I’m not going to deny it, I’ve become a HUGE fan of 1vs100 on Xbox LIVE mostly because of the notion that I can actually win something from it (which I have!). Along the way though there’s been some memorable things from last season. Things like when before they officially gave away prizes, we all saw the one run the table and outlasted 100 mob members or how during one night the game was cancelled due to an outage towards the live servers, Joel McHale dropping by to plug The Soup on E! and Community on NBC,  or my personal favorite…how big of a putzface Chris Cashman is hosting the show.

Aside from that, one of the big things that stood out from Season 1 were the people chosen as The One. Some with there goofy avatars, others with unique Gamertag screennames. Names such as:

…”JewWap”. Yes, somehow something that offensive slipped through the screening process and proceeded to give us all hiliarity with his name. The only other one that I can think of that close to being that offensive was one that had the name of “IMPEACH OBAMA” and had an avatar that was dressed up like the real Barack Obama.

Hopefully we’ll see even more great names this go around with what Season 2 has to offer us as tonight’s the premiere Live Show starting tonight @ 10pm EST. You can join in on the fun and who knows may be a contestant or even the One yourself. All you gotta do is have an Xbox Live Gold account, navigate towards the game marketplace and “VIOLA!”, you’ll be answering questions in no time.

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