#WeWantStriker @Matt_Striker_ RT @Aquaman247: @5CornersxSmootx with booker being GM, does that put Striker in commentary? #SmackDown

See a Mushmouth of once a King, become a General Manager of a taped clusterfuck. #Smackdown NEXT!!

#Smackdown 676 IS ON THE AIR! Yet, I still don’t know who my enemy is. Here’s a thought, CHANGE THE MUSIC!

RT @Bhratbrat@5CornersxSmootx Right now my enemy is COMCAST as they can’t show the video. I am only getting an audio broadcast right now.

#Smackdown Vince: “Find somebody you like, integrity…who can speak well” | BOOKER FITS NONE OF THESE QUALITIES

#Smackdown Josh: “Booker’s your new boss!” | Cole: “No, Mr. McMahon is my boss”

#Smackdown #WeWantStriker @Matt_Striker_ RT @RegalSays: Cole and Josh on their own again. Shades of NXT.

#Smackdown Del Rio: “Congratulations Booker, on being the new General Manager of Smackdome”


RT @Chux4w – Wait! The WWE policy states you can’t consume alcohol within 12 hours of a show! #SmackDown

RT @RegalSays – Where’s Ricardo?


#Smackdown Tensai vs Sheamus after the break. Part of me is going to miss hearing Booker not knowing what to call the Irish Hand Grenade.

Definitely sounded like Fish to Cuffs. RT @MrsZigglesworth: Did he say “fish to cuffs” or “fisti-cuffs”? #Smackdown

RT @Aquaman247 – I love how Tensai just abuses Sakamoto. #BeAStar #SmackDown @5CornersxSmootx


#Smackdown Sadly just Josh and Cole RT @TheRealWB: Not watching SD but am I right in thinking Booker is no longer on commentary?

#Smackdown One thing I just realized, after Vince named Booker the GM he certainly hauled ass out of there.

RT @Z88SportsBoss#BringBackStriker @5CornersxSmootx @TheRealWB

YES! RT @OniRokaku: @5CornersxSmootx @TheRealWB Still want @Matt_Striker_ back?

RT @PenguinPop88@5cornersxsmootx @matt_striker_ @onirokaku @therealwb #WEWANTSTRIKER

RT @Sekailshtal – Duh! #BringBackStriker RT @5CornersxSmootx: YES! RT @OniRokaku: @5CornersxSmootx @TheRealWB Still want @Matt_Striker_ back?


#Smackdown MARC LLOYD OR MAX BRETOS! RT @Andy_Salcedo: @5CornersxSmootx if Striker comes back, who replaces him backstage?

#Smackdown This Tensai/Sheamus match has been going on far too long now.

RT @Sekailshtal@5CornersxSmootx It’s over now… man… I still can picture a destroyed mini-city in the ring. #Smackdown

RT @Yawsrko@5CornersxSmootx At least there was no “green mist”.

#Smackdown Whelp as I send that tweet out, Sheamus wins with a Brogue Kick. Guess Tensai needs to OPEN HIS EYES upon driving home.

#Smackdown Booker T just gave Teddy Long the Zack Ryder position on his office, dismisses Eve despite saying one time he’d let her use him.

*DUN DUN* RT @penguinpop88: Booker T, Teddy Long, David Otunga: THE NATION OF ADMINISTRATION. #HeardItHereFirst #WWE #SmackDown

RT @DASharpshooters – Thaddeus Long Now works for KING BOOKER! #wwe #Smackdown

RT @Chux4w – Eve is talking about positions opening up, Booker is talking about his staff…this isn’t PG! #SmackDown

#Smackdown Booker and Teddy running the show almost seems movie-like. Maybe cast Denzel Washington & Sam Jackson. #ICouldBeWrong

#Smackdown Teddy Long has the Tag Team match while Booker has the “CONNECTED TO THE ANKLE BONE” match

RT @VivaMattyVegas@5CornersxSmootx is Mike McGuirk busy?

#Smackdown Cole: “Lemme get this straight, Teddy is Booker’s Senior Advisor? That’s like when McCain chose Palin for VP” #COMMENHATIN HA-HAA

#Smackdown Antonio JelloPudding vs Santino (HandiSnack) in a MATCH I ALREADY SAW LAST WEEK. #IWantBetterSportsEntertainment

RT @RegalSays – Shame he can’t speak the language that Booker does.

