RT @VivaMattyVegas – Hopefully #Raw can do what #Vegas can’t, make Criss Angel disappear.

RT @DASharpshooters – Monday Night Raw: A Tribute to John Cena’s arm is about to come on. #wwe #Raw

#RAW Punk’s having a sit in while Heyman recaps last week’s main event. TNA should take note from Heyman’s production cues.

RT @WWECreative_Ish – Yes, @CMPunk came to chew gum and look surly. Unlike @R_Roddy_Piper he isn’t out of chewing gum. #RAWTonight

RT @RegalSays – New ref gets a graphic onscreen introduction.


RT @WWECreative_Ish – This is what we get for hiring an indie wrestler to be a referee #RAWTonight

RT @King_OTR – Heyman: “Oooooh no, you made him get up” #WWE #RAW

RT @ImAMelFo – Brad Maddox looks like DJ’s boyfriend from Full House, Steve. #Raw

#RAW Punk: “How can you come down here and pretend to be a man” | Yeah, real men hug other men around these parts!

#RAW WWE jabbing at something relevant? Gotta be an Arn Anderson idea, just like how he allegedly came up with the “Walkout on HHH” angle

#RAW Apparently AJ put on her big girl pants this week.

#RAW LOL CM Punk throws it to a video from 2 months ago with mic feedback.

#RAW Punk throws AJ under the bus. Heyman promptly mocks AJ’s crazy character from 2 months ago. This is hilarious.

#RAW Heyman: “…I like them young…” | PAUL HEYMAN A MARRIED PEDO, CONFIRMED

RT @RegalSays – Paul Heyman already has made this Raw 10/10 with that.

RT @WrestleZoneCom – Heyman “I’ll come up with all the ideas, then you can take credit for it”. That’s a shoot #Wrestlezone

RT @TableOfJapan – After that segment, YouTube’s average comment on WWE videos: “FUCK PG ERA FINALLY OVER THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!”

RT @Chux4w – JR: “Heyman is a slimeball. S-L-I-M-E-B-A-double L.” – THAT’S NOT JEFF JARRETT! #Raw


#RAW AJ says that if Maddox fucks up again, he’ll be Wes Adams’d, and they promptly goes off into a Festus like trance.

RT @WWECreative_ish – For those of you confused, no, that isn’t @JRSBBQ ‘s evil twin. #RAWTonight

RT @TNACreative – Of all our storylines to rip off, their choosing Garett Bischoff: Incompetent Referee? Well except for the talent & lack of nepotism.

#RAW Ziggler vs Kofi. R-Truth has a soda and popcorn for Lil’ Jimmy. Vickie starts to Eastwood again. Ref tosses both of them.

RT @WWECreative_ish – Twitter Feuds > Tout Feuds. #RAWTonight

#RAW Cole: “From Criss Angel, ‘Leave Little Jimmy Alone!'” | JR: “Easy for him to say, he can make anything disappear” | Like viewers

#RAW “I CAN’T CONTROL MY HORNY LEVEL” RT @NotEdKaul: @5CornersxSmootx please bring chris hansen to raw next week #ToCatchAPedoHeyman

No. RT @RealityofChris: Is it weird for anyone else to hear Cole and JR as the only two on commentary tonight? #RAW

RT @NotEDKaul@5CornersxSmootx I’m prepared for the HIAC main event to get big show’d and vince will still charge 45.00 for it

RT @KeepITFiveStar – Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler are rockin the shit out of this match!

RT @WWECreative_Ish – Apparently 8:30 is the main event hour. #RAWTonight

#RAW Incredible match between Kofi/Ziggler. Please let this be the training wheels of Zigger NOT having Vickie by his side.

#RAW JR: “Cena was in Alabama with the BEST IN THE WORLD at fixing people up” | LOL

#8PMCurtainJerker RT @WWECreative_ish: Dr. James Andrews is the best in the world? Will the disrespect of @CMPunk ever stop? #RAWTonight

#WeWantStriker #RAW RT @Matt_Striker_: Really digging this RawActive gig . Why they’d give me a live mic is beyond me….

Big thumbs up! RT @JRsBBQ: How we doing folks on #WWE #Raw? Helluva match w/ Ziggler vs Kofi. #sauceIT

#RAW Daniel Bryan. Kane. Dr. Shelby. I’m The Tag Team Champions. Coming soon to a Walmart DVD Bargain Bin, near you.

