You better watch, otherwise you might miss one of those numerous pointless brawls that do nothing for the show. #ImpactLIVE, TONIGHT!!!

#ImpactLIVE is on the air with a recap and I’m currently defending my Manual Can Opening Championship

#ImpactLIVE Why have I just now dusted off the Manual Can Opening Championship after a several month hiatus? #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT!!!

#ImpactLIVE Hogan tells Hardy that he’s defending the title, Hardy leaves his office and we can suddenly hear his thoughts.

#ImpactLIVE I think we just had a What Women Want moment by hearing Jeff’s thoughts only replace Women with Smarks


RT @NotEdKaul – Who the hell is Todd Kenelly? #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE I got my ear on you Boarsh and Todd Kenelly, NO ONE is immune to #Commenhatin. #NoContinuityNight

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “Kurt Angle…probably think I hacked him. James Storm. Talented, but he drinks too much.” – Jeff Hardy “WE CAN HEAR YOU” – James Storm

#ImpactLIVE Think Hardy’s monologue was to distract us from his 2 belts, when Hogan told AJ that he couldn’t have 2. #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Kennely: “Vertical DDT, he went from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock in a hurry” | HE WENT FROM VERTICAL TO VERTICAL #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Bob Van Dam retains the TV Title against Diet Zima once again, gets ambushed by Morgan and Ryan.

#ImpactLIVE No. RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx are borash and kenelly capable of having a personality?


Aces8s! RT @DAsharpshooters: Good to see Matt Morgan on tv and stuff. Question: Whatever happened to that Crimson fella? #ImpactLive #tna

RT @TableOfJapan – Matt Morgan should change his finisher name from The Carbon Footprint to The Low Down Payment #ImpactLive

RT @VivaMattyVegas@5CornersxSmootx that title is more important than the knockout tag

#ImpactLIVE Can’t believe that Tenay/Taz’s bickering lead to Nitro announce teams. Have to wait til 9 to be told how to spend my Thurs night

#ImpactLIVE Not just awful. #TNAwful! RT @DAsharpshooters: @5CornersxSmootx that would be so awful

RT @TNACreative – If we go 3 hours one day, we’ll have to get Larry Zbyszko & Lee Marshall under contract as our 3rd string announce team. #ImpactTonight

#ImpactLIVE Guess they didn’t like Tenay’s monitors in laps comment RT @SpinninToeHold: @5CornersxSmootx lmao what about the Spanish team?

#ImpactLIVE LOL, they’re struggling to put over Taz/Tenay will be in the 2nd hour. #NoContinuityNight #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Daniels: “It’s supposed to be ‘Championship Thursday’, but it’s not really Championship Thursday” | NOPE IT’S #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT

#ImpactLIVE Daniels: “Why don’t you call yourselves Dos Stereotypicos” | #COMMENHATIN

RT @TableOfJapan – So Brooke is Mrs. Backend? At least she’s not making an ass of herself #TerribleTerriblePuns #ImpactLive

RT @KeepItFiveStar – The only non-stereotypical thing about Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez is their music.

RT @DASharpshooters – I want to sign the petition! #ImpactLive #DosStereotypicos

#ImpactLIVE We’re back with one of these “Hogan Tells You What Draws” segment. *Hogan Facepalm* #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Anderson’s the first one eliminated despite Hogan handpicking him to be here last week. #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Anderson leaves Hogan’s office and things are suddenly a lot normal and non color adjusted. #TNAwful #NoContinuityNight


RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx LOL “Cut! OK!” #TNAwful #ProductionFAIL

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx best part was hearing the director yell cut!

#ImpactLIVE Everybody in the production department seriously needs to be fired. Jesus Christ.

RT @DASharpshooters – TNA’s production crew is sloppier than Ryback’s ring work. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Apparently Aces8s club hangout is the computer room at the local YMCA with horrendous bright lights. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Samoa Joe vs Rob Terry here now. This should be a good match despite Borash and Not Joey Styles calling it.

