get you next time. Have a great night and try to stay safe.

RT @PinfallMagazine – Sign of the night – pic.twitter.com/Pvf0doko

RT @MikeKillam – I hate to be “that guy”, but even though I’m happy WWE is doing percieved good for the world, I’m not a fan of Susan Komen 4TC.

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