#NoContinuityNight, the show that makes as much sense as this fan biting a child’s arm. #ImpactLIVE, TONIGHT! – img.ly/nzYq

Hulk Hogan’s bragging about Shaq cameo’ing, watch it be an actual shack. As in Hogan’s Surf Shack. #NoContinuityNight, #ImpactLIVE, NEXT!!!


#ImpactLIVE Somebody tell Shaq that breathing into the camera heavily isn’t scary, neither is his abstract tattoo on his arm.

RT @DASharpshooters – SHAQ’s Acting is Deadly. I feel like dying now. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Kurt Angle calls out Chavo/Hernandez and some how sounds like he’s light headed from giving us back story on his pick.

#ImpactLIVE Chavo in action & we get a shot of the Spanish announce team, which we haven’t seen in several months. Glad to see they’re alive

#ImpactLIVE Tenay: “Check out our Facebook page. It has everything Impact Wrestling” | Thank God, I thought it was full of cat pictures

#ImpactLIVE Kaz/Daniels come out to scout The Mexicans vs Team Drunken Baby Daddy, AS #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT CONTINUES!!!!

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Shades of Chuck Norris right there”

RT @Dasharpshooters – Chavo’s three amigos get no pop. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE what. a run-in by the heels. i am completely and totally shocked that they would do that with no repercussions whatsoever

#ImpactLIVE Hogan: “I have 99 problems, and the Aces & 8s are my biggest one” | LOLOLOLOLOL

#ImpactLIVE Hogan comes out, and instead of restarting the match, he books a Trip Threat PPV match. #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT

#ImpactLIVE Backstage now with Al Snow talking about getting a haircut > Everything.

RT @Chux4w – Hogan: “I got 99 problems but Aces & Eights is my biggest one.” – That’s not Jay-Z! #Impact

#ImpactLIVE As we head to break we get a shot of GutCheck guy Evan Katsopolis, shadow boxing a curtain.

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx Thankfully, unlike last time, this guy exercises.

RT @VivaMattyVegas@5CornersxSmootx if he gets hired, his gimmick will be that no one can spell his name right

#ImpactLIVE Hogan: “Yo, lemme know when we’re done with commercial” | WE’RE DONE WITH THE COMMERCIAL YOU DUNDERHEAD!

#ImpactLIVE LOL! Samoa Joe’s #TNABFG moment is something that landed on a Botchamania several years ago.

#ImpactLIVE Evan Katsopolis: “For an 18 year old kid, I’m gonna show them that I deserve to be a TNA wrestler” | Or a clerk at a Hot Topic

Never forget, Jesse Somethingorother RT @chux4w: Markopolous isn’t that hard to spell. You got used to Sorensen quickly enough. #ImpactLIVE

RT @DASharpshooters – One of Hogan’s 99 problems: Production. #ImpactLive

RT @VivaMattyVegas@5CornersxSmootx or a senior in high school.

#ImpactLIVE We’re back and Dixie and Bruce Pritchard are talking like they’re in a Japanese Monster Movie.

#ImpactLIVE Dear Production, way to not have your video encoded with the proper codec. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Evan Metropolis gets the lucky privilege of putting over Dougie Williams.

RT @AdamExtreme – WILLIAMS!!!!!

#ImpactLIVE No joke, when Dixie started phantom saying “This is a big distraction”, I initially thought of Gut Check/#NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Taz is giving a heartfelt spiel about “The Business”, it’s a shame there isn’t a heartfelt spiel about production work #TNAwful

RT @Chux4w – Taz: “It’s about trying to make a living, it’s not all glitz and glamour.” – Yeah…in TNA there’s no glitz or glamour. #Impact

RT @DAsharpshooters – Doug Williams beats up Teenagers for fun! #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Doug Williams slaps Evan Snuffleupagus in the corner and locks in the Anaconda Vice to get the win.

#ImpactLIVE Find out if James Storm’s words can match his mouth in front of a live crowd, AS #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT CONTINUES!!!

RT @LyricalThreat@5CornersxSmootx the in ring product has dramatically improved, but they need some REAL titantrons & a new music supervisor #IMPACTLIVE

#ImpactLIVE Not even that, I legit believe the production crew just doesn’t give a shit anymore. They mess up WAY too much @LyricalThreat

#ImpactLIVE They aired the UI controls during a segment months back, never bothered to update the Vic. Road GFX, now this. @LyricalThreat

#ImpactLIVE Storm/Roode recap with Storm coming out. I wonder if anybody bothered to Ding King the dent out of the cardboard stage

Never forget, Chris Loogie. RT @DAsharpshooters: Long Live Kris Lewie! #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Storm calls out Roode, Roode isn’t dressed to compete and shits on Hogan’s rule. Hogan enforces rule and thus time wasted.

