Every show should have JBL’s “Yelling at the Ref’s to Assemble the Ring” seal of approval. #Smackdown, TONIGHT

#Smackdown Alright! Smackdown time! *Orton’s theme starts to play* | Me: Zzzzzzzzzzz

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Orton Promo? #8PMChannelChanger

#Smackdown “Let’s use SDCheers.wav & SDCheers2” RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx Damn that is a lot of post production crowd noise for Orton

#Smackdown *Orton comes out* | “HE’S PLAYING MIND GAMES!” | *ADR interrupts Orton* | “SPEAKING OF MIND GAMES” | #WWEAwful


RT @MrKenanderson – I mean no disrespect…. instagr.am/p/RQ9cantAOa/

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx SIGN “YOLO- You Only Love Orton” #STUPIDSTUPID

#Smackdown *Barrett attacks Orton for no reason* | JBL: “It’s Smackdown Josh, anything can happen”

RT @TNACreative – Looks like @RandyOrton shouldn’t have scared off @WadeBarrett customers. #SmackDown

#Smackdown We’re back and the Did You Know screen apparently got some new music when talking about Facebook.

#Smackdown Teddy makes a non tag match of Barrett/Orton for the main event. JBL/Josh are sandwiched by Sandow and DB. Ohhhh boy.

#Smackdown DB: “You’re an idiot” | Sandow: “I’m the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses” | SD in a nutshell?

#Smackdown Josh: “JBL gets mad when I call you dysfunctional…” | JBL: “YOU’RE ABOUT AS UNBIASED AS CANDY CROWLEY’S SON” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown DB: “Dysfunctional? I’M, the Tag Team Champions!” | Sandow: “That’s not grammatically correct” | THAT’S NOT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT

#Smackdown JBL: “I’ve been in the ring with Kane before, him dysfunctioning someone’s face does make sense”

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Bryan “You talk about dysfunctioning, Kane is gonna dysfunction cody’s face” WOW

#Smackdown Sandow: “I have an IQ approaching infinity, I am actually getting smarter by sitting here”

#Smackdown JBL “…This sunday, that will dysfunction your face!”

RT @JCLayfield – “@IsisRaen: @wwejoshmathews @JCLayfield PS: Your bickering on Smackdown is annoying.”–change the channel to garage wars.
To JCLayfield – I for one find your bickering with @WWEJoshMathews justified and highly entertaining. And I hate Garage Wars.

#Smackdown JBL: “This is a terrible 2 weeks for the Miz, he had a birthday…”

#Smackdown Hey it works for CM Punk, right? RT @YourBoyDrew: So wearing you hoodie makes you threatening now Big Show? Okay.

#Smackdown Josh: “I can play as The Rock and you can be Bret the Hitman Hart” | JBL: “I think you’ll be playing by yourself Josh.”

#Smackdown JBL: “You’re like the presidential debates, I gotta fact check you all the time” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown I like how Josh and JBL are glossing over how humiliating and embarrassed the Miz when Yoshi Tatsu hasn’t won a match this eon

#Smackdown JBL: “You flip flop more than a presidential candidate” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Clearly you’re not listening hard enough RT @Matt_wwe1fan: @5CornersxSmootx sd was crap tonight u said it wud be gud u were wrong

RT @OriginalKingD – The only reasons they keep Yoshi Tatsu is for tours of Asia & keeping Sheamus in line #SMACKDOWN

RT @WWEThatsNotPG – Ryback’s a two story house with a basement? That’s got to be the weirdest description that JR has ever given a man.

#Smackdown Josh: “Hey JBL, maybe one day you’ll climb a pyramid. You already climb mountains” | JBL FACE – img.ly/oXNO

RT @KeepItfivestar – When did Smackdown turn into AM RAW?

#Smackdown Kaitlyn/Eve catfight is only worth reliving just for Layla’s “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” clothesline

#Smackdown I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Booker is surrounded by 4 Divas and hasn’t let out a “SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK”

RT @DaSharpshooters – Eve would have gotten away with it too, if it werent for those meddling divas. #wwe #smackdown

#Smackdown Culprit of this Eve/Kaitlyn angle is starting to shape up as if they’re the same as the WCW Hummer driver, only with a blonde wig

RT @RegalSays – Teddy: You stole my bit, playa!

RT @NotEdKaul@5cornersxsmootx #Heartthrobref trying to cop a feel? http://t.co/g8xKgqpi

#Smackdown As a reminder, from the yet-to-be-released Commenhatin’ archives Booker once said that he would let [Hoeski Era] Eve use him.

#Smackdown JBL: “…some jabroni like Matt Striker” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown’s been all over the place, when I’m paying attention I get a RAW recap, when I’m not, JBL’s taking potshots at Matt Striker.

#Smackdown JBL: “Slithers, slithers. You gotta use snake references cause he’s a viper…” | ORTON’S CHARACTER TRAITS, BURIED!

#Smackdown Oh god, you had to remind me. RT @KeepItFiveStar: Remember when Wade Barrett and Randy Orton fought in an elevator?

RT @JCLayfield – If @wwejoshmathews were a lot better, he would suck. I’m begging to just do @wwe Smackdown by myself. And replace @michaelcole and @JRsBBQ

RT @oniRokaku@5CornersxSmootx @KeepItFiveStar 5th Floor, Hulk Hogan, Old People and Stupid Storylines!