RT @TheRealWB – The first major action Booker should take as GM is to rename the Divas title to the ‘Shucky Ducky Quack Quack Championship’ #SmackDown

RT @Chux4w – Wow. Cole’s political satire needs work. Also, his ‘pause for laughs’ should be scrapped completely. #SmackDown

#Smackdown If Booker was still out here, he’d make a mention of the armbands on Antonio’s legs.

RT @TNACreative – Since Antonio Cialis got a win, it would be in his best interest not to hold the belt of jobbers. #Smackdown

Oh god. RT @SekaiIshtal: @5CornersxSmootx “when McCain chose Palin” How long until something happens based on that quote? #Smackdown

RT @CoreySantiago – Booker gives Teddy a job and we get a 6 man tag. This fucking guy. #WWE #SmackDown

RT @WWEUniverse – Santino didn’t know the rules about feet under the rope breaking a pinfall? No excuse! #SmackDown @AntonioCesaro

RT @PenguinPop88 – Even the Universe account is burying Santino at this point. #WWE #SmackDown

RT @AntonioCesaro – yes, one on each foot “@SantyLoya: @AntonioCesaro you sock”

#Smackdown Bring back @SeanMooneyKVOA! RT @Andy_Salcedo: @5CornersxSmootx how about Sean Mooney?

The Future Endeavor Falcon. RT @DAsharpshooters: The Cobra isnt helping Santino win anymore. He needs a new animal. #Smackdown #wwe

#Smackdown LOL! They’re giving Daniel Bryan the “AJ: I KISSED KANE” music.


#Smackdown LOL! DBryan yelling NO NO NO caused a power failure in the arena. Oh my bad, it’s just Jericho’s loss streak. Sorry.

RT @NotEdKaul@5CornersxSmootx “Raise da roof” Like a Baws “screw sharmell” Like a Baws “Wear da crown” Like a Baws

RT @TNACreative – Based on @mikethemiz new look, we expect his film poster to look like the Metal Gear game cover. #Smackdown

RT @TNACreative@NotEdKaul Call @HulkHogan a nigga! Like a baws.

#Smackdown 6 man tag match. Christian, Y2J, and Kane who gets the bump from Commercial treatment & is also a face vs Ziggles/Miz/Rhodes

#Smackdown Cole: “I think Booker should add Vickie to his administration” | Could he not? Then it’ll be 2007-08 all over again.

#HESUNSTOPPABLE RT @rotten2tha_core: @WWEThatsNotPG Maybe AW can borrow DBryan’s NO! shirt and make more Kobe Bryant jokes #Smackdown

#Smackdown Daniel Bryan apparently told Cole (Yeah, right) that he wants the YES-Lock to be called the NO-Lock. Yeah that’s not PG at all

RT @JCLayfield – Just got into Bermuda and watching Smackdown. Let’s see, Booker is GM so they need a commentator……Hmmmm.

#Smackdown Ziggler just oversold the shit out of stopping himself of a momentum from an Irish Whip. PUSH THIS MAN!

#Smackdown Made the same mistake earlier RT @WWFRAWISWAR: Right that was Daniel Bryan in the tag match not Cody Rhodes lol

RT @TNACreative – If “a major movie” is from @WWE Studios then @JohnCena would be an A-Lister like the man who made him a bitch last WM. #Smackdown

#Smackdown JESUS RT @JCLayfield: I can say objectively that hiring @wwejoshmathews is like losing five good men. #JBLfacts

#Smackdown Dolph Ziggler just sold the Codebreaker as if it knocked the skeleton right out of his body.

#Smackdown HHH Yelling at @RickWWESignGuy > Daniel Bryan Yelling at a Fan

#Smackdown Daniel Bryan gets the win for his team, despite being one invisible kid away from being the White R-Truth

#Smackdown Jinder “MALL-HALL” Mahal, worst Deal or No Deal contestant ever.

#Smackdown 1st Ryback SD match without Booker on commentary and apparently has Pinkeye, gonna face Jinder Mahal here.