#ImpactLIVE Roode has 3 MINUTES to fight or be fired. Can Roode think of a way weasel out of this match (DQ!), AS #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT RETURNS

#ImpactLIVE All Roode has to do if he REALLY doesn’t want to fight Storm, bell rings, kicks him in the nuts, leaves. Next segment.

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Storm’s beating down Roode with his shoe, that’s a sucky way to spend a Thursday night” | Taz tryin to make #Commenhatin

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Roode’s fighting out here in his britches…Shoeless Bobby Roode”

#ImpactLIVE This is the worst Tuxedo match ever.

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Very smart move to roll back in and uh break the count.” | THE MATCH. HASN’T. STARTED. YET!

#ImpactLIVE Aaaaand Taz is now comparing James Storm’s beer to Popeye’s Spinach #ThatJustHappened #SuckyWayToSpendAThursdayNight


#ImpactLIVE Taz: “That guy must have Kevlar on the bottom of his shoes or somethin”

#ImpactLIVE Okay, NOWWWWW THE Match is officially under way. Otherwise Brian Hebner is an abortion of an official.

#ImpactLIVE I seriously think that they scrapped the taped segments for tonight because of the sync issues, and told these guys to go long.

#ImpactLIVE *Sigh* Ne-Nevermind.

#ImpactLIVE Hogan: “Oh okay, Monkey See-Monkey Do”

RT @Writtenconsent – it is rare to find anything more personally enjoyable than seeing @5CornersxSmootx fired up over @IMPACTWRESTLING’s stupidity

A show that has Shaq on it, mind you. RT @DAsharpshooters: Hogan’s acting is killing this show. #ImpactLive #tna

RT @DASharpshooters@5CornersxSmootx You know you’re a bad actor when Shaq out acts you!

#ImpactLIVE We’re back and Aries is wasting time with Jeff Hardy.

#ImpactLIVE Aries: “You have a hall of fame bank account, I want that” | HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

#ImpactLIVE Sorry, but with the Hogan spouting random cliches, we can officially just end the show with Aries saying he wants Hardy’s $$.

RT @WrittenConsent@5cornersxsmootx “You’ve got a hall of fame criminal record…I actually don’t want that” is a line that should have been said

#ImpactLIVE Tara: “You with the signs, you USE me to get on TV” | Tara clearly missing Storm using the fans in the previous segment.

#ImpactLIVE Tara has a hollywood BF and is calling out Christy Hemme. *Sigh* Great, this means we’ll have Borash for the rest of the show.


#ImpactLIVE Tara: “Who’s your favorite Knockout Christy? Who’s your favorite knockout?” | Christy: Velvet Sky

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Tara callin out Christy Hemme our ring announcer, she’s not a wrestler…” | #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT!

RT @KeepItFiveStar – I’d pop if Christy said her favorite knockout was Winter.

RT @TNACreative – The guy that called @hemmepowered a working girl may or may not be one of us. #OpenFightNight #ImpactTonight #ImpactLive #IMPACTWRESTLING

RT @Chux4w – Taz says Christy isn’t a wrestler. She was six years ago. Unfortunately. #Impact

It’s up there. RT @NotEdKaul: “@5CornersxSmootx: #ImpactLIVE This is the worst Tuxedo match ever.” Can it top ricrod/santino?

#ImpactLIVE We’re back Brooke H: “What was that out there? Callin’ out Christy Hemme? She’s not even a wrestler!” | #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT

#ImpactLIVE RVD shares his #TNABFG moment while production can’t queue up the right music. #TNAwful

RT @TNACreative – See. We didn’t forget about the TV Championship. Where did we put it anyway? #OpenFightNight #ImpactTonight #ImpactLive #IMPACTWRESTLING

#ImpactLIVE If so, doesn’t help. Will check tape though. RT @We_Mark_Out: @5CornersxSmootx she said anymore

#ImpactLIVE Hogan’s out here for some reason, talking about spray cans and messing up Joe Park’s name. “KAY-FAB”!

RT @Chux4w – No Hogan! They’ll play hide the ball and then come at you like a double-fisted kangaroo. Ying-yang, high-low, yes-no brother! #Impact

#ImpactLIVE Hogan: “I get Joseph Parks and you get me in your clubhouse. That’s the deal” | #ThatsNotPG

#ImpactLIVE Aces8s: “You said Joseph Park was just doin his job” | JOSEPH PARK IS SECRETLY JOSH MATHEWS!

#ImpactLIVE Aces8s confiscated a perfectly good computer and HHH’d with a sledgehammer then they killed Joe Park with a ball peen hammer.