#Smackdown JBL: “Wade’s all over Orton here, you could say he’s ‘slithering’ Josh” | #COMMENHATIN

RT @JCLayfield@MichaelCole why do you block everyone that despises you and likes me?”–I’ve tried to block u for years, don’t know why I can’t.

#Smackdown Josh: “Orton slides into position” | JBL: “You sure it isn’t slither?” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown Barrett clobbers Orton off of ADR’s presence and wins. KO’d Orton so hard that Randy might think he has an acting career again.

#Smackdown Uhh, scarf is coated with Mexican water? RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx Oh No! ADR is punching Orton with a scarf covered fist?

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “Alberto Del Rio…looking to soften up Randy Orton. *Del Rio starts punching Orton with the scarf*…Literally?” – Josh Mathews

#RAW JBL: “Teddy Long had a Blonde Wig, you wanna excuse him?…And he looked UGLY mind you” | #COMMENHATIN

#RAW JBL: “It’s 1 in 3 Josh, it’s basic math. I’m beggin ya…” | #Commenhatin

#Smackdown Black Ref # 2. RT @WWEThatsNotPG: Wait, that’s BlackRef!

#Smackdown JBL: “Do you wanna know that 1 in 3 is worse then 1 in 2 again?” | #Commenhatin

RT @DASharpshooters – Whoa. That Divas match was really good. #WWE #Smackdown #Progress

#Smackdown Brock Lesnar has a DVD coming out this Tuesday, jam packed full of interviews, matches, that obligatory Brock Lesnar fan guy

RT @Karnuj@5CornersxSmootx the brock fanboy totally made me look up his ufc fights to see if that tool was stalking him there too. couldn’t find him

RT @WWERobinson@JCLayfield i heard they needed me on the ring crew last week. Slow pokes! Give’m hell John.

RT @RegalSays – The AJ situation. http://t.co/VUWCVetI

RT @JCLayfield – For the record I have been accused of fraternizing with all the @wwe divas, it is true. #JBLishot

#Smackdown So the #CrapInABox pre show match…is a Cena promo. Man, if only RAW had like 3 HOURS of programming…

#Smackdown In 2012, Kane just asspatted Daniel Bryan before going out the curtain. I can’t function right now.

RT @OniRokaku@5CornersxSmootx But that’ll never happen…

RT @JCLayfield – They say that @jrsbbq in his prime 73 years ago could make snail race interesting. @wwejoshmatthews could make Taker vs Rock at Mania boring

RT @JCLayfield – Kane just gave @WWEDanielBryan a ‘good game’ pat. Bill Clinton once lost spelling bee thinking harass was two words. #justsaying

#Smackdown We’re back with Kane/Cody sandwiching Josh/JBL. Josh points out Cody has ice | Cody: “MY NECK HURTS, I got chokeslammed…”

RT @AndyDandyMandy@5CornersxSmootx We need all those recaps though, man. Priorities, after all.

#Smackdown Cody: “What kind of team is this!?” | JBL: “Kane’s right here, you wanna ask him?”

RT @WWEThatsNotPG – Everyone’s hating on Josh. Poor Josh. #BringBackStriker

#Smackdown JBL: “Josh you better watch your mouth, Kane is sitting right next to me! He beat you up a couple months back…” | #COMMENHATIN

#Smackdown JBL: “Kane how did you like Dr. Shelby” | Kane: “…” | Cody: *Yells at Kane* | JBL: “I’m sitting between you don’t make him mad”

#Smackdown Sandow wins with chicanery in a verbally stimulating matchup. Jesus.

RT @JCLayfield@wwejoshmathews is a 40 year old man with an 8 year old haircut with a 4 year old interview style.

#Smackdown If CM Punk’s DVD has taught me anything, any one of these security guys in the ring right now can end up being WWE champ

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “There’s two things that I love in life. 1. Is being a walking, talking, Irish Stereotype. And 2. Is jokes about Mexicans.” – Sheamus

#Smackdown Sheamus: “You’re a mountain that I’m going to conquer” | Big Show: “You’re not gonna conquer me” | JBL FACE img.ly/oXNO


RT @Pipervalentine@5CornersxSmootx Ambrose? he’s never coming is he?

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx Big Show looks about as apathetic as Nash in 2001

#Smackdown I get what JBL was saying about Sheamus’ promo, felt kinda Cena-y with the yelling, thankfully no doofiness.

RT @JCLayfield – Good ‘go home’ show on Smackdown. Look forward to PPV Sunday in Atlanta if travel lets me get there. @JRsBBQ & @MichaelCole love fest ends.

RT @Aquaman247 – I haven’t been able to watch #Smackdown yet, but @5CornersxSmootx tweets are getting me amped up. #COMMENHATIN

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RT @YourBoyDrew@5CornersxSmootx Lol, CM Punk doesn’t mope around, he didn’t change his mannerisms. Big difference.

#Smackdown was good, just for the commentary alone. Love hearing him tear into Josh. Definitely will be in the upcoming COMMENHATIN video

#Smackdown Weather permitting, I’ll try to be here for #CrapInABox on Sunday. Latest word is that for me it’s looking bettter.

#Smackdown Til then, hope everybody has a great and SAFE weekend.

RT @YourBoyDrew – Fell asleep during Smackdown. It was a real a slobber knocker….get it? Because of drool?……I don’t have to f**kin’ impress you.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx always a pleasure to read and at times participate in ur comical greatness

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