#ImpactLIVE Austin Aries is coming out with a wrist cast a possibly a replica NON-REPLICA TNA title belt.


#ImpactLIVE Oh, Hogan’s back to run…the show again….as GM. Just when this show was somewhat getting decent, Hogan’s gotta ruin it.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Why did Sting only paint one part of his lips red? It looks like he has an STD.

#ImpactLIVE Sorry didn’t hear what Crimson of Feces & AIDS was saying. Was too distracted of the guy playing with a poker chip behind him.

RT @TheMoxic – I had to turn up my volume by ten to hear what the aces and eights guy was saying

#ImpactLIVE Did Eric Young die? Or did those Samoa Joe ninjas kidnap him too for no reason only to inexplicably vanish as well?

RT @KeepItFiveStar – ODB…you have a home. You have money. You don’t have to stay at the iMPACT Zone and wait for chicken. Go buy some.

RT @WrittenConsent@5CornersxSmootx HE’S GONE FISHIN’ DUH

#ImpactLIVE RDV vs Storm. Apparently this is Storm’s last #BFGSeries match. Like how we went from counting house shows to booking ahead time

RT @TNACreative – 160 Points for Christy. Thus why Taz is not in charge of the BFG series. We’re weary enough about him handling the Gut Check. #ImpactTonight

#ImpactLIVE Whatever that DDT was from Storm to RVD, looked like complete shit.

#ImpactLIVE RVD, blown up isn’t enough to describe him, goes for a monkey flip. Storm nails a superkick and gets the win.

#ImpactLIVE Taz gets ready to call the replay, production can’t even cue up the right clip properly for him. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Seriously, whenever someone is cutting a promo, PAN THE FUCKING MUSIC DOWN. Christ, that’s annoying.

RT @DASharpshooters – Remember all those X division guys TNA brought in? Where are they now? #ImpactLive

RT @KeepItFiveStar – RVD got kicked in the chest trigging her weed cough which allowed James Storm to get the win.

RT @TNACreative@TherealRVD can sell dead batteries to a lesbian couple. That DDT proved that. #ImpactTonight #IMPACTLive #IMPACTWRESTLING

#ImpactLIVEAd Clint Eastwood stars in, “Grumpy and Agitated About Everything”

#ImpactLIVE @TheTarynTerrell should get the Direct Auto Insurance replay alone just for driving thru HurriTropaStorm Issac to get to Orlando

#ImpactLIVE Madison comes out, Tenay/Taz were surprised why she is. Taryn Terrell is in the ring geared to ref a match. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE ODB comes out to have a match with Madison Rayne. Madison’s all NOPE.AVI

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “[ODB] may not be Trailer Trash, she might be Parking Lot trash”

#ImpactLIVE And in less time it took for Taryn Terrell to drive to TV tonight, ODB wins. EY shows up for a shitty segment

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “If anybody knows Beer and Chicken, it’d be you Mike”

#ImpactLIVE Really thought the chicken bucket looked like @KFriedRasslin’s icon when EY came out.

#ImpactLIVE EY’s doing his best impersonation of a retarded person who’s doing their best impersonation of Ric Flair doing HBK. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Tenay: “ODB’s got her man, chicken, and some lovin'” | Taz: “Hope she doesn’t choke on that bone” | THAT’S NOT PG! #TNAwful

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Look, Taryn Terrell’s very high on the Hot/Crazy Scale. McIntyre should’ve stuck it out. That’s all I’m sayin.

RT @3ManBooth – Now TNA has “Hollywood” Hogan and “Basic Cable” Eric Young!

RT @SpinninToeHold – So since Angelina Love is gone…Madison Rayne is now the official skinny bitch if the Knockouts?

“NOOOOOOPPPPEEEE!” RT @chux4w: “Not with me!” Rayne is so awesome. #Impact

RT @KeepItFiveStar – “We Want Chicken” chants hurt my soul.

#ImpactLIVE Find out if a Oompa Loompa, a road agent, and a writer who doesn’t know wrestling judge if Chris Loogie makes it. Cut Check next

#ImpactLIVE Sting: “Lemme do it, lemme blow a gasket!” | Old school, that’s not PG. #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Kaz: “Listen, Hulkster, Heath…” | LOLOLOLOL


#ImpactLIVE Aaaaaand we have Hogan/Sting bickering about lines, CLEARLY what this show needed. #WrestlingMatters #TNAwful

RT @Chux4w – If this doesn’t end with a unanimous no vote, I call shenanigans. #Impact

RT @TNACreative – It’s not to late. We can save this thing! All we need is a new Claire Lynch. @screamqueendaff interested? You were a very convincing Palin!

RT @ScreamQueenDaff@TNACreative They’re not worthy πŸ˜‰

#ImpactLIVE Love everything on Christy…..except the dress.

#ImpactLIVE 2 weeks ago, Samoa Joe didn’t want to sell a chair shot from Magnus who spent a lot of time “finding a fucking chair”

#ImpactLIVE Taz: “Crab country there, DC Maryland area…lots of stuff over there” | Thanks for the vague Geography lesson there Taz.

