Kelly Kelly released/quit/fired/no longer in WWE. Gone not with a bang, but a ”Who was she again oh right yeah I remember she was orange.”

Tune in and watch before anybody else on the roster spoils what they’re doing on the show. #Smackdown, after I eat pancakes, NEXT

#Smackdown Cole: “When you’re Big Show’s size, you can do anything you want” | Except entertain people in 2012.

RT @TNACreative – Tonight’s theme performed by a guy that melted down like he was wrestling @Sting #Smackdown

#Smackdown Big Show: “No one’s making fun of me anymore” | Once again, Big Show doesn’t check twitter.

#Smackdown Not sure he’s Bully Ray. RT @LightsOutRBT50: @5CornersxSmootx how can he with those sausage link fingers of his

#Smackdown Bryan/Sheamus started WM off RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx Big Show is bitching bout how Bryan was in main event of WM…

#Smackdown ADR: “I was cheetah’d by Booger T!” | #HowIHearADRTalk

#Smackdown ADR starts griping like he’s Ted Dibiase and moments after getting in the ring, ADR gets RKO’d…like he was Ted Dibiase.

RT @TheRealBrandonF – Doesn’t WWE saturated the market with all these shows and makes the idea of a Network seem seem moot because you can get free content? #WWE

RT @TNACreative – A man who can’t control a sock puppet fights for a belt. Still not as bad as @GarettBischoff #Bischoff609 #SmackDown

#Smackdown Josh: “Santino calls his MMA, Marella Martial Arts” | #WOMPWOMP

#Smackdown Cole: “Remember this is for the United States Championship!” | Sounds like Cole just remembered just now.

#Smackdown Cole: “Antonio was going for the Neutralizer and Santino neutralized it” | OH COME ON.

#Smackdown Like to point out that Santino’s downfall was taking too much time doing “Testicles, Spectacles, Wallet, & Watch” on the top rope

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx He earned a Gran Torino scowl from Eastwood.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx sounds like Cole has been reading Taz’s book on how to be a better commentator

#Smackdown #NoChantsInHell

#Smackdown Hopefully also named Gerald. RT @RegalSays: Next waitress next week on these skits… Kelly Kelly.

#Smackdown Beth and Nattie in Beth’s hometown, this might very well be the match of the night. Also WAY TOO close a shot of Eve’s face.

#Smackdown Nattie slapped the taste out of Beth, Beth goes all Charlie Haas on Nattie.


#Smackdown Beth Glam Slam’s Nattie, only gets a 2 count. Beth slowly morphing into that creature from the Planet Fitness commercial.

#Smackdown After being shocked Nattie rolls up Beth, Beth rolls up Nattie and gets the win. #RiseAboveRollups.

RT @BotchedSpot – Why didn’t Eve bring her title out with her? Champions should carry their title, dammit! #smackdown

#Smackdown Eve suspends indefinitely Beth for the attack on Kaitlyn, Nattie pleading not to blame her and starts to cry. Thus, SHE DID IT!

IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. A Family Disorder according to Booker T. RT @K1NG_OTR: At least she is Fartalya-ing #WWE #SmackDown

#Smackdown Teddy: “That tag team division, is lookin real hot playa” | TEDDY’S TAG TEAM LEVITRA IS KICKING IN.

#Smackdown Booker: “See, I AM the General Manager” | NOOO, I’M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

#Smackdown I absolutely love how WWE’s pussyfooting around with Beth’s character as a segue if she’s leaving the company or not.

#Smackdown Love the subtle fades from Foley to Cena addressing CM Punk. Video work, top notch.

RT @HeelZiggler – “@katherinewheelx: The assailant that attacked @KaitlynWWE is blonde, @HEELZiggler, u can’t use ur MITB on the Diva’s title.”??

#Smackdown Zack Ryder, the Woo Woo Woo kid vs THE Wade Barrett, the Male Prostitute. Cole grilling Josh about something.

#Smackdown Wade Barrett CLOBBERS the shit out of Zack Ryder, WITH DA GREATEST OF EASE

RT @KeepITFiveStar – I’m waiting for the bonus segment of RAW where Wade Barrett destroys a car. #StreetFighterJokes

#Smackdown DBryan: “We destroyed 8 men last Friday night” | THAT’S NOT PG!

RT @TNACreative@WWEDanielBryan yelling no before @WWESheamus appears. Subtle. #Smackdown

#Smackdown The Miz talk show here. Sheamus comes out and he’s already tossing shit around. If this is Miz’s show gimmick, it’s kinda awesome

#Smackdown Also how can Miz afford all these leather couches with his Straight to Bargain Bin salary?