RT @Chux4w – Oh noes! Brian Pillman Ace just smashed a laptop! With former Evolution member sledgehammer, no less! #Impact

#ImpactLIVE MegaUpl- oh right. RT @3ManBooth: Dude, Joseph Parks, Have You Never Heard of a Backup Hard Drive? Or Email? Or The Cloud?

#ImpactLIVE Not just awful, #TNAwful. AS #NOCONTINUITYNIGHT CONTINUES! RT @DAsharpshooters: This is awful.

#ImpactLIVE So to keep score. Aces8s just kaboshed Joe Park to erase, yet he’s still secretly Abyss with a sub-gimmick. #NoContinuityNight

#ImpactLIVE Hardy/Aries with a WAY TOO FUCKING CLOSE OF THEIR FACES SHOT for Bound For Glory in October.

We can rule out Russo. My guess is Pritchard. RT @DAsharpshooters: Someone in TNA must really have a kidnap and torture fetish. #ImpactLive

RT @DizzyPeace – I completely forgot about #ImpactWrestling but according to @5cornersxsmootx im not missing anything good! lol

RT @HitTheropes – There hasn’t been a match for about 30 minutes now. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE This show is so bad that even Austin Aries is taking a shit on the production work. #TNAwful #SuckyWayToSpendAThursdayNight

RT @DASharpshooters – Is everyone playing the “I dont get no respect card” because of CM Punk now? #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE Aries calls out Bully Ray. Bully Ray is in disbelief.

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray: “Touch me again, and I’ll punch you right in the freakin’ face” | Tommy Versetti: DUMB. FLORIDA. MORONS.

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray commenhates on a fan says that he’s an Aries fan, Aries says he’ll punch the fans lights out too. LOLOLOLOL

RT @DASharpshooters – I wish that fan would have jumped the rail to cure my boredom. #ImpactLive

They can put on good matches, stupid shit overshadows it RT @TheMadMan31686: @5CornersxSmootx Why bother watching @IMPACTWRESTLING they suck

We all can’t! RT @TheMadMan31686: @5CornersxSmootx @IMPACTWRESTLING Sometimes they have good matches but Ican’t stand the dumb storylines

RT @Chux4w – Aries hates Ray, Ray hates Aries, everyone hates that fan. #Impact


#ImpactLIVE Tenay: “Welcome back to Open Fight Night, it’s been more of the same…” | GEE, YOU DON’T SAY?

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “I dunno what Bully Ray’s over there.”

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray: “CAN YOU COUNT ANY SLOWA?” | Taz: “Big Boy Splash from Bully….yes I think he can count slower”

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “I’m sure I did point that out because I did” | #COMMENHATIN

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray yells at Earl Hebner. Earl Hebner acting as if a Blow J is a can of spinach (Full Circle) gets in Bully Ray’s face.

#ImpactLIVE *HEBNER BUMP* | Aries: “I’m sorry Earl are you alright?” | Earl: “Yeah!” | #TalkingTooMuch?

#ImpactLIVE Worst ones are the #NoContinuityNight ones RT @OniRokaku: @5CornersxSmootx This Impact sucks tonight…seriously… #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Bully Ray clocks Aries with a chain while Earl’s down. Gets the win and fats on Hebner.

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “That’s not a good way to spend a Thursday night.”

Hardy somehow gets taken out before BFG, I wouldn’t mind. RT @chux4w: Ray gets added to the title match? I wouldn’t mind. #ImpactLIVE

RT @DASharpshooters – Bully Ray pins The Champ then humps Earl Hebner. Best celebration evar! #ImpactLive

RT @Garrett_22884 – LOL at @REALBully5150 dry humping Earl Hebner #TNA #ImpactLive #OFN

RT @DASharpshooters – Shaq didnt do a damn thing tonight. I bet TNA paid him at least 20Gs for that cameo too. #ImpactLive

RT @HitTheRopes – Earl Hebner went from Madison Rayne to Bully Ray. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE I think it’s time to end #NoContinuityNight. It really is the worst show Impact puts on in a calendar month.

#ImpactLIVE And as @DaSharpshooters pointed out, Shaq didn’t do anything for somebody who was brought in AS A BODYGUARD. #NoContinuityNight

RT @RealBully5150 – HUGE VICTORY!! Nobody calls me out n gets away wit it. I should be WHC right now!! Things are gonna get interesting. #BULLYNATION

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @ItsTechTroN @twiztidskull @JoelxDRRomantic @IAmJasonClark @OniRokaku @PuoNayda @Diecot

#ImpactLIVE Shouts: @mikepiyp @We_Mark_Out @TheMadMan31686 @twiztidskull @penguinpop88 @Writtenconsent @shanrcarter72

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