Rumor has it that there’s some kind of special appearance that has a certain EDGE to him, Tune in and find out who. #Smackdown, NEXT

RT @WWFRAWISWAR@5CornersxSmootx Bob Sparky plug holly ?

#Smackdown Clearly Edge is here to fill in for Lawler, obviously he missed the part that Lawler only does RAW.


RT @K1NG_OTR – Fake cheers for Haven, no fucks given #WWE #SmackDown

#Smackdown *Edge shows footage of Kane/DB from RAW #ImTheTagTeamChampions* | *Fans Chant YES YES YES*

RT @TNACreative – So it was a hug that brought @EdgeRatedR back. His war on stupidity in @WWE continues. #SmackDown

RT @KeepItFiveStar – See? Edge is criticizing the product already.

#Smackdown DBryan: “There’s nothing you or anybody else can do to make me snap” | “MY NAME IS CLAIRE LYNCH, AND I’M AN ADDICT”

RT @Yuk728 – WOW anyone else see guy in front row on Smackdown wearing a shirt that says “Future Endeavored” lmao

#Smackdown Edge: “You’re not Barney the Big Red Dinosaur, YOU’RE THE BIG RED MONSTER” | Smackdown in a nutshell tonight.

RT @Chux4w – Sure, mention the pizza on the face but not the drop off the balcony. The pizza is the important part. #SmackDown

#Smackdown Edge and Kane just hugged it out. Edge looks baffled and confused as if his man-card just got raped.

#Smackdown DBryan is throwing a tirade that he’s not getting hugged, Edge and Kane look to fix that UNTIL DAMIEN SANDOW COMES OUT. SANDOW’D!

RT @FemmeJomo – Group hugs are even better… I’m actually sad to see Sandow break this up. #Smackdown

#Smackdown Edge tries to book a match between Sandow and Kane or DB by polling the crowd with an IRATE Sandow. Sandow hates democracy.

#Smackdown Apparently it wasn’t a thing like I was expecting last night. RT @Andy_Salcedo: @5CornersxSmootx #RetardSting is a thing now?

RT @Chux4w – That was a 20 minute segment? Wow. I hope Triple H was watching, he could learn a thing or two about keeping promos entertaining. #SmackDown

RT @KeepItFiveStar – In 2004, Edge was the tag team champions because we’re not allowed to talk about his partner anymore.

#Smackdown Wonder if Sandow went with Lavender because production had a problem with his crotch blending in with the ropes

RT @Yawsrko@5CornersxSmootx Probably. He wouldn’t want to be called “Ropedick”.

#Smackdown Kane & DB get into an #IMTheTagTeamChampions fight, Sandow gets the win off it. Just like on RAW, your vote still doesn’t matter

RT @Chux4w – Notice how Sandow and Ziggler have both had to stop wearing pink because of the cancer deal. Because heels don’t hate cancer? #SmackDown

#Smackdown What the fuck is going on with this show?

RT @Chux4w – Why was Bryan hiding in a box? #SmackDown

RT @Nomikesonlyzuul@5CornersxSmootx it’s the watch team friendship do shit show

RT @TNACreative@WWEDanielBryan giving the belt back. He’s more of a necktie guy anyway. #Smackdown

RT @Chux4w – As the owner of a beard, I can appreciate how Bryan feels. The threat of someone ripping it off is a worrying ordeal. #SmackDown

#Smackdown The Brogue Kick is such worrying ordeal, that WWE had to get the Keeping up with the Kardashians announcer to hype it. #WWEAwful

#Smackdown Del Rio and Booker T argue about the Brogue Kick and title shots. Eve comes out and will be doing commentary, RIGHT AFTER THIS!

#Smackdown Not enough wrestling, too much dopey shit with the segments.

#Smackdown Josh to Eve: “You were there at the scene of the crime, what were Eve’s injuries?” |

#Smackdown While Josh couldn’t keep which diva is who, Layla gets the win on Natalya, with no replay and swiftly moving to a break.