#RAW Kane: “This is stupid” | BOY YOU SAID IT!

#RAW Kane: “My name is Gerald, and I’m the waiter” > HHH: “I’m Mr. Bradstone and I’m the Chaperone”

RT @TableOfJapan – A #Smackdown recap on #Raw? Is today opposite day or something?


RT @Chux4w@JoeyStyles @WWEDanielBryan: No chants in hell.

#RAW I’m on the @Chux4w bandwagon. Either “Team No Chants in Hell” or GTFO

#RAW I don’t think there’s a coincidence that JR is saying “YOU GOTTA BELIEVE” while Black Cena and Titus are doing the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Last week, the fans chanted “WE WANT NEXUS!” WWE responds by giving us a reunion of “Co-Bro.”

RT @SandoraElite – Team #NoChantsInHell via @chux4w sounds great

#RAW Couple of Dollars get the win on Santino and Ryder in just a couple of seconds.

#RAW Coming up that door with the RAW Special Guest sign attached to it, will make it’s way to the ring. NEXT

#RAW Mick Foley coming down because he can. #MrsFoleysBabyBoy

RT @JRSBBQ – Admit it, there’s a part of you that loves hearing @JRSBBQ talk about @RealMickFoley. #RAWTonight

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Wait, there are WWE Universe cards? I never got one of those….

#RAW Foley comes down and gripes about CM Punk, Punk like Beetlejuice is about to confront Foley. #9PMCurtainJerker

RT @Garrett_22884 – If this is all about text messages, then is Nash coming out next? #WWE #Raw

RT @BreakingKayfabe – JIM CORNETTE QUOTE! #Raw

#RAW Why haven’t they used Foley to put over angles like this more often? He’s killing it.

RT @DASharpshooters – “KOOL-AID Drinker” sounds like a racial slur. #wwe #raw

#RAW CM Punk just tossed the spinner belt as if he just realized it had John Cena cooties all over it. #NEWBELTPLOX


#RAW Mick Foley just argued one hell of a point to CM Punk as if Punk was Ric Flair. Jesus what a night tonight.

RT @WWECreative_Ish – If you needed Criss Angel to let you know @RealMickFoley can deliver a great promo, turn your set off now. #RAWTonight

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “I respect Mick Foley. CM Punk has a lot to learn about respect. Maybe I can pull respect out of his ears like a quarter.” – Criss Angel

#RAW Ryback vs Miz. This is how you treat a star of a 3rd installment of movie franchise nobody cares about.


RT @WWECreative_Ish – How stupid do you have to be to run into the ring during a Ryback match? #RAWTonight

#RAW To that fan who hopped the barricade. You’re a segment late and a dollar short.

#RAW Ryback, with fan participation, gets the win on the Miz as if he was nothing.


RT @WWECreative_Ish – For those keeping score, this is our SECOND When Harry Met Sally parody. #RAWTonight

RT @WhatMathewsSays – That was the greatest segment in the history of our sport.

#RAW We’re back and AJ is telling the refs that WWE doesn’t use Instant Replay EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE TIME WHEN MIKE CHIODA DID!

RT @Chux4w – 1 girl, 4 referees. #Raw

#RAW Sheamus/Mysterio/SinCara vs ADR/Otunga/RicRod. Yikes, not looking forward to that.

#RAW Right now THE Wade Barrett is tearing apart Tyson Kidd, not the best way to treat somebody who was in Money in the Bank.

#RAW Lawler interview up next. I really hope he’s on his throne when Memphis’ Fox 5 interviewed him.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I wonder if Tyson Kidd enjoyed his sample of “the product.”

RT @DomFratangelo@5CornersxSmootx and Jimmy Korderas and Mickie Henson did in 2007 when Batista and Undertaker Steel Cage match ended in a draw

RT @JRSBBQ@JerryLawler live int NEXT. Kings voice raspy but look @ the twinkle in his eyes.

RT @DASharpshooters – Who is the guy in the production truck that wants us to see the pic of Lawler almost dying several times? So not necessary. #wwe

#RAW What a pop for the King.

RT @Chux4w – Don’t feel too bad King, I don’t remember the tag match either. #Raw

#RAW King: “I defy anybody to sit next to you for 3 hours and NOT have a heart attack” | LOLOLOLOLOLOL

RT @NovaKnight21@5CornersxSmootx That was a heartfelt interview with that giant talking carrot.