RT @Chux4w – Robbie E distracted the ref so Robbie T could back Joe into a corner, completely legally. What a despicable heel. #Impact

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx this guy is actually like a poor man’s Josh Matthews

#ImpactLIVE Samoa Joe retains in a match where if you blinked, you missed it. #NoContinuityNight

So Taz? RT @Methusael86: @5CornersxSmootx I hope the dart landed on some random jobber who doesn’t mean much to the company. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE *BFG Tara/Tessmacher recap with the tint off* | *Tess promo in normal colors* | *Hogan segment w/ color filters* | #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Angle or James Storm will face Hardy in the main event…Angle faces Hardy in the main event, TONIGHT! #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE All that AND a bag of chips *snap snap snap* RT @KeepItFiveStar: “Get to steppin?” What’s next Mr. Kennedy? “Talk to the hand?”

#ImpactLIVE Only about 10 minutes away til Taz/Tenay come back and start squabblin’ like an old married couple.

#ImpactLIVE Anderson/Aries up right now. KA: “C’MON BITCH!!!” | *Crowd wakes up*

RT @MAFFEWGREGG – Someone’s ALREADY uploaded the TNA production botch. ”Cut!”

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx is it just me or does Borash sound like he pronounces “Always” as “Ow-ayes”?

#ImpactLIVE Borash: “This is not even Open Fight Night…it’s Championship Thursday” | #NOContinuityNight

Dynamite stick clock + pyro RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx Wonder how they’ll transition announce teams during a match on air. #ImpactLive

RT @SpinninToeHold@NotEdKaul @5CornersxSmootx as good as they are at yelling CUT on-air.

#ImpactLIVE Todd Kenelly no sells the ref bump, Aries Eddie Guerrero’s knucks into KA’s hand, ref doesn’t call for a DQ…

#ImpactLIVE …Aries wallops KA with 2nd set of brass knucks, KA no sells, 2 count, Last Chancery, Aries wins. #NoContinuityNight #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Pectacular: “I had to take 12 tomato baths to get the smell of skunk off of me” | TNA, in a nutshell this week. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE After segments, Taz/Tenay are pretending to be all nicey nice to their potential replacements if they don’t shape up.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – LOL Kurt Angle’s picture looks like a fat baby.

RT @KeepItFiveSTar – “*ECW Theme Rip-Off* “YOU KNOW I LIKE CHEESE! TOO TOUCH! AND ICE CREAMMMM! I GOT A SUGAR RUSH” – Brooke Tessmacher’s Theme
TO KeepitFiveStar – I hear it as “When I tease. You touch. I scream. I’M GETTINWAFFLEHOUSE!!!”

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Watch your language.” | Tenay: “Excuse me?” | HERE WE GO

#ImpactLIVE Taz just called Mr. Pectacular, Honey Boo Boo I think and made some comment about the darks. #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Jesse, c’mon this is a knockout that you’re manhandling here”

#ImpactLIVE Tara retains due to Jesse pulling the rope down. Nails the Widow’s Peak and has “Cinemax Before Dark” Sex with her Boo. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Brooke H: “Next week is Open Fight Night” | BACK-TO-BACK #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT!

#ImpactLIVE INB4 James Storm eliminates himself for a title shot to fight Bobby Roooooo one more time.

Now’s the time to start a THIS SHOW SUCKS chant. RT @DAsharpshooters: Hating this show. 2nd hour is sucking. #ImpactLive #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Joe Park wants to fight Aces8s, Hogan says their full blown killers. I mean c’mon they totally killed Joe Pa…oh right #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Park: “If you can’t stand with me then you better get away from me” | Hogan: “I’ll think about it, get out”

RT @DASharpshooters – I think Joesph Park stop caring about his brother Abyss. You know, ABYSS! #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray wants Devon to come out and explain himself and joined Aces8s. So quiet, you could hear someone chewing food.