RT @WWEThatsNotPG – Sorry Cole, Roger Goodell WOULD ban passing before the super bowl if he thought he could make an extra 2.50 in his pocket.


RT @TNACreative – Alberto is aroused at the #ZiggleWiggle #Smackdown

#Smackdown Del Rio/Ziggles vs Orton/Sheamus here, with Cole making ridiculous NFL/Roger Goodell analogies.

RT @ThingsColeSays – Limes, whatever.

#Smackdown And of course, ANOTHER COMMERCIAL! Jesus Christ. this show is getting #TNAwful bad. At least Hogan was ridiculous last night.

#Smackdown I don’t want to fall asleep. RT @allnewtpir: @5CornersxSmootx Would you rather watch Pyramid? 😛

#Smackdown We’re back and the Apex Bird Flipper just nailed a Standing Dropkick on to Del Rio before tagging out to Sheamus.

#Smackdown Cole’s plugging @JCLayfield’s trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro. I personally want to wish him luck, come back to us safe!

Depends on the circumstances. RT @chux4w: How many limes is too many limes? I think any more than three is excessive. #SmackDown

RT @KeepItFiveStar – *Kids chant RKO* “No! >.< NO! Shut up! I wanna be heel!" - Randy Orton RT @TheRealWB - @chux4w @5CornersxSmootx Twenty three. RT @Chux4w - If this isn't the main event, what is? A raw recap? #SmackDown #Smackdown Cole: "The Irish Curse Nec-Backbreaker" RT @TheRealWB - @KeepItFiveStar @5CornersxSmootx Be careful, next thing you'll know WZ will feature a story titled "Orton To Turn Face; Doesn't Want To". RT @TheRealWB - @chux4w @5CornersxSmootx They don't call us limeys for nothing. I'll get my coat. #Smackdown The bullshit faces win. While that was happening, I just realized how much WWE swept Kane/Josh Mathews under the rug. RT @Chux4w - Cats always land on their feet, toast always lands butter side down, Dolph Ziggler always loses. #SmackDown RT @TheRealWB - Well look at @chux4w getting a RT off @WWEUniverse. Conformist bastard. RT @Chux4w - Rock v Cena was "once in a lifetime" and is set to happen a second time next year. WWE's reasoning? More people have been born. #SmackDown #Smackdown Finshed a Grape Fanta, mostly cause I wanted to know what it felt like to be stereotyped like @KeepItFiveStar & his Chinese place Considering I never had it before, I'd say okay if I was into shame. RT @KeepItFiveStar: @5CornersxSmootx How'd that work out for ya? #Smackdown Yes along with THE Ryback. #RybackFearsPanera RT @RegalSays: Bryan and Cody are travel buddies on the road, right? #Smackdown Cody/DBryan barely gets off the ground. DBryan gets distraced by Kane and his antics. Cody wins off the Cross Rhodes. RT @WWEThatsNotPG - I'M SURPRISED THAT BRI BELLA LETS DANIEL WEAR HIS BEARD THAT LONG. I'M SURE IT TICKLES AND THAT'S NOT PG. #Smackdown Gotta say been kinda on autopilot here because there's not been much to tweet about on this show. . #Smackdown OH LOOK, DANIEL BRYAN FLIPPING LIKE KANE DID IN HOUR 1. TOTALLY NOT RECYCLED WHATSOEVER. #Smackdown Kane: "YOU BELONG IN A PETTING ZOO, YOU GOATFACE!" #Smackdown Love and Hate. RT @Glenntertain: I love how this entire show is about Kane and Daniel Bryan. #Smackdown Kane: "They're scared of me" | DB: "No, look at me, they're scared of me" | Kane: "Yeah look at you, they're scared of me!" #Smackdown RECAP OF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS OF THE OUTCOME OF CM PUNK/CENA WITH CENA'S MUSIC PUTTERING OUT. LOLOLOLOLOL #Smackdown Look, Kane & DB is a great bit. Focusing the ENTIRE SHOW around them and the titles is not going to revitalize