RT @MarkSatrang@5CornersxSmootx COMMENHATINH! from The King

RT @WrittenConsent – I’m glad that everyone went from being all “OMG PRAY FOR KING” to shitting on his tan. Classy guys, classy.

#RAW From a legit genuine interview with Jerry Lawler (#GetWellJerry) to an abysmal 6 person tag after the break.

RT @WWECreative_Ish – In case you get confused, Sheamus is the one NOT in a mask #RAWTonight

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a team more.

#RAW *Otunga comes out, Del Rio comes out* | *Commercial* | *Faces comes out* | *Commercial* | C’mon I’d expect this shit from TNA.

#RAW Cole just called Criss Angel the “Magician of the Century”. Yeah pretty sure that’s Lance Burton or David Copperfield.

RT @Stevie_Zace@5CornersxSmootx criss angel is so clever he made his brain cell disappear while he tweets

#RAW JR: “There’s a lot of Mexican Heritage in the ring right now” | TOO MANY MEXICANS, TOO MANY MEXICANS WOAHHHHHHHH-OHHHHH…

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx Cody Rhodes’s “Dashing” theme song came to mind. Lol

#RAW Thanks JR, I didn’t need to know that you know a thing in popping buttons.

RT @AndyDandyMandy@5CornersxSmootx Quick! Someone call the governor of Arizona!

#RAW Sin Cara, Sheamus, and a New York Knicks mascot pick up the win.

RT @WWECreative_Ish – It took two former world champions & the most popular Mexican star of all time to beat @RRWWE. #RAWTonight

#RAW JR: “Sheamus is a walking Slobberknocker” | #NotAWord

#RAW John Cena, to aid the graphics dept with an updated photo of his sudden surgery, coming up next.


RT @TableOfJapan – You thought Sin Cara got out of that match without a botch? Think again (thanks to @JailedATM for this) pic.twitter.com/KTrpBhOt

RT @WWECreative_Ish – Meat is murder, but not when it advances an angle #RAWTonight

#RAW The way these bits have been, I can’t tell if Daniel Bryan was puking on Dr. Shelby or just started giving him a blowjob.

RT @TNACreative – He’s Gonna…..He’s Gonna……He’s Gonna PUKE! He’s Gonna PUKE! He’s Gonna PUKE! #RAW

#RAW #TeamNoChantsInHell

RT @KeepITFiveSTar – Wait….are one of the lyrics to the RAW Theme “Press X to Reload?”


#RAW Team Hell No is the name chosen and then get ambushed by Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Importantly SANDOW HAS HIS OWN SHIRT!

Compared to Air Boom? I doubt it. RT @chux4w: Team Rhodescholars? That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard. #Raw

RT @RickWWESignGuy – I will be getting the new Sandow shirt. Love it! @WWEEgger

RT @KaptainKayfabe@5CornersxSmootx @chux4w Both beat ShowMiz and JeriShow. I hate corny tag names.

#RAW Layla/Fox vs Beth/Eve. Remember Tamina? Neither does the WWE.

#RAW JR: “You can’t sleep with Alicia…” | #ThatsNotPG

RT @KeepItFiveStar- I’m surprised Beth Phoenix didn’t come out to the ring in a hoodie, sweatpants and slippers. #GlamazonFarewellTour

RT @DASharpshooters – The Beth Phoenix road to retirement is going to be a sad one. #wwe #raw


RT @Garrett_22884 – Ugh this is stupid! Maybe a heel turn for @RealKellyKelly ? #WWE #Raw

#RAW So Kaitlyn gets the security footage….but doesn’t bother to show it to the fans. Alright.

#RAW No but he IS a diva. #BAM! RT @KeepItFiveStar: Is Dean Ambrose blonde?

RT @TableOfJapan – It was a blonde that attacked Kaitlyn? That counts for about 75% of Divas ever. #Raw

Or Kelly Kelly. RT @chux4w: Ok, so if it’s not Beth, the only other blonde diva is Natalya. Case closed. #Raw

#RAW JR: “I think I just pulled my groin watching them dance” | Cole: “You pulled your groin on the ramp earlier” | #Commenhatin

RT @DASharpshooters – I think Tensai finally body-bagged Sakamoto. RIP. #wwe #Raw

#RAW Cole: “Not often can you splash Tensai” | #THATSNOTPG

#RAW Brodus/Tensai just got Big Show’d. Good because I really was afraid this was going to be the main event.