RT @KeepItfiveStar – How could Devon sell out? He didn’t have a contract.

#ImpactLIVE If Devon goes off the rails here and brings up Hogan’s Sex Tape, I’ll totally mark out right now.

RT @AndyDandyMandy#ImpactLIVE So why should I hate Devon? He said Hogan was full of crap and it’s true.

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray: “NOBODY’S EVER KICKED OUT OF OUR FINISH…” | *Footage proving Bully Ray wrong*

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray: “You said to me, screw the fan we’re rich.” | Devon: “It’s true, screw the idiots” | LOLOLOLOL

RT @SugarDunkerton – Bully Ray just justified a heel turn from 2 years ago to justify his face turn…..I salute this man.

#ImpactLIVE On #NoContinuityNight, Bully Ray/Devon just brought the most continuity in one segment than months of TNA programming. Bravo!

RT @TheRealEvilNeo – “Oh, I’ve got balls!” – Devon, inb4 Kahonez is newest member of Aces & Eights.

BEST thing on the show tonight, hands down. RT @DAsharpshooters: Damn Devon and Bully had a great segment. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Next Week’s GutCheck guy is Christian York, Joey Mercury’s former partner. Uhhh, okay.

RT @Ceqhfw@5CornersxSmootx Christian York thinking 2002 was 13 years ago…..

#ImpactLIVE Apparently Hogan thinks Kurt Angle is a cyborg. Angle/Hardy, after the break! #NoContinuityNight

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx York “Everything I’ve gone through, every injection I’ve had”…usually users aren’t as open to cameras bout illegal acts

RT @PenguinPop88@5CornersxSmootx If I could do quick, quality photo editing, Angle’s face on Cyborg would be a thing. #SomeoneGetOnThat

RT @Phenomclassic93 – Hogan: “You and I need to talk. I got something huge” That’s not what bubba’s ex wife said ;D #IMPACTLIVE @TNACreative @Maffewgregg

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “This guys got four eyeballs, who goes around and doesn’t have 4 eye balls!?” | The fuck!?

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Jeff Hardy’s theme music sounds like he has too many tabs open in his browser and they’re all playing music.

#ImpactLIVE Tenay: “What is it that Hogan called him, a cyborg” | Taz: “HE IS A FRIGGIN’ CYBORG, look at him, has a big bald head…”

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Whoa! Yambag City right there buddy”

RT @TNACReative@5CornersxSmootx What’s missing is a bullet wound in his forehead.

#ImpactLIVE Taz is bragging about how @ImpactWrestling hashtagged #YambagCity. Guess that’s not a good way to spend a Thursday night.

#ImpactLIVE Why is it so hard for production to cue up a Double Feature replay without help from the announcers? #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Apparently Taz remembered the analogy of being hood ornament in TNA from a couple years ago for some reason.

#ImpactLIVE Hardy right now in this point of the match looked like he snuffed a bunch of Strawberry NesQuik

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx remember when finishers were finishers? #GoodTimes

#ImpactLIVE Angle spits up blood, pulls the straps down, and Hardy gets Angle with a sunset flip. #RiseAboveRollups #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Decent match despite Hardy being involved, terrible finish.


#ImpactLIVE Aries takes the original TNA title away from Hardy, leaving him with his butt-crayon designed one. Aries/Hardy #TurningPoint

#ImpactLIVE Aces8s in the back take out Angle while his boyfriend Wes Briscoe is late with the save. #WHERESTHEDOCTOR!?!?

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx “You allright? Get a Trainer!” CUT ! OK ! #TNAwful

#TNA Shouts: @PoisonHeart1 @NotEdKaul @johnnygunnzz1 @JoelxDRRomantic @TNACreative @PuoNayda @effinpeaz @penguinpop88

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RT @R8ed_M – The match between @realkurtangle & @JEFFHARDYBRAND was pretty good #ImpactLive

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