the tag division #Smackdown Dr. James Andrews is fucking awesome at putting people and athletes back together. #Smackdown Yes. RT @RegalSays: Wasn't Criss Angel a Raw guest host once? #Smackdown Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater? And he's getting an entrance? SENSE, THIS SHOW HAS NONE! #Smackdown During the match. Drew Mac & Jinder Mahal ambush Brodus. Fans and the girls at ringside are screaming like this is a ghetto. #Smackdown Cole: "Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre? I didn't know they knew each other" | LOLOLOLOLOLOL #Smackdown The Jobber Nexus: You're either squashing us, or you're jobbing against us. RT @WWEThatsNotPG - I'VE SEEN LESS JOBS ON CAREERBUILDER. #Smackdown I am ecstatic for the Lawler interview Monday night on #RAW. Can't wait. #Smackdown As if this show wasn't goofy enough, here comes Santino to job to Antonio Gelato #Smackdown Aksana winds up in the ring for the Cobra because she went to the Slip & Fall school of FCW, and Santino wins. Fucking hell. #Smackdown Antonio Tomato breaks up with Aksana for her mistake of GETTING ON THE APRON TO GET THE COBRA. Good to dump her now than later. RT @Ceqhfw - @5CornersxSmootx fn horrible. Santino makes me die inside everytime I see him RT @Andy_Salcedo - @5CornersxSmootx but the bigger thing is the sock is treated like a separate being despite being attached to santino. Dafuq? RT @NotEdKaul - @5CornersxSmootx wasn't she supposed to get kicked out of the country last year? How does a relationship with a euro guy make her legal? #Smackdown Sandow/Rhodes are already in the ring. Various tag teams are surrounding the ring. Kane/DB coming out after the Haven preview. RT @Chux4w - @NotEdKaul @5CornersxSmootx: She married Goldust, got her green card. Now there's no problem anymore because shut up, that's why. RT @LukeCage - 3 Kane entrances tonight, fuck. #SmackDown RT @WWEThatsNotPG - I REALLY WISH THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS WOULD BE DOING THEIR DANCE THE WHOLE MATCH BACK THERE. #Smackdown Okay so this isn't a tag team lumberjack match but why the fuck are these guys out here? #Smackdown Cole: "Looks like a Bipolar tag team" #Smackdown Rhodes ends this match by DQ with a chair shot. DB gets the chair from Cody and gives it to Kane. #Smackdown DB gets another chair and both him and Kane beat the intelligence out of Sandow and the viewers who watched this show. #Smackdown Kane wrangles the other tag teams & rolls them into the ring for DB to wallop with steel chairs. TAG TEAM DIVISION, REVITALIZED! RT @WWEThatsNotPG - MILLIONS OF CHAIRSHOTS MILLIONS OF CHAIRSHOTS RT @InstantRandy - THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT THE SAVIOR TO THE UNWASHED MASSES! #Smackdown ALRIGHT, I'LL SAY IT. #TNAWFUL LAST NIGHT > SMACKDOWN. AT LEAST TNA LET ME SAY THE WORDS “BALL PEEN HAMMER”

RT @Matt_Striker_ – Check out young Matt Striker in an awesome room, maybe 14-16 yrs old. Reading the paper like a good boy. Walkman in tow

RT @WWEUniverse – Final #SmackDown chair blow count: @WWEDanielBryan with 24 strikes. Kane with 17 strikes. @CodyRhodesWWE with 1. #Ouch!

RT @WhatsMathewsSays – Another week of missed SmackDown. I’m terrible at this job.

RT @CMPunk – Who’s watched my DVD already? Would love some feedback. Did Belzer watch it? How many stars did I get?!

I absolutely love when @CMPunk buries Dave Meltzer for the hell of it.

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