RT @KeepItFiveStar – Welp, Samoa Joe JVC Kaboom Kick Of The Night

#ImpactLIVE Very throwback feel to this Samoa Joe/AJ Styles match, despite Joe being very lackadaisical about everything here.

RT @Karnuj@5CornersxSmootx he was warning you to get a good relationship going with a free clinic if you want to travel to them areas.

RT @TAbleOfJapan – Guys, Samoa Joe is like Claire Lynch in a Orlando Hotel Room: UNSTOPPABLE! #LiveImpact

#ImpactLIVE The lights on the ramp are stuck in some kind of weird unmatching pattern.

#ImpactLIVE After a bunch of slow cruiserweight moves, Joe somehow gets the win and 7 #BFGSeries points over AJ Styles.

#ImpactLIVE Correction, Samoa Joe wins with Cruiserweight Moves and smothers AJ with his belly fat. #TNAwful #GutCheck.

RT @Chux4w – There you have it! Ken Anderson is officially eliminated. #Impact

#ImpactLIVE Not disagreeing, it’s just….HE’S FAT!! RT @Writtenconsent: @5CornersxSmootx FUCK YOU JOE IS GREAT πŸ˜›

RT @Writtenconsent@5CornersxSmootx So? lol I like it that he’s fat because EVERYONE has the same, ripped build. There must be variety or wrestling is shitty

#ImpactLIVE Chris Loogie coming down with his default CAW moves. Claire Lynch #2 who already has a kid, in audience watching.

#ImpactLIVE Taz with the cushioned honest NO. Bruce Pritchard attempting his best Vince McMahon impression and horribly failing.

#ImpactLIVE Chris Loogie may not be a TNA wrestler, but here’s hoping he leaves with various Universal merch as a parting gift. #GutCheck

#ImpactLIVE Can Joey Ryan get hit by a bus already. I mean, seriously. Fuck off dude.

RT @ShaneHelmsCom – Al Snow just nutted himself on the guard rail.

RT @PenguinPop88 – I didn’t see Kris’ match, but it couldn’t have been uglier than Pritchard’s shirt. #CZWJEEZUS #ImpactLive

To continue the Claire Lynch angle. RT @DAsharpshooters: The hell was Kris Lewie thinking bringing his family to this? #ImpactLive

RT @VivaMattyVegas – Can’t believe I’m still watching #ImpactLive this show has been meh at best


#ImpactLIVE Sting: “Hey, Kay-fab” | GODDAMN IT. img.ly/mrD3

#ImpactLIVE Angle/Hardy Win and you’re in the #BFGSeries. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted win a match this much before, til now.

#ImpactLIVE We’re back from commercial and Hardy’s paint is runny. Other than that, you haven’t missed anything.

#ImpactLIVE Pretty sure Jeff Hardy doesn’t know how to do the Twist of Fate anymore.

#ImpactLIVE Not really a fake, just one really great Twitter. RT @RobertLittleMix: @VelVelHoller This is a fake @VelvetSkysAss ?

#ImpactLIVE Alright, everybody’s kicking out of finishers. Who’s going to interfere in this?

#ImpactLIVE Hardy nails a 2nd Swanton and unfortunately locks himself in the #BFGSeries. *Sigh*

#ImpactLIVE Kinda shocked that there wasn’t any sort of chicanery involved. A Hebner Bump short of having all the makings for it.

#ImpactLIVE I think if Bully Ray loses to RDV next week, pretty much solidifies he’s gone from the company. Just a wild hunch.

#ImpactLIVE JB announces the #BFGSeries Final 5 and have a pointless fireworks display for it. Still have 10 mins left for Aces & AIDS.

RT @ShaneHelmsCom – IMO Impact put on a MUCH better in-ring product tonight than RAW. I don’t pick sides or favor companies, I just like good wrestling.

#ImpactLIVE If you missed the opening to tonight’s a show, let Aries/Sting/Hogan re-enact it out for you once again! #TNAwful

#ImpactLIVE Aries fights one of the Aces8s guys with no ref in the ring. Huge brawl erupts. Nobody to separate it. IE, a normal TNA match.

#ImpactLIVE A Garrett Bischoff-like person hops the rail and clobbers Aries with a Flapjack weapon and Aries gets shitted on 2 wks in a row.

RT @MichaelManna – HA! http://t.co/ORplFDVw

RT @PenguinPop88 – *sigh*, so next week: “OK BrotherJackDudes, THIS week, we REALLY settle this!” Ugh. #ImpactLive

#ImpactLIVE If this is the end of Bully Ray, we’ll all know his last words will be “IT WAS A FLAPJACK…THE ONE WITH THE FLAPJACK!!”

RT @OniRokaku@5CornersxSmootx The whole show is weird

RT @TNACreative@5CornersxSmootx As long as it’s not fuck this company.

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