#RAW JR: “Restaurant quality right hand from the Big Show” | The hell does that mean? Who’s going to legit eat the Big Show’s fist?

RT @AndyDandyMandy#RAW Big Show is currently my favorite wrestler. If all he did was come out to ruin awful matches, I’d love him even more.

#RAW I’m not sure. Thought KK was still on the roster. RT @chux4w: @5CornersxSmootx: Is she still around? Pretty sure she’s gone.

#RAW Everything > Joey Styles making fun of a Touter.

#RAW Apparently that bastard is Randy Orton. Lol RT @SekaiIshtal: @5CornersxSmootx Some poor bastard of a jobber on #Smackdown this week

#RAW Pander to one of the most vicious diseases known to man // Come out looking like just came from chemotherapy

NOPE.AVI. RT @garrett_22884: You’ve got to be a douche to boo #RiseAboveCancer #WWE #Raw


RT @YourBoyDrew – What happened to Cena’s arm? #FappinForBreastCancer #TheyreSTILLBreast

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I’d rather John Cena just not say anything instead of that bee monkey crap he just spouted out.

RT @DASharpshooters – The world wont implode without you for a couple of weeks, Cena. #wwe #Raw

RT @JayDubShow – I was LITERALLY typing a tweet giving Cena praise for dropping the corny jokes, then I had to erase it after that shit #wwe

RT @WWEThatsNotPG – The fuck is he saying? Is what he said a couple months ago about “a couple months off” finally coming true?

RT @ImaCuriousParty@5CornersxSmootx Reminds me of those CenGruber photoshops you did in 2010. What an awful year (for the most part).

#RAW For the record, you can get donations for a good cause, let alone stopping Cancer, without Cena or a stupid fucking tagline with it.

#RAW He’s afraid Punk will flip it around and hit the floor again. RT @ShaneHelmsCom: Heyman carrying the title for Punk is a nice touch.

RT @Chux4w – Cena demanding a title shot, doesn’t want to deal with the formality of something like, you know, earning it. #Raw

#RAW Really Albany, NY? A CM Junk chant? Come on.

RT @NovaKnight21@5CornersxSmootx MY SIGN GETS MORE TV TIME THAN ZACH RYDER. Sign commenhatin.

RT @MasterGio@5CornersxSmootx upstate NY is an embarrassment 2 us in the city.

RT @Chux4w – Picnic at the beach, you say? Is that the PG version of the old WCW PPV? #Raw

#RAW Cena: “REAL. MEN. WEAR. PINK.” | And speak like Ned Flanders too?

#RAW Cena’s giving people weapons at ringside, shaking hands. Backstage Punk after getting walloped by a pipe, kicks Foley.

#RAW Punk turns around and sees Ryback protecting a fallen Foley. YES! I LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING! SOMEBODY WANTS A TITLE SHOT.

#RAW Loved the first 2 hours, pretty gripping content. 3rd hour (10pm-11:10pm), sucked dick.

RT @Executnr@5CornersxSmootx real men dont take female dressing advice either Cant imagine waking up and saying Im going to wear pink today, #NOVASELINE

RT @KenBerndt@Executnr @5cornersxsmootx somewhere Don Johnson’s ears are burning #miamivice

RT @Booopsey – Reading about Justin Roberts taking down a fan who jumped the barricade makes my heart smile.

RT @MaulerMMA – How does @EdgeRatedR have 93 000 more followers than me? You people are obviously forgetting that I totally pinned him in Oxford House.

RT @KenJennings – Replacement refs the virgil or the real?

RT @WadeBarrett – Don’t know what I enjoyed more tonight… wrestling @KiddWWE or observing @WWEArmstrong’s intruder takedown technique. #HardBodyRef

#RAW Shouts: @Diecot @TomMurray93 @SekaiIshtal @feelingventi @R8ed_M @ZachG96 @ctprincess1 @KenBerndt @MasterGio

#RAW Shouts: @Methusael86 @Executnr @NotEdKaul @SackSteveKean @Und3rAverageJoe @MattyNitro @fredthewolf @OniRokaku

#RAW Shouts: @ChrisYoung125 @feelingventi @ceqhfw @NovaKnight21 @chux4w @ObnoxiousCJWebb @Andy_Salcedo @Demonjinchuriki

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