RT @Shanrcarter72@5CornersxSmootx You know that’s a pleather set they got from Valu-City.

#Smackdown *Cracks a joke about Miz’s salary* | *Miz goes on a tirade from various outlets of how he gets paid*

#Smackdown Sheamus: “C’mon Miz, nobody actually wants to pay to see you” | Nobody wants to pay to see you either Sheamus.

#Smackdown What the hell is a lal-mauwd?

#Smackdown Here to start throwing couches around and subbing in for Ryback, DOLPH ZIGGLER!

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx must be an irish thing.

#Smackdown Of the two, I’d be more inclined for Miz too. RT @ChrisYoung125: @5CornersxSmootx Well I would pay to see Miz.

RT @EdgeRatedR#favoritecoffeemug

#Smackdown Edge’s Favorite Coffee Mug is more over than this show tonight.

#Smackdown Clearly Miz didn’t do his homework on interviewing and making fun of Sheamus, should’ve boned up on old Abraham Washington shows.

RT @ScottStanford1 – There go those Spanish Leather Couches!!

#Smackdown Tag Team King of the Ring time with The Usos against a terribly named team, comin up on the other side of the break.

RT @K1NG_OTR – Or Otungas! 😀 RT @5CornersxSmootx: #Smackdown Edge’s Favorite Coffee Mug is more over than this show tonight.

RT @Chux4w – Sheamus: For when one John Cena just isn’t enough. #SmackDown

#Smackdown No pre-match tribal yell or pyro for the Usos. REMEMBER, REVITALIZING THE TAG TEAM DIVISION.


#Smackdown Didn’t notice this before, Tag Team Tourney boxes are parallelograms thus proving WWE doesn’t actually give a shit bout Tag Teams

RT @BotchedSpot – Izzat Will from Will and Grace in a WWE Studios movie? Wasn’t Jack on a talk show making fun of WWE? #Smackdown > #WillAndGrace

#Smackdown @BotchedSpot Yes and Yes.

#Smackdown THE BLANKETY BLANKSTERS RT @TheBarbieBlank: New name for my fans? I’m taking suggestions.

RT @Chux4w – I like Rhodes, I like Sandow, but I don’t like Rhodes Scholars. It’s a sucky name, and they don’t feel like a good fit. #SmackDown

#Smackdown Ryback vs Tensai. Hopefully Ryback’s cholesterol levels won’t skyrocket from all the fat he’s feeding on.

#Smackdown Kudos to Tensai for helping Ryback lifting him up for the finish. THAT was Goldberg-esc.

#Smackdown Cole: “YOU GOTTA BE KITTEN ME!”

#Smackdown Orton’s walking to the ring when Del Rio sneak attacks him from behind. THEY DID THIS EXACT SEGMENT IN AUGUST WITH ZIGGLER/Y2J.

#Smackdown Because I couldn’t fit it in the previous tweet, #WWEAwful

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Randy Orton didn’t hear Alberto Del Rio’s footsteps because he was too busy listening to the Voices in his head.

RT @LightsOutRBT50 – Atleast Ryback’s Slam went better For Tensi then A F-5 @5CornersxSmootx #TheRawLoaf

RT @TNACreative – So now @RandyOrton may be injured. He’ll need to go to the medical clearance papers. #Smackdown

#Smackdown Wow, so they actually do throw up the name boxes for the live crowd. Don’t remember that when I attended RAW some few years ago.


#Smackdown And again the Del Rio/Orton sneak attack recycled from Ziggler/Y2J –

#Smackdown oh look. the powerhouse is dominating the good guy. no way is the good guy going to win with one move whatsoever

#Smackdown Josh: “Welcome back, this is our main event although not as competitive as we had hoped” | LOL

#Smackdown Okay, that was Orton’s damn fault for going after a move that’s allegedly banned.

#Smackdown If anything I thought Orton wins, & Big Show just annihilates an injured Orton to write him off and take his spot at #CrapInABox

RT @KeepItFiveStar – LOL Randy Orton falls like Crash Bandicoot

RT @Chux4w – Build Sheamus v Del Rio for four months, switch to Sheamus v Show right before Hell In A Cell. #WWELogic #SmackDown

#Smackdown was on the fence tonight. Not much Commenhatin and sadly, not much else either. Beth/Nattie Match of the Night though. RT @JJTheMark: @5CornersxSmootx #CrapInABox EPIC

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