#Smackdown Ryback wins by DQ. We go from Ryback to pretty much racism with the Primetime Playas backstage. #TheyreUnstoppable

RT @ARBrowning@5cornersxsmootx Im such a germaphobe i think ryback should have worn patch on that eye

RT @JCLayfield – Let me make this clear, @MichaelCole was to me what Will Purdue was to Michael Jordan. Same team, yes. Same league, hahahahaha

RT @Andy_Salcedo@5CornersxSmootx but to be on the safe side, they should burn the mic sponge and mic flag that hit Ryback’s face.

#Smackdown Cole: “Lil Jimmy? Are you kidding me? Where’s Lil Booker? WHERE’S LIL’ BOOKER!?”

#Smackdown Darren Young is like Levi Johnston and what he did to Bristol Palin, #HESUNSTOPPABLE!!! #BuryThePalinsNight

#Smackdown Darren Young easily picks up the win on R-Truth. Despite a clear lack of Gucci Shoe rifflin’


#Smackdown Josh Mathews with a post production voice over on the locale shot to lead into the RAW Recap.

RT @TNACreative – If the nearly 20 recaps of RAW on Monday weren’t enough. #Smackdown

RT @MichaelCole@JCLayfield let me break twitter silence to respond! It was jordan and pippen. You got glory I did the work

RT @TNACreative – Luigi vs. angry giant vs. the man who was turned heel for no reason. #Smackdown

#Smackdown Booker: “YEEEEEEAH [Gibberish]”

#Smackdown Next Week, Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara. No word if it’s the Sin Cara with a black mark on his boot or not.

#Smackdown Booker: “Now what were we talking” | Layla: “Like I was saying, try shaking things up a bit…” | LAYLA BEGGING FOR A DIVAS MATCH

#Smackdown Hey look, Del Rio gets pyro that doesn’t catch the set on fire.

RT @TNACreative@RandyOrton vs. ADR in a battle for the stage pyro. #Smackdown

RT @DASharpshooters – Reading tout tweets. Almost none of them are positive. Nobody wants to see “stereotypical fan X” make a video from his moms basement. #wwe

RT @MichaelCole@JCLayfield sorry I am actually working and not golfing at st Andrews or fishing in the Bahamas. Enjoy retirement

#Smackdown How can Orton tap into the tank without Dianabol fueling him? Find out, as the show ends in 3 minutes.

RT @JRsBBQ – LOL. Sign guy in oklahoma! RT @gailkimITSME: Hilarious… But wrong http://t.co/naZDKF8p

RT @KeepITFiveStar – With Del Rio’s hair puffed up with the black tights, he looks like Rick Martel in WCW from the late 90s.

RT @Matt_Striker_ – If that commentary spot is open now that Booker is GM, can we do anything to get me back on ? Let @wwe know-Tout it Tweet it #wewantstriker

#Smackdown Let’s get the elephant out of the room, Smackdown was pretty good, but there were times where I wandered…

#Smackdown …maybe it’s because I’m not used to Cole/Josh actually calling action for once. Point is there’s a void that needs to be filled

#Smackdown Hopefully @WWE keeps SD a 3 man booth and fills the vacated spot with @Matt_Striker_ #WeWantStriker – img.ly/lARu

RT @LightsOutRBT50@5CornersxSmootx I’m pretty sure Scott Hudson wouldn’t mind giving up sellin seafood outta the back of a van under a bridge 2 fill that void

#COMMENHATIN! RT @MichaelCole: @JCLayfield I am sure they have a spot for you at nxt and fcw. Enjoy learning the ropes again

#Smackdown Shouts: @WWEThatsNotPG @LightsOutRBT50 @mlkasot_Orton @ZackZiggler @Andy_Salcedo @GStavrakas

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RT @Matt_Striker_ – Let it be known: Id be nothing w/o the help of @jrsbbq & @RealKingRegal over the yrs. They have earned their stripes and wouldbe great on SD

Thanks for the #FF!: @candyflossash @pizzalogger @chazmanrflover @penguinpop88 @cyborgsumo @shanrcarter72 @WWEThatsNotPG @iHartWrestling

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RT @CMPunk – “@JustinDingler: @CMPunk What is your favorite olympic event to watch?” Snatch. #snatch

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